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What next?

We lost our beloved dog on Friday and it is giving me mixed feelings. She was sixteen, but her health had gone downwards for quite some time, so I knew this was coming. I’m sad, but at the same time relieved that she isn’t suffering anymore. So as much as I keep thinking back that if she hadn’t had her epilepsy attacks four in a row when she hadn’t had any since beginning of this year, she would have pulled through this spell too, it kinda was clear this time she won’t make it. It was sunny day though, and she fell asleep in my lap.

So I have been keeping away from internet for a while, because after stating it, thank you all for your kind words, when I returned, I saw another ending coming soon. Turns out my story Rare Pearl is ending with this month, too. I have made it into my policy not to post anything that doesn’t have an ending, but still the ending managed to sneak by me without noticing.

I’m now split in two – I have the next Gargoyle series book ready to go through the editing and be set up on the homepage. Or I could post a short story which would lead to the book after the next book. How do they usually put those 0.5 books in between the main series? It is sort of a prologue, but no matter how I look at it, I do want to post it. I guess I’ll look into it and see how others have solved the question. It’s just odd, in lack of better term – the crossroad.

A lot of feeling this week-end. That’s all.


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**News from LC Aisling** 27/01/2016

Hello readers!

Updates on the Huntsman’s Daughter!

The editing is completed and all there is left to do is some basic grammar check – gotta have the comas in the right places and then formating for better reading for e-books.  After long deliberation I decided to change the name of the novel. The new title is called Third Law.  Thank you, John, for cracking the gears with me!

Also, I am happy to present to you the ink fresh cover for the Third Law! I will add the introductory chapter to the homepage soon, so you can peek inside and taste it.

third law testing

You can find out more about the characters and the story on my homepage under the Encyclopedia section as I will keep adding them there over the upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoy their company and the story they take part in!

Don’t miss the next chapter of Flash Fiction this Friday, on 28th of January 2016!

L.C. Aisling

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CampNaNoWriMo 2015 July

As you can see –  I did it! Set the stage for 50 000 words this time and did it! The story, however, did not get to the complete end, but with 55 372 words, I now know that I have only… 16 chapters that are half-done or need to be written in order to complete the story.

That’s mostly duo adding a side story in it, because the main story ran out of steam in about 35k and as that’s more than half, I went through the character list and seek out the secondary characters and gave them a bit more story.

However I am very, very happy that I did manage it and even few days early, because starting tomorrow we begin with the berry harvest and well, be a writer if you want, but berries don’t wait. so there wouldn’t be even a moment left of the day next to work.

Well, now that I have written the story, I can finally tell you what it was about.

Because I have been worried recently that my writing has become on a standstill, because I was, sort of, afraid of adding sex scenes in my writing – I don’t know, that’s how it’s been so far that my experience in writing one has been a bit to the sad side – so I decided to try it out. No biggy if it doesn’t work, I just wanted to test my abilities. Hihii. Well, I guess I did it :D.

Then again, I didn’t think it would happen quite so, but I ended up writing gay love story… Like, um, double gay love story… Because in April, I had Dakota in the story, who was supposed to find her love in Tyton, but the story didn’t set sail, I ended up bringing it over to July’s story. But as she wasn’t working at all with the other main character, I added a different main character, Kyle, who was not supposed to have any love interest, and turned her into secondary character. Well, turned out the new duo, Kyle and Tyton, clicked and the wind favored the sailors. However, as Dakota still had her mission, but needed an opponent, I tossed in another character, Tige and the duo kind of became close, too. So I did get to write the sex in. Not quite how I expected, but well, I guess that’s for the readers to decide when I get it so far that I can search for someone to read it for me.

The second thing  i wanted to try out, is indeed adding, consciously, secondary story. Stay simple if you are not good at it, as the smart books say. Until now I have, for it is rather hard to add side story if you have first person point of view. As this time I had third person point of view, I thought it would be easy enough and did it. Yeaaah, that’s what I’m working on still, as the second story now has to be added so that it would make other story look normal too.

To test this out, I brought back the old mission from April – Dakota going after the guy, who is responsible for her being fired from teacher’s place. Her plan was to seduce him and get him admit his moral wrong, but, well, things don’t go quite as she planned. Especially, when you get a tale in form of Tyton, who becomes interested in her, because he believes she might be his next partner (aliens do things differently) and Tige, who believes you are lier and must be stopped and sent back and isn’t stopping to anything in order to stop you.

So yeah, I think this experiment was success, even if the story is now waiting for its holes to be filled. It also brought out a new weakness to work on – turns out I have no clue how to write a hands-on combat. I did pull through the scene, but I don’t think it was as good as I would like.

I will finish this novel. I’m not sure if it will happen this week, but I think I want to write it to the finish. Mostly because I think it might have shown me a whole new world that I’m interested in exploring in writing sense. 🙂

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Conall Land Encyclopedia

As, if posted directly there, this post would be ridiculously long and weird, I’m doing it here instead. Then I can proudly say it is wasting me own space :P.

Our purpose this week is to illustrate our own writing. As I am visual in many ways, I, well, have done it to some length. So. Here we go.

P.S. I have added the lands here as characters too. As the story is about lands and them being against each other (classic!), then they sort of are characters too – with their backstory and their purpose. A king can only be king if it follows the needs of his country.


Map of Conall Lands

Land: Acak

Northern country in Conall Lands. It’s main features are the mountains. Ruled by king Dugald.

They are often known as the mountain people, because that’s where they live and come from. Because they live in such rocky areas, the mountains don’t provide enough for the entire population, and they are huge. Their population is the biggest. This causes the groups on the border to go looting in Gaford. Often with blessing by king Dugald.

Acak is like Sparta. It’s a military oriented country. With little resources of their own, mostly herding on the further inland and farming, mining metals. They are often compared with locusts.

Their attacks are rooted in one direction – down. From the West side of the land, they are limited by high mountain rifts, which make it easier to attack downwards.

Land: Gaford

Middle inland country. Ruled by king Sileas, later by Valan and then Merek.

Once part of Conall Lands. Its economy is related with mining in the northern areas and farming in the south. Because it has water bodies on both East and West, fishing is also part of lifestyle on the beaches. It’s riches mostly come from mining though, because Reminster has ship rights on the further away, they are actually cut away from the trading roots that lead over the sea.

There is huge forest mass in the middle land, which cuts the north effectively away from south. The southern region is often forced to protect itself from Reminster’s looters. Despite that going on in the common section, the hierarchically higher levels have strong diplomatic relations. Mostly to find out other (nonexistent) plots to take over the other land.

Land: Arnis

It is swampy, calm area of Conall Lands. Because the land often falls victim to natural disasters, often flooding duo swampy area and constant rain that rises from the sea and falls down on their edge. Often in quantities which the land can take in and causing floods. This is why their population stays low and they have city states that come together on Solstices to discuss the general problems of the land. Other countries don’t attack the city states on the edges often, because the swampy areas make it hard to move armies there.

Land: Taham

Kingdom farthest to the south of Gaford. Taham has the longest history and does not take sides. They used to be great influence in culture. It has been quietly losing its territories to immigrants from Arnis.

Land: Reminster

Gaford’s alleys against Acak. Reminster was part of Gaford about half a century before. Reminster belongs to king Sileas brother after they have bloody fight over the throne and the country broke in two, leaving seaside islands to his brother. It is the reason king Sileas fears the same faith to his current lands. He might have got the bigger part, but the bloody war shook the land.

Reminster and Gaford were commonly known as Conall Lands, belonging to king Sileas’ father.

Reminster is focused on fishing and connections with overseas. They are independent, mostly untouched by the economics of the rest of peninsula, because most of their riches come from trading and then selling it on to other lands in peninsula.

The reason Reminster decides to take part in the war against Acak is partly related with the fact that Merek is nephew to king of Reminster. However, the reason they have not done it so far was their fear/and hope that Gaford would be taken over by Valan, whom they see as very weak and insane king. That would give them good reason to invade from East with support from inside. King of Reminster was hoping to easily get back the lands he lost to king Sileas. When Merek takes the kingdom over, king of Reminster decides to support his quest against Acak, for he can’t get the lands now that the farmers have likable king. Besides, he has to face king Dugald sooner or later and having military leader as ally proves more useful than later having to go against him alone with war devastated land and people as his ally.

Land: Utis

A small county on not-so-edge on Gaford in northern section. They are swampy area with not much prospect, except of one little secret. King Sileas orders them never to reveal that secret and provide them as much of it as possible for that makes a valuable trading item. However, High Prince comes to the area and promises to kill everybody and clear the land for large enterprise, a mining facilities to increase the takeout of the metal before the land is given over to King Merek, their neighboring country.


Character: MMC  Kreon Amalger 

 MMC – He fell in love of the Queen in early age, when he was sent  from his father, king of Taham to study under the hand of lord Danfrie in Gaford.  However she was already promised to another. This did not stop him from pledging his life to her and becoming her one of the most trusted companion, who hardly ever left her side. He has nearly white hair and stark blue eyes. Because he works as the law enforcer of his queen – he isn’t official, but if queen thinks something is off then you’d find him behind your door.  That’s why Kinsey is warned by others, when queen assigns him to be the one to watch over her during her punishment, that be careful about the man with blue eyes.  He is often described as depressed rat – hint towards the king’s and queen’s favorites have cuffs with patterns of mice. But he, being prince of foreign country, is called rat. Sometimes even to his face, which he ignores stoically for he knows his purpose is not to get even with jerks like that, but to serve the queen.

There are rumors of him being Queen’s lover. It is vital for the Queen to prove otherwise, given otherwise they would have diplomatic scandal in their hand. He is, after all Reminster’s prince, who was socially cast out, yet not removed from the list of inheriting the lands should his older brother fall. Which, as far as he is concerned would be far from reality. However, as Gaford is need of alleys against Acak, they can’t afford such rumors as if prince of Reminster is lover of Gaford.

It goes from unpleasant assignment that is supposed to kill the rumors of him being obsessed with the queen to saving the girl from becoming the next victim of a man, who cost him his position in his father’s household.

Character: FMC Lady Kinsey from Utis

“I am Kinsey, Lady of Utis. I will not inherit the lands as they are signed to my two little brothers. However, to them I am the world and to me they are my world. Until I’ll meet my husband and marry, for after that he is the head of my house?” She falters on this, looking away.

“Always on somebody else’s mercy. Dad said I won’t be pure by the end this mission is done. I will be taken as a woman and thus I will no longer be suitable match to anybody as they can never be sure I will not be carrying their child. Their first born might be somebody else’s.”

“It’s my chance to get away. As I will be corrupted before the task is done, he will not want me back. He won’t force me to marry to anyone he chooses. I won’t be his puppet anymore and he will let me go. God, after years of his rule, talk of ending up under somebody else’s rule – it’s like sweep of fresh air.”

“I think I made a mistake, when I refused Valan. He is our High Prince after all, but remaining pure was dad’s main priority. My virtue is my fortune, that’s what he said. Not the lands – they are for my brothers, but my own integrity before I marry. But lands to his sons – that’s important. And as his vassals are angry at him right now for refusing the king and for playing them up for possible destruction, he sent me to clear up my mistake.”

Character: King Merek  of Gaford

Merek has brown hair and dark eyes under furry brows. He is as tall as his brother, Valan, yet straight back like his father’s makes him look taller. He has upbringing of warrior and thus prefers wearing armor at all times, yet when he is sworn to king, he chooses leather vests instead. THey are thick and buckled, but they don’t look big on him.

He has had given no impression about becoming king and thus he has failed to follow the utmost rule – the king must be flawless. He is far from flawless. Merek is king Sileas’s second born. Merek is king’s military chief and ambassador. He keeps him away from the inner affairs by giving him to be raised elsewhere. After becoming adult and known military chief, he is sent as ambassador to search allies in war against Acak. Their relationship is close to non-existing. Although warm, they don’t see each other almost at all and that’s how king wanted it.

Valan sees competition in him, but in face to Merek he acts like brother and friend. Thus despite all the sick things Merek hears about him, he still loves him like younger brother loves the older brother. When his older brother is murdered, he becomes obsessed with solving the problem.

Character: Luzea of Danfrie, Lady Queen of Gaford 

 Lady Queen of Gaford was a tall woman, whose hold was lean and strong. She has thick brown hair that are always braided back with high forehead and deep thoughtful eyes. She is very wise despite her youth, always brought up to be the future queen, knowing she would be married to Valan, before she is suddenly engaged to Merek (because Valan considers her vile for her calm exterior – she is boring).  At first it is big blow to her, but after two years they accept their faiths and learn that despite not having love, they treat each other with respect. They don’t have any children, but neither of them are worried for it. At least not until it becomes obvious that she will be queen after all.

Her dresses are statement of art, but they are always picked with care to show modesty and virtues. She is very even tempered woman, perfect o show queenly qualities. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t hate. Going on a public hunt just isn’t her way.  She has learned how to go behind the curtains to get her way, often to help her husband.

Character: Bryce  Marnet

As a healer, Bryce knows almost every bodily secret his king has. Their friendship was pressed on by circumstances. King owes him more than one time of saving his life – once they had to be neck to neck nearly 3 months and after that he has made Bryce the offer of joining his close circle.

He can make difference between manners used in Utis and unspoken rules in court and helps Kinsey to recognize the differences. He listens Hew’s babbling and heals Merek soul.

Character: Hew Sayver 

He carries hidden weapons all the time. He is shortest of the punch, but has earned his respect by being able to find information in large libraries with quite some ease. He is well educated in law, making him unreplaceable for Merek, who knows law well enough, but he can always rely him checking it over if something doesn’t seem right or warn him ahead if he feels something is wrong. He can be often seen right on his side, whispering in his ear. He is sole keeper of his sister, who they left in court to be safe from war.

Some say he is the one leading the king. Merek has heard those rumours, but doesn’t care, because he needs his expertise. Hew is close advisor for Merek because of his loyalty, his ability to work on the background and his knowledge of law. Despite the trust, he also checks over Hew’s information, but in hurry he can be sure he knows what he is talking about when he remarks that it is outside the law.

Moray and Hew act like equal. They knew each other before joining the army and are mentally equal, giving them good thing or two to argue about when they are drunk and in same party. Which they often are. That often means they fight as well. With fists and leaving Willow nothing else to do in the night than patch the two merry men up again. But no hits on the face – that’s their rule. So the court wouldn’t know – as if they don’t know already.

Hew is Willow’s older brother. Hew sees her as her baby sister, but fails to understand that the girl has grown up while he was on ambassador mission with Merek. He acts like Wylie’s control mechanism – if he frowns upon his jokes, he knows it was not very good one.

Character: Willow Sayver 

 She is small by frame, but trustworthy and loyal to his brother. Her black hair match with her brother’s, although she is far smaller. The lean times mean she is very skinny, but her eyelashes make her beautiful to look at. She Works as bath maid.

Hew took her to the capital and found her place in the court so she can be in safe place while he is forced to travel around. Old Maven takes the girl under his wing, in a way in love with her, he keeps her on small tasks and cleaning – as long as she is in king’s rooms, she is out of hands of Valan and  that is their mission – keep her away from Valan. King understood it and kept her busy.

Character: King Dugald 

 They are enemies with king Sileas, like two children bittering over who has rights on Utis. Some past problem not revieled? Yet the enemy-like actions don’t go on towards Merek.

The old and wise king of Acard. His main priority is to keep his people safe and fed. They are in tire need for Utis. King Dugald and Merek have understanding – despite being each others enemy, they respect each other for the intelligence they both possess.

Character: King Sileas 

He presented the good king image. He grew up in time of diplomacy, but has all the skills presented by warlords. He does sport despite not being part of real action anymore. He is lean, but his back is straight. He is known for his unbendable straight back.

He dies in the beginning of the story. “The last words are law” is what is written in their Law and for that he is determined to say on his death bed “Merek will be king.”, sincerely believing that people would rather follow his ruthless and realistic military leader on the prink of war rather than sadistic Valan, who will bring tyranny back.

Character: Lord of Utis 

He is large man, towering everybody around him. He always wears his heraldic color of blue with golden badger. He is leader of mountain people and there are many of him. Follower of the war god, he is ruthless and master in his war plans.

He is Kinsey’s father.

Lord Utis hates Merek. He believes Merek is copy of his brother Valan for he believes old king Sileas has broken his story of cover up and has pulled away their protection. Seeing king Merek as not someone he can use to his advantage, he would rather betray his king and go to Acak.

Lord of Utis is Kinsey’s father. He is out for money and Kinsey knows it. She doesn’t do anything to stop him, but feels guilt over it. Her goal is to save the land and people she loves, and Kinsey’s father knows and plays his games on it.

Character: Lady of Utis 

Lady Utis is Kinsey’s mother and her two 8-year-old twin boys.

Character: The boy

Known only as the Boy, he advocates himself as the best secret killer in the realm. He might be the best, but even with him the nerves don’t always hold up to the promises. By the age of 13 he has indeed notable list of kills, but the moment it mattered…

Character: Moray 

 Larger than life and visibly gone through battle. He has no patience for manners, yet he is efficient in anything that needs forceor cold-blooded thinking inside the box. However he follows orders without doubting them. He is completely loyal to Merek. He is often given hard time for “not having mind of his own”. Moray is eldest of the High guards.

Best friend and adviser to Merek. They grow to respect each other for Moray has no problem telling him how things are. No lying. That is their deal. Moray becomes one of most outspoken supporter for Kinsey after seeing the ruthless actions his men take on her after the misunderstanding with the apple. He becomes the middleman between Merek and Kinsey and is the one who keeps reminding Merek slowly that he can’t act like that with Kinsey. Part of king’s High Guard.

Moray was part of old king’s local administration for a long time. King sends him to watch over Merek, recognizing the young man is bored in the city and has more useful skills in war than is needed for local work.  Plus he runs at odds with Valan and instead of losing his potential future counsel, the king sends him away.

Valan is abomination. That is Moray’s position on the whole incident, when he watched the young man slaughter entire pub without single moment of clarity in rage. He realizes quickly that Valan should never be king and starts working against him openly. King, however agreeing, can’t allow him do that, but instead of killing him sends him out of the city. Valan promises to make him head short and sends out messengers with bounty on his head. The king disgards the bounty, but orders the man not to return in the city.

Character: old Maven 

Merek sees him as someone you don’t play games with. You can trust him to keep his household going as that’s how things have always been. She is Keeper of the Chambers since the old King’s begin of rule. He is the one, who knows almost everything that goes on in the household, but keeps close look that no secrets from the chambers go out from the king’s rooms.

She harbors love to Willow, but it will always be unrecruited.

Character: Seford 

Seford is King Dugald’s son. Athletic and power hungry, he is hard man to please. His actions are often driven from the need to get in good side with his father or from being bored. He wants war and he knows how to manipulate people to get it.

They find kindred spirit in each other with Valan. Both are men, who are facing long future on the side of a kings, who have no signs of dying.

Character: Valan 

He is oldest of the two brothers. He is cruel and ruthless. He has been brought up to be king since birth, yet he doesn’t understand responsibilities very well. He fell as a child and something in his brain clicked, making it nearly impossible for him to understand morals. He acts like someone, who isn’t answerable to anybody, making it difficult even for his own father to control him.

He had straight ash blond hair that he kept long. He is as long as Merek, but leaner. To compensate this, he often wears upper part of the armor that would make him look larger than he is.

Valan is a lot alike his grandfather. Something his grandfather whispered to the boy when he was little is what actually started his uncontrollable lifestyle.

So after schooling ends, the king sends him on a roundabout on Conall Lands in order to teach him the ways of his people. Instead of learning, his actions don’t change. Soon he has good reason to fear his own doom, when, after monstrosities in Utis, the lords of Utis drive him out of Utis. That is disrespect towards the High Prince and he seeks help from his father. King Sileas does not send his army to punish Utis. Disappointed and humiliated, he moves on and is approached by Seford. “Kill three birds in one stone,” he offers. “Give Utis to us and we’ll make those lords pay. We will help you on the throne – for we all know the longevity of your people – and will support your reign with our army. For how long would you sit on the throne without us? A year? We’ll get the land, when you become king.”

He agrees – he could fulfill his angry promise to the lord of Utis, too – make that entire region into mining city.

Character: Wylie 

 Merek’s and Wylie’s friendship was pushed by the king Sileas after Moray came to court with the young boy. The young boy was at the age of Merek at that time and became his playmate before he was assigned to be trained elsewhere. Merek used his influence to take Wylie with him and since then they have been close. He is the one, who talked him in his rebellious state to make a tattoo on his upper arm and thus branded the future king. It was meant as joke.

He goes by the moto “always look at the bright side of life”. He carries flute and is often seen trying to cheer his friends up.

With his merry being, he disguises his tragic past of loosing everybody from his family in great fire that destroyed their family, leaving only his sister’s husband, Moray to look after him. He doesn’t remember it, blocked it out in his past, and thus he doesn’t even have a clue he is doing it.

Character: Ambassador Cretier from Reminster

His role is to provide Merek wisdom in political games. He is sort of a gift from Merek’s uncle for his crowning. However, he is the sort of gift you can never be sure of not to cut your head off if you lose your focus. He is wise and ruthless, but who earns great respect from others. He becomes close with Hew and teaches the young man many talents and tricks for the future. He is humored by Moray and the rivalry he feels from him.

But it’s his personal mission that’s going to cause the most trouble and hatred and that’s for the story to bring out. The enemy within.

Character: Sowyn

 Sowyn – short and snappy like Drewett described her and Bryce frowned so hard it left red lines on his forehead.

She is the one in charge of the Queen’s household – the cleaning and daily duties. It isn’t easy job and she is often seen as too bossy, but she is often loaded with responsibilities which she sometimes finds hard to fulfill.

Their family has sour past – her uncle made business that ended up losing the family in finances and causing very personal problems for her. She has good hand in sewing and embroidery, is why her dresses look gloomy from outside, but the inner layers are almost entirely embroidered in the same colors as the dress.

Bryce tolerates no jokes on her behalf, harboring warm feelings towards her.

 Character: Retke  Amalger

She is very edgy, fast pacing and fast thinking archer. Unfortunately she is very unladylike and wild, in no way for court life. Kinsey saves her ass. She is Kreon’s baby sister, who comes to visit her brother. She is really annoyed seeing him babysit a murderer. Kinsey first sees her in the court, when Kreon is still angry for the task he received and makes the mistake of expressing it freely in his sister’s presence.  It causes friction between Kinsey and her and misunderstanding that nearly costs Kreon his honor.

Character: Lady Wilkin 

She is the ultimate beauty that looks and talks like angel. She takes care of her majesty personally and her wardrobe and her toilet. She is the highest born of her ladies in waiting and thus most home with courtly behavior.

She is very proud of her position and she always looks perfect.  So even that she makes other women around her envy her in great deal. She does make sure the queen is just as perfect so when the two of them walk down the corridors, they are referred to as The Sun and the Star… and the Moody Moon behind them, who happens to often be Kreon.  Not because he is moody, but they don’t get much along with the Star, lady Wilkin.  Nobody knows her first name. Wilkin is her family name.

She never has cheep jewelry on her – she is one of the women, who show their family riches on her wardrobe and thus her hair is often decorated with real jewels. She is also always wearing make up – very light in color and blush toned same as her lips. But she does it tastefully and thus her powdered grayish hair (special trend of her county) go perfectly with her rich silky wardrobe or large dresses or travelling brown pants. Always perfect.

 Character: Murdag

Lady in waiting for her majesty, her oldest and best friend. They grew up together basically. Being the girl, who was sent to play with her majesty when she was 8, they grew up together.

She was born as daughter of an earl’s daughter. Because of her religious beliefs, she is always covered. Her favorite look is circle around her ebony hair which holds up her light show-through veil around her neck and the head veil that reaches her midway. Her costumes may be hiding, showing modesty, but the reality is her modesty only remains in the corridors. She is most experienced in sex and is first to notice Kreon’s deepening silence and interprets it as growing affection towards someone new in the group.

Character: Worard

He is one of Queen’s assassins and closest to Kreon. They came in her household with just few years apart, Kreon being there longer, but because of the tasks trusted on them, they at least have understanding – funny times never mix with work.  It is always visible on his face, for when he is on duty, his expression changes and instead of ha—ha, he is serious like death he is asked to carry out. He is what her majesty refers to as Mercy Killer compared with Kreon’s Torturer. Fancy pants , queen’s HG. He is the funny guy on queen’s court. He was part of it before she was married and remained on her side after that for he had nothing better to do. He is lady’s man, but nobody takes him serious. Which he is perfectly fine with.  Being in Queen’s High Guard sets him free from his duties waiting at home and he prefers the court life to boring life at home.

He is interested in Iliran, but their relationship is platonic at best. They are both happy with army life and neither of them want to get into anything but sex. Thus it suits them both not to start anything.

Character: Catriona 

Languages are her thing.

Character: Iliran 

The queen lets her be her own way, only sometimes reminding her to show up either cleaned up or wearing a dress. For Queen’s coronation she has to wear a dress and she nearly rips it off if Murdag and Worard hadn’t stopped her. It was very pretty and gentle woman like full of flowers and blooms, but she just gets near heart attack in fear of ruing it until she literally goes nuts wanting it off and immediately. Not very lady like behavior.  After that the queen orders her only dresses that look like uniforms to lessen her panic.She is as rough on edges as if she was born a boy. Which she pretty much was as her six older brothers didn’t quite treat her as a girl. She is hardly ever seen without her leather armor and she is equal with men in sword. She has long blond hair which she has always braided in many thin braids running over her scalp before falling on her back, often braided in a thicker single braid. She doesn’t know how to talk or be in court and thus she likes to rather be among the armored forces in the barracks.

That’s her little secret and reason why Worard is believed to be her bed friend. It is actually this that she works up anxiety every now and then that she has no outlet for – feeling of desperation and anger – and Worard knows this. When he recognizes the signs, and her searching stare, he sneaks in her room during some massive parties, when they both know they won’t be missed… It’s not sexual, despite the rumours. But next morning she is fine again and their co-existence goes on as usual. It’s their little secret, which is not openly accepted, so they are very protective over it.

 Character: Ruby 

Ruby was born in service, being the second daughter of an old warrior class. Her only purpose in the story is to protect the queen. She doesn’t have anyone nor is she searching.She is the second warrior woman in queen’s court and is hardly ever seen without her shining steel armor. It was gift from her father on the day she finished her training. She has long dark brown hair and stunning features, which Murdag loves to bring out to her as being really beautiful and nice.

She is the quiet one of their group and she is very tall, standing head higher of the rest of them. Her long curls are often dancing in the wind and Murdag loves brushing them. What’s with her fascination with her is beyond everybody, but she keeps caring for her. Murdag’s inner turmoil is that because she is so similar to her, she feels like she’s her little sister. The tall beauty doesn’t mind it at all, aware of her own attractive side. She likes wearing dresses too, being the chameleon of the group. She is in between both men’s world and women’s fancy dress world and she can easily go either way.

Nobody knows how she ended up in queen’s high guard.

Character: Drewett 

 Who the HELL is Drewett?

The irritator, the man that make others uncomfortable with his open sick mouth and comments? Someone they have to tolerate. Think Merl Dixon from Walking Dead.

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Dead Child’s Portrate updates

3 years later, still working on the story and I am actually beginning to see the edges of it. It was rough writing last night, only got me about a 1000 words, but I realized that out of all the manuscripts I’ve been working on so far, I am actually seeing some logic in this one. Well, if it looks logical to me after I wake up again later, remains to be seen.

There are still problems in the story, mostly slipped in with restless need to get forward. Yeah, that does mean I’m rewriting some of the chapters to fit or add-subtract some things. But it is the first story I’ve been working on for this long and actually doing physical work on it not just picked up few times and read it through.

It’s a strange feeling. One that I hope to get some technique behind and repeat countless times again and again. But with this project – I can so taste it!

…which probably means the finish is still miles away, but one by one, the words get done and so shall be the story.

And that, my dears, is exiting!

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Conall Lands and Lovecraft

The tiny idea I was telling you about.

Well, it turned out to have rather solid middle, so I’m now turning that mushy mess into something that has backbone. I want to try out one writing method and I think this is a perfect candidate for it. However, I can’t tell much about the idea itself yet, because, to tell you the truth, I still am solving the puzzle.

Doesn’t mean I’m not working on  basics of it :).

Lovecraft keeps hopping up in every corner. I’ve been lately doing a lot of reading on him and read the stories and same goes with Stephen King. Just a week ago I was dead beet into Tolkien. Still am. I really have no clue where this ends up with, because now I’ve picked up the Stan Nicholls’ Orcs book, too.  But Lovecraft – it keeps popping – first it was the small magazine Mythos Grimmly, which I seriously will work out for I like that idea a lot. Then a guy came to buy coins and I saw that he is currently reading Lovecraft! Then I was searching internet for some detail and saw again Lovecraft. So for some reason I’m between fantasy and horror classics and I’m actually enjoying it :).

Ok, back to the tiny idea. Perhaps I should use that as the name for that project, the Tiny Idea.You know, all big things start small.

OK. Why I first started writing this thing here in the first place?

I have a map!

Years of thinking about it, testing out different programs, disappointment and all the mambo jumbo and now! Now I have THE map!

I present to you…


Conall lands maastik

I declare it copyrighted for I have spent 2 days in a row making it. It isn’t perfect, but it is best I can come up with in short time, free online programs and half-dead brain. I started with donjon’s online program that creates fractal based lands. After finding something close to what I wanted, I went to Pixlr and continued having fun. I know it looks a bit quick-done and I swear I can do better with right tools, but right now I just don’t have them. That’s why it doesn’t have the cities on it yet either. I just wanted to stitch up the about-areas, where the story could happen.

Probably you’ll see a lot of it in the future with things added on it every now and then. Because I ain’t doing it again. At least not until I have proper computer and proper tool and not some freeware and pointy-mickey under my fingers. Or perhaps print it out, do a proper paintjob and scan it back in. I can already see logic mistakes here…

Locking my mind out! I’ll just do Tolkien on this one – create the land and fill it with people.

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April closing in

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve got a new badge on my sideboard.

No. I have not gone crazy. I am here and I am still very much sane.

I have a lot of pre-work and planning done for April, so I don’t think I am crazy at all. 😀 You just need to stick with me and accept my complaining of going nuts at some point and if we’re lucky I will have 26 new short stories + 5 chapters of the on-going sequel story in Estonian plus a new exiting fantasy story!

And that one I can guarantee you have not read before.


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