My Stories



  • 7 lucky smiles – Short story about a girl, who gets lost in medieval world and has no way to return.
  • Aunt my deares – What if sometimes your legacy isn’t only a book in the shelf…
  • Bad Guy in the corner – When angels start fighting over you, it’s a bad sign.
  • Comprende acrobat – Fighting to keep the child from his dancer’s brother can prove a hard task for a nightclub owner.
  • Exploration – Testing out topics that can be problematic through short stories.
    • Adultery – Woman discovers her husband has an affair.
    • Death Angels – A doctor in death camp has a secret to save the women.
    • Grief – When grief counselling fails.
    • Isolation – In future, some times plans don’t work out despite all the hard work.
    • Mutilation -Mother’s love is sometimes hard to explain.
    • White Slavery – Slavery knows no color.
  • Extraordinary Affair – When boss decides she should work less.
  • Ecnn-10  – After initial contact with the aliens, a class is formed from both sides in hope to bring the two nations closer to each other.
  • Fanfiction – yes, sometimes I do write fan fiction too.
    • Honey Clover – based on the movie The Village. Noah Percy is anthropologist, playing a village fool. But affection to Ivy Walker can twist his reality even more. Oneshot.
    • Off limits – based on series The Walking Dead. Snippet of unnamed girl and Daryl. Not having to make decisions can lead to others getting hurt. But one doesn’t hurt the ones they love. Something I had to get out of the system after the show shut the possibility for Carol.
    • Silence – Takes place after “The Hobbit” book events, although no spoilers and everybody lives.
  • Fragrance – Edward hates one of his sister’s friends. Then she shows up and he believes she is up to her old tricks.
  • Italian – Her sister’s boyfriend, who is about to break up with her decides to call both sisters to visit his home in Italy.
  • Kalur ja pärlipiiga – In Estonian – Fairy tale of a girl, who cried pearls.
  • Kodukäija – In Estonian – How demons are born.
  • Kohvipood – In Estonian. An on-going story (which will have a full story up at some point in life) about a woman, who gets a place in a Coffee shop, which does not sell coffee.
  • Lighter – A demon of pleasure loses the medallion he needs to move around to a lady, who forces him to take a vaccation.
  • Llyr – Plague hits 19th century village and after the green fog disappears, so does the safety one of the habitants have so far taken for granted.
  • Long Distance Call – Girl is left a book by her grandmother. However, one ought not to test out spells unless they know what they are up to. And the elves are not always good tempered pixies they show on tv.
  • Midas Ears– Explicit! Roshan,Furqan and Anthon are match made in hell forced to live in the same apartment because of their job. Soon, things get out of hand, when one of them tries to teach the youngest lesson of controlling his anger. WARNING!  This story deals with mature topics, has explicit rape scene and thus is suitable ONLY FOR ADULT READER!
    • Commentary – To whom the scene has proved to be a problem.
  • Mullimäng – In Estonian. A group of teenagers decide to take a house outside the town for a week-end.
  • Neitsipärg – A woman in 10th century is promised to a Dane, but being the stubborn woman, she does not take it so lightly.
  • Pet Mouse – When the warlord returns from his travels, the house isn’t quite as homey as he expects.
  • Photodermatitis – Man can’t stand the sun and is in need of a companion, but he gets more than his mother has bargained for, when the ex-local girl shows up for the job.
  • Roosisõrmus – In Estonian. After leaving her town for better life, the young woman takes up a career as party organizer for exclusive parties.
  • Saint of the mountains – Short story. A soldier finds sanctuary with a woman during a storm.
  • Story behind the picture – Man sees his girlfriend out with another.
  • Teddy – A scientist smuggles out a healthy baby from infested laboratory.
  • The Elevator – Exactly what it is – an elevator.
  • The Hobbit – Not a fanfiction. Short about a family dinner with extra guest.
  • Vaalade tants – Imagine the world, where whales would fly through your evening sky and servants are busy preparing their Patron for travelling.
  • Võtame – Small snippet about a scene that takes place in animal shop.
  • White Oaks -Ggladiators and gardens.

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