Divination with deck of 52 playing cards

For package of 52 cards:

 At some times the suit cards used to have certain characters they were related to:
(from Wikipedia)

King of Spades


King of Hearts

Charles (possibly Charlemagne, or Charles VII, in which case Rachel (see below) would be the pseudonym of his mistress, Agnès Sorel)

King of Diamonds

Julius Caesar

King of Clubs

Alexander the Great

Queen of Spades


Queen of Hearts


Queen of Diamonds

Rachel (either biblical, historical (see Charles above), or mythical as a corruption of the Celtic Ragnel, relating to Lancelot below)

Queen of Clubs

Argine (possibly an anagram of regina, which is Latin for queen, or perhaps Argea, wife of Polybus and mother of Argus)

Knave of Spades

Ogier the Dane/Holger Danske (a knight of Charlemagne)

Knave of Hearts

La Hire (comrade-in-arms to Joan of Arc, and member of Charles VII‘s court)

Knave of Diamonds


Knave of Clubs

Judas Maccabeus, or Lancelot

 Meanings for the playing cards:

(I’ve had them over 10 years, so I dont’ really know anymore how I came to have them)

Ace Means home and happy times at home, messages from friends and relatives; problems related to home; possible changes in family life.
King Important and influential person, who wants to help you, but their help often ends with disagreements and rows.
Queen For man it means true love or strong affection to someone. For woman it’s a rival, even if you don’t suspect anyone yet.
Knave Someone really close to you. S/he has been close to you for years or is your close relative.
10 Very good card. Means luck and fortune. It also hold unsuspected elements. Balances out any negative card close by and reinforces good ones.
9 “Card of wishes”. All your wished will come true and promises good outcome to all enterprises the neighboring cards bring up. If the neighboring cards promise trouble, it will talk about overcoming those difficulties.
8 Predicts a planned event that is good and what you are also preparing for. Neighboring cards either support this or predict slight disappointment.
7 Leitmotif of this card is frustration from undertaking gone wrong. Don’t make the mistake if you trust your friends and acquaintances, who one way or the other are part of your plans.
6 Warns that someone is using your kindness badly. Kindness is your weekness and people working against you want to use it to their plans.
5 Your enemy in your working and personal life is inability to take decisions. The neighboring cards would sometimes suggest changing your surroundings to get solution to your problem.
4 This is man’s or woman’s card, who has been left alone because of their own decision or because their inability. If this is surrounded by good cards, they can predict a late marriage for them.
3 Unfortunate card. It threats with impulsive, unreasoned decisions and deeds. Try being more modest.
2 Riches and fortune, you didn’t have courage to imagine. If neighbouring cards are bad, it can mean that the good times will come after slight delay.
Ace Fortune, luck, good reputation and everything else that can help you go better through your life.
King Fortunate, rich, good reputation holding man, who is your relative. For men it can mean a rival, who is generous and thus successful.
Queen For man it’s a remarkable woman, wife or trusted person. For women it’s a close girlfriend.
Knave Good and observant friend or girlfriend. A helper and a counselor, who sees your best side and opens your eyes to see them too.
10 Card of good fortune, brings luck and wellbeing. Can mean long journey. Neutralizes the negative cards surrounding it.
9 Speaks of disagreements with friends, stubbornness that can hurt both you and those you love.
8 Thirst for money, which can lead to borrowing money to put it in schemes to earn bigger amounts, to gamble it. Possible that you have a project with your friends that you wish to use this money for.
7 If cards around it are good, the number seven will promise success. Still you should be careful for people of opposite sex meddling with your projects or being confronted with them.
6 This is good card for things you do with your friends. Time to ask their advice and perhaps also for money.
5 This card foretold of a marriage or strong relationships being made with a wealthy partner. It also shows that it will bring good for both of you. The predictions should be mixed with other cards meanings too.
4 Friends you can not trust. Untrustworthy friends can bring disaster, get you in dangerous situation or cause you material loss. How to avoid this or fix the situations, you should consult with neighboring cards.
3 Promises 2 or 3 marriages. Can also relate to long engagement that gets distinguished and marriage with another person.
2 The card warns that as no one is willing to help you, you need to do everything yourself. There’s not reason to waist your time with searching help.
Ace Can mean money or gifts. If it is next to some other card, it can refer to a written message. For woman it can be engagement ring.
King Doing business with drastic person, in love it’s a rival.
Queen Woman, who meddles in men’s work. If she isn’t doing that then she might be dangerous and jealous woman. May be a widow or divorced.
Knave For woman it usually means bad news, which is brought by a male relative or friend. The neighboring cards can change the prediction, especially for men – it might not be that bad news.
10 This card tends to be related with money. Can also mean sudden trip or marriage.
9 Money that you need purely for a project, traveling or simply for an adventure. If the neighboring cards are bad, don’t expect good news about the money either.
8 This card hold several meanings which all hold courtship, marriage or traveling. The prediction can come true both in the end and in the beginning of your life. You need to take in consideration also the neighboring cards.
7 For people, who are tempted with gambling or placing wagers, it’s a bad sign. They will loose without doubt. This isn’t a good time to start new enterprise or put your energy in something else. This card also warns for criticizing someone without truth to back it up.
6 This card usually means early marriage which will end in tears. Depending to the neighboring cards it can mean danger also to the next marriage.
5 Success and blossoming time in business. It brings great luck also in your marriage. Friendships that will last for years.
4 Argument with your friends or with your family members. Time to remember your old friends and renew the relationships. Don’t let good wishing relatives or too eager family members meddle in your work life.
3 This card means problems in marriage that can lead to break up or even to divorce. Also mean arguments and disagreements in business that end in cort.
2 Love that can end in marriage if other cards approve. If such approve does not come, it can mean love that is standing on the way of other plans coming true, things that in other case would bring you happiness and success.
Ace This is known as the Card of Death, which brings tragedy if not to the person, who the prediction is made, then to someone, who they are close – a friend, someone from home or relatives. In any case, this card is bad news. Can also mean fight with friend or loved one.
King Fateful, ambitious person, who is able to mess up your life and your relationship with your family. With the neighboring cards can also warn woman from bitter and unsuitable man.
Queen Cruel and immoral woman, who is trying to use both men and women to her own gain. She often puts up with the mask of compassionate and kind woman.
Knave The kind of partner or friend, who is indifferent about your problems and things and isn’t in hurry to help you neither in business or in personal life.
10 This card cancels all the influences of the neighboring good cards and also doubles the power of the bad ones. Really, really nasty card.
9 Financial loss, sickness, despair, bad messages – all is integrated in the worst card of the entire deck.  Even neighboring good cards can’t change anything.
8 Warns from untrustworthy, secretive friends. The warning on the other hand is in right time and will help you avoid possible losses and entanglements you might end up in.
7 Unlucky card. Be careful not to start a fight with anyone, no matter how much you want to be steadfast and right. Push the arguments to better times.
6 This card can ruin your mood if you think on your work life. It shows fruitless dreams and plans that have no future. If you put effort in, you might just change the situation to your advantage.
5 You tend to panic and abandon your plans and obligations with ease. If you have good cards surrounding it, you will be ensured with good marriage and luck at work, despite the bad influences.
4 Your personal life is ruined by jealousy, sickness or financial difficulties. The way out is shown by the neighboring cards.
3 Misery and deep disappointment in love or marriage. You need to lead your mind off this and forget the disasters of the past.
2 The Card of Death. Also predicts partings and changes. Can mean parting from a loved one or other losses and journey. The type of change can be explained by the neighboring cards.

Other influences on the general reading.

Reds If great deal of cards is reds, the basic stand for the entire reading is positive.
Black If great deal of cards is blacks, this means the client’s life has been torn to pieces and is full of declines and rises.
Hearts Usually positive reading, suggest a period o laughter, happiness and joy. Often the sign of success. But if most cards in the reading are from this suit, it means that the client likes to exaggerate and doesn’t care much of others.
Clubs Marks forthcoming changeful, exiting and stimulating time. The client will use their capacity for the fullest and finds many new friends. This suit stresses the importance of friendship andsaisthat in order to be taken as a good friend, you need to act as good friend, too. If most of the suits on the table are clubs, then the client likes taking more responsibilities on their shoulders than they can carry.
Diamonds Tells of important financial and business related deals and the practicalities of life. If most cards are from this suit, it means that client has put too much importance in earning money and has lost the ability to think on anything else.
Spades Predicts obstacles, turmoil, confusion, changes, sudden events and possible threats. The client must keep positive view on life. They should think before they say something and before indulging in enterprises, they should consult with experts.
 If there are many…  
Greater cards If there are more bigger cards on the table, especially if they are court cards or aces or 10s, it predicts that the client is facing great changes. They are important and will affect the client’s life to their fullest.
Small cards If there are more smaller cards, it shows that the client’s life will continue the same way as it did so far. They are not ready for greater changes and big decisions should wait.
Court cards Suggest a party or bigger social events.
If the King or Queen is next to Knave, it means the client is protected.
If the Knave is surrounded by several diamond suit cards, it predicts news coming from far.
If the Queen of Spades is between any other suit’s two court cards, it suggest of malicious gossip.
 More than 2 same cards in the reading:  
  3 – New opportunities and smooth actions. The client has enough energy and whit to take the needed actions.
  4 – Chance of success in every aspect of their life. Client is at the top of their abilities and makes everything possible with their confidence. It can also mean that the client will reach to their goal with hard work and stubbornness.
  3 – For a man, the 3 kings mean fruitful contacts and strong support from others. For a woman it can be possible romantic relations or active social life.
  4 – For a man, it shows greater responsibility, honor and admiration of others, also growing self-respect. For a woman, it means relationship with men and possible back stabbing.
  3 – New female friends. Those relationships can be meaningful in the future and the client should take things slowly and careful, because those women might be full of hidden mysteries and on first look inoperable.
  4 – For a man, the 4 queens can mean that they are about to get in a compromising situation or be embarrassed at close future. For a woman, it means that other women are keeping close eye on her and are gossiping about her.
  3 – Predicts disagreements. The client must step between it and solve the situation before it gets out of hand.
  4 – Quarrels and bickering that relates with young people.
  3 – Mark of success in financial situation. Someone may pay back what they own or the client will receive sudden amount of money.
  4 – Change for the better. One part of the life has ended and the client is starting the new part with enthusiasm.
  3 – Happiness and fulfillment mark this card. Usually the luck received comes as a surprise and comes from the changes of the client’s own perspectives or changes in someone else’s perspectives.
  4 – Predicts time of success and luck. The client should celebrate their success silently as others don’t understand their goals.
  3 – The financial pressure eases. Something that the client does helps to prove their financial situation.
  4 – Sign of money and work problems. They have importance for the client now, but they pass soon.
  3 – Temporary setback. The client should discard the critics and opinions of others and keep their eyes steady on the goal.
  4 – The client is feeling very lonely and separated. They should use this time for reflection and to see how to proceed.
  3 – Signs of new opportunities that arrive thanks to a good person they know.
  4 – Shows postponing something good. Home and family take the client’s attention off from other things, but time spent with them proves to be enjoyable and precious.
  3 – Warns for a possible threat. The client is possibly feeling harassed and feels the need to run, but instead they should think it over carefully.
  4 – The client must decide on many questions. They are having hard time making decisions, because there are many choices.
  3 – The client has just come over great obstacle. They should stop for a moment, rest and relax before taking up the next task.
  4 – The client is searching challenges. They want something that would be bigger than anything they’ve done so far. The client should take time to give this a thorough thought, make plans and then charge if the opportunity comes.
  3 – Warning that the client should avoid gossiping. They shouldn’t believe everything they hear.
  4 – Comprehensive communicating. The client must filter through great deal of information and decide which to take as truth and which to leave.
  3 – This gives the client a pleasant time spent with close friends and family. It also offers the opportunity to share ideas amongst people the client respects and admires.
  4 – The client is oversensitive on someone’s words or actions. They should talk with someone over this and take careful consideration before giving the final reply.



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