I’ve been writing since 1996, been doing Nano since 2004. 

2004 – Wolfcub – wasn’t finished, it later got divided in several stories. -Wolfcub – short fiction, was published long time ago on homepage. – Family Letters – started, but still work in progress. Probably will never get anywhere. – The Rose Ring – done :).

2005 – Dance of whales – won :).

2006 – didn’t win, didn’t have enough time

2007 – Llyr – won :).

2008 – Var har ni rest or Neitsipärg – won :). (Estonian version is up on the page)

2009 – didn’t win. Was working on first draft of another story that demanded full attention.

2010 – Rebel year. The number of words got done, but the book itself – hardly. :). I have posted some on the FictionPress page so to show my style.

2011 – Rebel year.  :). I’ve been writing 5 different stories, all with potential, but can’t seem to keep myself on only one project. Can’t stop coming up with ideas either. The wordcount is suitable, and I’m verifying it as I have sort of filled the goal, but I am not a winner.

2012 – Rustles – won :).

2013 April Camp – Dead Child’s Portrait  – won :). – a story I’ve been working for few years. Used Nano to add words in the first draft.

2013 – Huntsman’s Daughter – Dead Child’s Portrait version II – Timing was horrible and it didn’t get anywhere.

2014 April Camp – Fish Skin – won 🙂

2014 November – Strife of Stone – won 🙂 – Ready for editing.


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