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Ok, so the reason why I’ve been behind with my homepage posts is down to the fact that I’m currently helping a friend set up his new page in WP and helping my sister to get her own project take off the ground and both are demanding tasks. Not really an excuse of not prepping the posts, but it has been a long week in any sort of work related tasks, so.

Not really complaining, as it has been very eye opening experience, because:
a) I discovered I can make a homepage dummy in less than 5 hours.Which is so heartwarming considering how much time I spend here :D. Plus I always love solving such puzzles and my brain has been a bit idle lately.
b) I discovered that there have been a lot of changes during the last 2 years in blogging world.

And that change is also what took me close to screaming and tossing dishes. Because since I started my homepage two years ago, they have made a new version of the theme I use on it. And all that system that I have been trying to keep working manually, using back alleys and whatnot – the new theme has it all offered on a plate! Well, then!

Of course I am planning to go over to the new theme! But, and that isn’t such a small but, I need to change my category system first in order for the system to work like I need it to work. And that isn’t a small task as only a month ago I hit the magical 500 post mark. Can you imagine re-systematizing 500 posts in order to go over to new system? I guess I can, because if I did this, this would reduse my workload by third in the future. Not to mention, opens up close to 30 pages I can use for main pages of stories instead. Currently I have 50 of them in use out of about 80 allowed for free users. Can you imagine the change it would make?

Can you imagine the frustration hitting me tenfold, when I realized I just did a system to my sister in 5 hours that could have spared me about a year’s worth extra work on my own page? I so want to cry right now…


And the answer is YES, I WILL TAKE THAT WEEK! I WILL REDO THAT DAMN SYSTEM! I WILL SPARE MYSELF FOR THE REST OF THAT SYSTEMATIZING JOB! For I so deserve more time to spend on my stories than maintaining a system that has such a lovely alternative now, in the future of two years. God, thank you, whoever you made that theme! I love you right now so much. Or, rather, I will love you after I have gotten myself into that theme.



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Message to fellow writers

For young writers, who have their Pinterest filled with quotes and notes under them “I can use that”.

Writing is imperfect act.

The purity of thought is not another quote from somebody else’s mouth. It’s your thoughts. If you write your story using quotes, it’s like writing a literary essay with references to other writers, or people.

We already live in the world of copy-paste, wouldn’t you want to stand out of that? Think for yourself. Write down your own thoughts.  I want to read a story, not an essay.

I pick up your story to read your thoughts. I want to read the classics, I go straight to them.
But I am not. I’m interested in you!


Have confidence. 
Impress me with yourself.


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7 years in WP – hooray!

Well, we did have cake 🙂

I wanted to do a rant post, but it is rather pointless to make one, when I’m not even sure if its out of jealousy or out of self pity. You know, one of those – why they get help while I had to figure it all out on my own? I’m still figuring things out, well, and…

Awh, heck with it.

I’m a bit behind with the stories. Niece came over for week-end and I was stupid enough to actually sit down during our less stressful days, which weren’t many as work has been keeping me busy for over a week, and can’t blame anybody for not doing prep writing for the busy time. Which is why the Friday Flash probably popped from my mind. I’m not happy about it, so I’ll do double post on coming Friday to keep the weeks even. I kinda like them being even.

I tried publishing again. Put the Third Law up for sale on Amazon before I thought I scream to the world that guess what! The joy lasted half an hour until a comment appeared with 1 star rating – “You would sell so much more if you asked 0.99 instead of 3.59”.  Thank you, whoever you were, because it was, AGAIN, a random troll running amok through the wide Amazon. No other comments, no other purchases. And what am I supposed to do with a 1 star rating? Took it down, of course, because who among you all would even look at a book with 1 star rating? I’m being honest here to myself. No point of keeping it up, especially as I know from personal experience that it is impossible to remove those troll “no-purchase confirmed” comments. As no one had bought it, so I took it down before starting the campaign.

I’m not taking the comment personally, as it had nothing to do with the book. It wasn’t bought, the whoever troll didn’t comment the story itself, so I am not touched by it personally aside being dead angry that Amazon allows such comments! I can hit the “Report abuse” link how ever many times I like and explain it has no relation to the product, it will still remain there! Which means I have already two books with 1-3 star ratings which were left by non-buyers, who had no other problem with the story aside to mark out that “IDK” and “asks too much for it”. And lets not forget “I haven’t read the book, but I’m just giving 3 stars”!

I guess that’s where the self pity part comes in. For once I would like a helping hand building my promotion plan up with steps rather than try climbing a clean cut wall with graffiti “straight fall”. A pat on the back without asking for it first.

It didn’t help to read an article in local news stating how every author in the region can apply for “city writer salary”. I thought about it and went to check it out. Who wouldn’t? Turns out I don’t qualify because I’m not living in the city, but in the county.

Which reminds me I have about 2 weeks to prep the homepage for upcoming Nanowrimo time so you still get the updates while I concentrate on new story.

Right now I feel like the squeaking bird, who somehow isn’t a real writer, because she doesn’t live in the county. Who can’t apply for writer status, because she doesn’t know the right people to join the Author’s Society, who can’t apply for state salary, because she doesn’t promote local culture (read – doesn’t use Estonia as background) nor writes in the right language… God, I live in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’m tired, that’s all. And sad. I want to be cuddled, pampered with knowledge and business strategies that explain things and don’t just come in nice picture form on Pinterest. A real business with plans and stages of strategies and just to be recognized for who I am.

Awh, heck with it all. Ok, so as far as “official” writer’s society goes, I don’t exist. I guess I need to learn business then, it’s not like I can rely on anybody else with this problem.



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**News from LC Aisling** 05/02/2017

I have already skipped the Rare Pearl chapter yesterday, but I fear I am not posting anything I am editing on the go for a week – we are swamped with day work and sitting and working behind PC until we are past the high point is out of the question. Most likely would take a week, but by then I hope I have caught up with the sleep. Some stories were edited earlier, and those I will be posting.

I hope you understand and I will post next chapter as soon as I can.

L.C. Aisling

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Artist purgatory

I have couple of characters I use for RP in different sites and for art trades and such out of pure fun of playing along with other art minded people. So we have a lot of YCH auctions going on, that’s “your character here” image where you pretty much either pay for fixed price or follow through auction rules or raffles to have your original character to be drawn in the pose presented by the seller.

A month ago, I decided to play along with one beginning artist’s auction. He is 18, doesn’t speak English that well, but I speak Russian to some extent, so no problem there. Let’s just call him Artist.

I applied for his auction for an image and as required, paid the money in advance. Common tactics. At that moment I saw he had 20 other auctions going, but I failed to see that no other auction had a finished product shown in the gallery. That’s my mistake. You should always check the artist’s portfolio before you place your bets. I later learned that fact when I became increasingly suspicious of never getting the image after his account was suddenly blocked by admins and I realized I’d been waiting for a month already.

I took a closer look at his works on beginning of February and learned that he had 20 auctions, with 45 different people still waiting for their works. So I decided to issue a refund, but bummer, I forgot to add my username I use in that particular community. I just went back to add it, when I received a message that he had no clue what I was talking about. So when I checked back in the community I saw that he had removed every YCH auctions I had seen earlier. However, as I was already suspicious, before I issued the refund, I backed up all the information about it, the image, the links, the messages – everything I could think of needing for this argument. So I presented him the evidence. Part of it. Still forgot my username.

2 days after my issue, behold, there appeared all 20 of the auction images that nobody had seen for months or longer! All 20! Not in much of quality, but all 20! He never learned, which out of those 45 people waiting in line I actually was. I just couldn’t stop laughing my head off when I saw the times they’d been posted. The guy literally drew 20 pictures of YCH auctions and posted them all in less than 48 hours after I issued my claim!

I laughed so hard, I nearly dropped off my chair. Of course I dropped the issue and let him have the money.  I’m too impressed – what a lesson to learn! You don’t ask, who you are, just claim you don’t know anything and instead of finding out, you go ahead and decide to draw all 20 pictures just in case. Something no professional artist would even consider.

Good luck with your life, beginner Artist 😀 – thank you for humoring me and for that entertainment you have surely earned that buck :D.

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Whose reality has become your reality?

Something popped in my mailbox the other day from Maxpower’s blog. He is talking about everybody being liars. It talks about different lies and why we tell them and is quite an interesting read.

We all tell lies, it’s part of life, it’s a pretty word to describe an act of misleading another for your own gain. Even animals do it – just watch mother birds leading the fox away from their nest or keeping a good food source secret. As with any other act, there is a whole culture related to it, rules set by society for us to follow so we can all live in peace.

Any major religion declares you should forgive the person who wronged you. In ethics, however, the usual question is not about if you should, but rather how far can you be pushed before you say you can’t forgive something, you can’t let it go? Should you push aside your own conscious and follow your religious dogma?

To me, the focus in that question is wrong. We don’t measure the lies, it’s a result of long list of coincidences, but in reality we measure the truths what the lies were about. I think the question shouldn’t be about the lie at all. It should be asked like this: what was the truth, the fact, the reality they lied about? Was it about “I took your socks and lied that I haven’t seen them” or “I lied to make sure you took the wrong turn and wouldn’t get here in time”.  Our conscious immediately measures the truths against each other and you can hear yourself thinking the lie about socks was less than misleading you on the track. Morals dictate that we should forgive both liars, because it will make our life easier to live, no carrying the hatred with you.

But we didn’t measure the lies, now did we? We measure the truths, the facts. So if somebody lies to us and it comes out, we don’t argue over the fact they lied, we ask what category lie was it?  What were the facts? So in logic, if you are asked to forgive someone, who has lied to you, you are not asked to forgive the act of lying, but to accept the truth what the lie was about. If you forgive – you accept the truth, you accept the facts. So if someone asks you to forgive a sock stealer – fine, they already got the socks and the fact is I no longer have them, but no big harm done.


That’s all good in theory. But the reality is, if somebody lies, then you need to know the facts, their truth they lied about. If you just declare “lying is bad”, then you are focusing in the wrong place. Especially in today’s world, where lies are as common as grass in park.  Will you focus on the act, or will you want to know the truth behind that lie? Will you forgive the act and accept the facts lied about as your new norm or will you follow your own conscious and not forgive every thing on your way? For if you say “forgive your rapist”, “forgive the swindler”, “forgive as it is your duty”, then understand that you are asked to follow somebody else’s reality. You are blinded from the facts, the reality and asked to accept who ever has made it your duty. Whose reality has become your reality?

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