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About the unfair prices of ebooks.

After I received yet another comment on my 3.99 book how “you should lower the price”, it has really made me doubt the validity of the entire fair.

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I know the arguments – the book is not printed, you don’t work on it 8 hours every day… That number is not cents per word, it’s not even a cent – that’s the number of production. I do work on my writing every day, several hours if I ever have the chance. I do dream of living from what I love to do, but in today’s world, that’s just impossible.

It makes me sad. We fight for fair prices on our products so the producers would get paid fairly, yet when it comes to literature, the attitude is still that we ask too much. That because we opted to go cheaper by not printing, we should be punished for it. Further by choosing indie writers to target with calling their prices unfair if there really isn’t anywhere lower to go. Literally. Those are the cheapest we can ask that Amazon allows.

So aside using us to vent your frustration over something we can’t change, you achieve nothing aside making us even more miserable to work with the medium we love. Aside us deciding against writing. It’s time you understand that the book on Amazon has taken us just as much time as it took for a digital artist, who also sell the copies of their works. We are not Chinese factory workers, but your fellow countrymen, hoping for our dear life, you stop treating us like one. You want our product, yet you refuse to dignify us by paying us the 99 cents for a year’s work.

You win. “It was just a phase.”

I have removed my last attempt on publishing from Amazon. I’m through with your whining. From now on – if you see any of my works being sold aside the charity anthologies, you are being scammed. I will continue publishing my works on my homepage and starting from June, I am also adding that book.

I win.

Thank you, new readers – you have made me happier than any comment on Amazon ever could.



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