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What next?

We lost our beloved dog on Friday and it is giving me mixed feelings. She was sixteen, but her health had gone downwards for quite some time, so I knew this was coming. I’m sad, but at the same time relieved that she isn’t suffering anymore. So as much as I keep thinking back that if she hadn’t had her epilepsy attacks four in a row when she hadn’t had any since beginning of this year, she would have pulled through this spell too, it kinda was clear this time she won’t make it. It was sunny day though, and she fell asleep in my lap.

So I have been keeping away from internet for a while, because after stating it, thank you all for your kind words, when I returned, I saw another ending coming soon. Turns out my story Rare Pearl is ending with this month, too. I have made it into my policy not to post anything that doesn’t have an ending, but still the ending managed to sneak by me without noticing.

I’m now split in two – I have the next Gargoyle series book ready to go through the editing and be set up on the homepage. Or I could post a short story which would lead to the book after the next book. How do they usually put those 0.5 books in between the main series? It is sort of a prologue, but no matter how I look at it, I do want to post it. I guess I’ll look into it and see how others have solved the question. It’s just odd, in lack of better term – the crossroad.

A lot of feeling this week-end. That’s all.


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A week of rest

Or, more like a life story going “how the wind played ping bong with electricity and I got a stomach flue.”

The last part was a mystery to me – I haven’t gone out from the house besides the few hours for the shopping, but oddly I’d spent two days with serious headache. Then a very bad day spent curved over the sink and sleeping and then it was gone leaving a mild headache… Never seen a stomach bug like this before.

However, if the first part of the week I ignored the pc because it was safer not to turn it on, and my laptop is apparently only a vessel of good will, then the second part was duo the headache turning seeing anything bright into hell on earth. So despite my enthusiasm to spend the last three weeks before publishing (the last week I was hoping to let it rest a bit) doing the last edit, I’ve already lost 4 days. No biggy, I still have time.

I have finally got so far that the homepage gets updates almost daily, which is nice. Including the Friday Flash Fiction! I admit it gave me a good headache of its own earlier – seemed like a fun idea, until I realized I just went for it without any prep and now pretty much wrote myself in a corner. So, I cropped out two chapters and wrote them again and now it ran in a completely different direction making me a very happy little camper.

I’m thinking… future plans… I think I want to publish the Gargoyle story next… Like, before April CampNaNoWriMo arrives… Too soon? I don’t know… I just feel suddenly that I want to do that one too so it would start coming out sooner and then I could come out with the second book by Oktober or so… I’m still thinking, ok?

Might just be that i might wanna write something completely different for April Nano. Nothing’s decided yet.

But that’s it for now. Just wanted to share that I’m still here, still working and still writing. Gotta keep writing. Keeps lots of doctors away. At least that’s what brother suggests.


Oh, and if you ever think of going to see “The Good Dinosaur” – think twice, for it was a shock bolt out of the blue to my niece. She very much wanted to see it, so I took her, and after the movie she held a long pause, then turned to me and said: “This was a very sad movie.”

It sure is sad – it was like overdoing dramatic situations. You know how writers like to do those lists of “choose what can mess up your character’s life”? You wouldn’t think to find that entire list in a kid’s cartoon, which by the trailer and techs you would never guess would be far more dramatic than many grownup movies! Weird is, I don’t mind such drama in children’s books, for there you get time to explain to them if they ask or the kid has time to come in terms with reading what they read and take it in their own stride, but on screen…

THE GOOD DINOSAURAlthough, I must admit, the little girl repeating the triceratops (birch bark like!) on the screen saying “Hemorrhoids” did make the mothers laugh next to me until one of their kids went so into the movie that each time the dog-human howled on the screen, he answered, which humored the rest of the theater a lot the entire movie. But in general, I’d seriously consider twice showing it to any kid under age of 13 for it was way too dramatic for a kid’s show.

And now is time for bed, for I have to get up early again tomorrow and then, after the work is done, I have days of editing to make up to.



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**News from LC Aisling** 27/01/2016

Hello readers!

Updates on the Huntsman’s Daughter!

The editing is completed and all there is left to do is some basic grammar check – gotta have the comas in the right places and then formating for better reading for e-books.  After long deliberation I decided to change the name of the novel. The new title is called Third Law.  Thank you, John, for cracking the gears with me!

Also, I am happy to present to you the ink fresh cover for the Third Law! I will add the introductory chapter to the homepage soon, so you can peek inside and taste it.

third law testing

You can find out more about the characters and the story on my homepage under the Encyclopedia section as I will keep adding them there over the upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoy their company and the story they take part in!

Don’t miss the next chapter of Flash Fiction this Friday, on 28th of January 2016!

L.C. Aisling

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(If you are following the homepage, I’m sorry, this sort of repeats the news section sometimes)

With a new year come new challenges and hopes and dreams!

As you can see my homepage (<<- Follow the link here) has taken a month worth pause on updates. Mostly duo my daily job. However, the pause is over now and starting with the first Sunday of this year, the updates should become regular once more. So who hasn’t visited yet or would like to join – now’s the time!

I hoped by now to have good news on upcoming publications, but editors are humans too and they too have had their daily life to struggle with, so unfortunately we are still waiting updates on anthologies.

As of a complete book of my own – the editing of Huntsman’s Daughter  is 2/3rd done and I am planning on getting it out there on 29th of February. Yes, folks, I’m giving you a real deadline for an unpublished book! Still so much to do yet, but no point of waiting forever.

Here’s the pitching for the Huntsman’s Daughter.

Huntsman’s Daughter tells a mystery story with romantic and paranormal elements of Evelyn Helder, who has a mission – stop her father. Easier said than done, when her plans are neatly crushed by Saul-Erik Reigner, a man, whose only mission is to protect his people and doing so, he sees no place for a chemist, who has invaded his territory with a secret that puts them all in danger.

What else? I’ve been in writing mood lately too. I am still reading the 9 Day Novel book – still getting pissed over the personal input, but like the method. So yeah, I hope to keep this working schedule as long as possible before the rest of my life goes boom boom again. Which it most likely will do. So yeah, working mood! Woohoo!

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Gargoyles, gargoyles, gargoyles!

So, since I decided to write about gargoyles during the last year’s NaNoWriMo, and fixing up the book for contest, I’m back at them and thinking of another story to write during this Nano. I did try to write a short story to send in for FM Anthology, but as they wanted PG13, and, well, the gargoyles are hardly your typical boy scouts, so the story was left on the shelf. However, I am revoking it soon, for the characters there grew in a perfect pre-story for the next Nano.

As it seems I’m dealing with gargoyles more, I have a plan for this month – properly work out that fantasy world of theirs. Well, and perhaps build up some story base with it. One way or the other, get to know my little monsters is a good plan as it goes. Where to start? How about soil colors… Yup, that’s where I stuck my nose in first.

Other news? Well, competition, where the Gargoyles went wasn’t success. Learned a lesson there, but not related with the story. I still am obsessed with it and want to continue. At this point I have 3 storylines to obsess about and I’m a bit overwhelmed :D. or perhaps just soooo exited!

Oh, on the other note – I bought another doll. Well, it was for pretty much a dollar and from second hand shop, but it was intriguing. I’ve been eying it for close to a month now. First time I saw her, she had this horrible updo that made me think she’s got somewhat medium length hair. Brother later said he saw that doll a month ago together with a bucket full of other Barbie like dolls. All the other dolls got bought, which is a miracle, for they really had permanent ink painted masks, feet broken off, hair half cut away, piercings in weird places… That horrible updo seemed like the best doll compared to others, but for some reason I discarded her still. For that updo really looked doubtful.

Yeah, but then I visited dorm and saw that I had a hank of doll hair still in the closet (from time when I redid my Barbie) and figured that hey, if I can’t get that hair in order, I can just use her as another experiment for green hair. :P. Took me about an hour, but she was cleaned and ready. I didn’t have to cut her hair – turns out she has long hair, all the way to her buttocks and in two colors – creamy blond and white. Ok, so this was already something to go by, so I searched her out – Steffi Love? Oh, and her knee joints – seems that this particular doll is from around 2012?

Anyway, she’s all fixed up and I’m rather happy that she was left behind for she cleaned up good. 🙂 Next stop – a dress. And then another one for the Barbie, for the time she spent with my niece, she got some markings on it that won’t come out. No biggie – i can always make new ones 😛 :D.

It’s gonna be long night too – super moon and eclipse with it. FUN!

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CampNaNoWriMo 2015 July

As you can see –  I did it! Set the stage for 50 000 words this time and did it! The story, however, did not get to the complete end, but with 55 372 words, I now know that I have only… 16 chapters that are half-done or need to be written in order to complete the story.

That’s mostly duo adding a side story in it, because the main story ran out of steam in about 35k and as that’s more than half, I went through the character list and seek out the secondary characters and gave them a bit more story.

However I am very, very happy that I did manage it and even few days early, because starting tomorrow we begin with the berry harvest and well, be a writer if you want, but berries don’t wait. so there wouldn’t be even a moment left of the day next to work.

Well, now that I have written the story, I can finally tell you what it was about.

Because I have been worried recently that my writing has become on a standstill, because I was, sort of, afraid of adding sex scenes in my writing – I don’t know, that’s how it’s been so far that my experience in writing one has been a bit to the sad side – so I decided to try it out. No biggy if it doesn’t work, I just wanted to test my abilities. Hihii. Well, I guess I did it :D.

Then again, I didn’t think it would happen quite so, but I ended up writing gay love story… Like, um, double gay love story… Because in April, I had Dakota in the story, who was supposed to find her love in Tyton, but the story didn’t set sail, I ended up bringing it over to July’s story. But as she wasn’t working at all with the other main character, I added a different main character, Kyle, who was not supposed to have any love interest, and turned her into secondary character. Well, turned out the new duo, Kyle and Tyton, clicked and the wind favored the sailors. However, as Dakota still had her mission, but needed an opponent, I tossed in another character, Tige and the duo kind of became close, too. So I did get to write the sex in. Not quite how I expected, but well, I guess that’s for the readers to decide when I get it so far that I can search for someone to read it for me.

The second thing  i wanted to try out, is indeed adding, consciously, secondary story. Stay simple if you are not good at it, as the smart books say. Until now I have, for it is rather hard to add side story if you have first person point of view. As this time I had third person point of view, I thought it would be easy enough and did it. Yeaaah, that’s what I’m working on still, as the second story now has to be added so that it would make other story look normal too.

To test this out, I brought back the old mission from April – Dakota going after the guy, who is responsible for her being fired from teacher’s place. Her plan was to seduce him and get him admit his moral wrong, but, well, things don’t go quite as she planned. Especially, when you get a tale in form of Tyton, who becomes interested in her, because he believes she might be his next partner (aliens do things differently) and Tige, who believes you are lier and must be stopped and sent back and isn’t stopping to anything in order to stop you.

So yeah, I think this experiment was success, even if the story is now waiting for its holes to be filled. It also brought out a new weakness to work on – turns out I have no clue how to write a hands-on combat. I did pull through the scene, but I don’t think it was as good as I would like.

I will finish this novel. I’m not sure if it will happen this week, but I think I want to write it to the finish. Mostly because I think it might have shown me a whole new world that I’m interested in exploring in writing sense. 🙂

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Finishing things

Every year, if it is not related with writing, because that is something that defies logic when it comes to work progress, I like to do a little check up on the projects and promises I’ve made. I do like if promises are kept, basics of any human relation, so I do like to go over the promises I have made in some point during the years and if still possible finish them.

We can all make promises. It flows so easily over lips to say that yes, I will do something or I will be somewhere without ever having a plan to participate that event at all. I don’t like it. I may not seem like a very approachable person because of it, not enthusiastically agreeing to take part of your mission in life, but I rather say that I can’t come than let you believe I will come.

So, during the year I have given few promises to others and to myself too that I want to finish before the New Year begins.

First of all – I promised a larger doily for a friend’s mother. This is the pattern I used for her work. I love the pattern and as I did find the stash of crochet yarn while moving, I grabbed it with me and and did it. Promise is a promise and for a while I did feel bad for not keeping it, especially after I was hoping to do it from sewing thread only to discover after few motives that they were nappy already and by the time I would finish it, the entire work would look awful. Given, I was a bit under the weather at that time, which makes me appreciate the coffee break even more, it seemed like an ideal way not to fall asleep during the night shifts. All-in-all I finished it in one week. The last rounds took me hours to complete and with this yarn, the diameter is 85 cm-s when stretched.

Here’s the finished result, stretched and pinned while it dries after starching:


As of manuscripts and stories. Did print out my manuscript on the “mammoth” I’m working on. Finally. Still can’t believe I did it though, but as I did have few days free, I decided to deal with that too, together with ironing, and as I was at it, I took a quick trip to town and had them bind as well. So now I have 3 part long manuscript, each part 100 pages long, ready for editing. No excuses left not to work and finish this promise to myself too. Especially not now when I got a “maybe” that if I get the manuscript ready for reading, I can send an offer to a publishing company. Which, although nothing’s settled yet, is a big deal in my book, even if it doesn’t work out.

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