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Imbolc is coming. Or should I call it Candlemass, because it’s its other name? Doesn’t really bother me which way you call it – the holiday is still there.

With this I’m dusting out the old and bringing in the new. Clean the house and prepare my altar. I’m also searching out the Brigid doll. I know I’m suppose to make it of grain and such, but what can I do if I don’t have that? Plus, why not have a permanent doll… Like the one I made last year? I do wish to raise the custom of making one on each Lammas, or corn dolly as such. But as long as my life goes around none-cereal crops, I have mine out of beads.

It is also the time, when “the Moon and Sun walk together in the morning”, which – I just want to point it out for future – is the time, when by old traditions was the best time to make firewood. Because it is rather cold in this time of the year (-10 to -20*C), the juices are not running in the wood, making this the ideal time to get wood that isn’t prone for molding and would keep the yellow color better. Dries easier because it doesn’t have so many juices.

This is the holiday to make brooms. I know it is custom for others in Wicca to make the magical besoms during this holiday out of dried herbs and stuff like that. As much as I welcome adding some dried herbs in the punch, to me it is still product of branches. I would make it if it weren’t so cold lately. As it is, I’m not planning to take it up just yet. The traditional time ends before the juices start running. I do hope to make one though.

So yup, it will be busy holiday.

Oh. I got an interesting question from a beginner.
“Does your religious calendar works this way that you have a lot to do on Sabbaths and then for the rest of the time you live like everybody else?”

Well, I’m not sure about that “live like everybody else” part. I’ve noticed that those, who do follow some religion tend to live differently than those, who don’t. The way I see the circular year, is that the Sabbaths are the mark days, sort of like reminders what is important during that season.

For example the Imbolc itself – to me it a starting point of a sector of the year rather than one day that stands out. It is end for the last sector jobs, like Yule holidays and cleaning them out and renewing the house for the new year, but it is also the beginning of the next set of jobs that are best suited for this season. Things like besom making, bringing firewood out of the forest, starting seeds for the growing season, cleaning the mess of the last year, concentrating on keeping the family healthy during the sickness period, checking that I have enough supplies until next harvest. These aren’t jobs you do in one go, but need time. You just know that by they need to be done by the next holiday.

Same way, I wouldn’t start making besom in old Moon if Imbolc was fell in that Moon phase, but I would cut the branches for it in old Moon.  Besides, if you follow the circular year, you would have made Brigid doll already in Lammas and now it is time you inserted it back in the ground (in areas where it is possible) or/and you make bed for it to rest so the . So you see? Things work in circles. Fertility goes throughout the Circle of the Year and you simply continue the last year’s rite.


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Evil versatility

Borrowing from other cultures when dealing with magic. I don’t even know how did that suddenly come up in topics.

I personally like borrowing from other cultures and see nothing evil of it. Especially, when it comes to learning new crafty ways.  Yet I can’t say that when it comes in personal beliefs that I am all open and willing to take everything as pure truth and add it up to one big mess.

Because of that “mess”, as my friend so neatly put it, is why so many pagans advocate not mixing up so much and support learning one system deeply and others more for knowledge than practice.

I guess I can say I agree that when it comes to witchcraft, knowing one system deeply does have it’s advantages. At the same time, closing yourself off from new things and not learning how to use them can be just as devastating to your workings.

The more I learn on my path, the more I incline towards northern mythology and folklore. It’s my home base, so I feel good in this environment and I know the plants here best. Plus I grew up in this system, even if not factually being pagan.

I know how exiting it is for a beginner to learn all the new systems and possibilities. I’ve been there too – the moment internet opened up in front of me, I happened on a pagan portal – I was off and rolling. But it becomes very overwhelming after a while and soon you’ll start making adjustments and choosing what works true for you. Still, when it comes finding new ideas, I’m all ears and eager to try them out. BUT, and that is quite a big BUT. I adapt.

This week’s Pagan Perspective topic is “Pre-made vs. Original”. I have spoken of it before that I belong in the group, who rather does things as they feel right than do them in the absolute perfect moment and not feel right. I have chosen not to use ceremonies for example that call out gods or goddesses that I am not so familiar with. But if I find something in the pre-made ceremony that I like, I won’t hesitate it to adapt for the deities I am using.  Especially, when you are just beginning, it is very hard to get ceremonies the way you want without some pre-study or trying out the ones that you read about. Because, as far as I know, those ceremonies are a result of years of self-doing, too. If you take Gardner’s Blue book, it is adaptions of other ceremonies and ways which have never been meant as the one and only way.

About adapting. 

Witchcraft is exactly what the word refers to – it’s a craft. Like every craftsman, you have the freedom of learning new helpful tricks and bits to get better in it.  But when I try this new “trick” out, I fix it so it suits in my general practice rather than adopt whole new belief system. Where comes the belief that if you create item that is generally used in another belief system, you sort of also take over that belief system, is beyond me. You don’t take it over. You adapt it.

For example doll making. It is one of the most used magical craft there is. For evil, for good, for healing, to make someone sick – you name it. Yet the belief system most related with it is voodoo and american corn dollies. I have no fondness for them, so I don’t make corn dollies (and I can’t get my hands on the sort of material needed).  But I have made them of branches and cloths or sewn a simple ones or made beaded dolls.

However, local folklore talks about wax dolls, which I find very intriguing. So even though I learned about the uses of the dolls from foreign cultures, there is alternative to them. Only, the stories I found from our local culture warn about the horrors if you get it wrong. One thing was common in them – all those dolls worked the way you wanted, but living with the consequences is much harder than most give themselves credit for. But strange is that if I mention that I made a puppet, the first reaction I still get is “Hey! That’s voodoo! Why do you spoil our religion with something like that?”.

We share the same basics. All magical systems. They are all adaptions of something one witch has learned from another. Craft is tool – witch is the knowledge behind that craft.  I still turn to the god and goddess I have chosen for myself and do the workings in their light of wisdom. I can’t say I borrow from other religions, because my own is so poor that it doesn’t cover everything. It actually does. But if my neighbor knows a better way to cut the fabric, why must I continue ripping it with knife if I can use scissors? The intuition and power you put in that craft still comes from your religious system. So what you are actually arguing about is decorations.

I write this and I keep thinking about James George Frazer book “The Golden Bough”. Though it is actually anthropological study and I dare to say some ideas are old by now, it is probably still one of the best books I have read regarding the similarities and differences of folkloric belief systems, where most of the knowledge and how-to comes from oral memory.

So to argue, IF to borrow, I think the question should actually be HOW to borrow? Because it is one thing that they press in our brain in lectures how we must keep our religion and culture clean of outside influences, totally another to kill it off, because you force it to stagnation duo fear of loosing your own. You don’t loose it. Making a dolly that is sewn together instead of wiring small sticks to human form is nothing more than crafty decorations. I’d say – go and learn both ways. Then you can at least teach your method to another and say you have tried others and you’re not suppressing them because they are foreign, but because you feel that your method is easier or gets more intention set in it duo longer process it takes to make it. What ever the reason you have then, it is better than just “because it is foreign!”. You too are foreign to others and would you like your craft get the same treatment? Being rejected, because of inability to learn and understand? Nobody tells you to take their system over, because you add new candle magic method in your craft abilities.

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Jackdaw dream catcher

hakkOut of a blue I decided that I want to make a dream catcher during this Full Moon. The idea actually manifested itself few days ago. I just woke up knowing I need one.

So that’s what my this week’s priority is. Right now I have all the items I need except feathers. I have some from old DIY projects, but I actually want corvine feathers. I know many people find jackdaws worse then pests, and in a way they are, but I there are a lot of them around here and I like the idea of pitch black dream catcher with some sparkly gems, wooden beads and mother of all pearls chips hanging from them. Yup, that’s the plan and if all goes well, that’s what it will look like. Now that I’ve said it, I’ll probably end up with lots of other feathers as well, but the decorations are secondary. The reality is, it is time to make a dream catcher. Now.

I’ll photograph it, when I’m done.

There has been only one time in my past that I’ve made a dream catcher. I think I made it, because I just thought they were cool. It looked odd, but grandmother somehow put up with it and years later that thing came out from her closet, so there had to be something in it. 😀

The idea of dream catchers itself is an interesting one. We all know, what they are for – catch the bad and let the good go through. Who doesn’t love it? I love them, because they relate to spider webs and anyone, who has any relation with me, knows how much I love spiders. I want to do a proper one in the future, with nettle string colored red with wild bird feathers like owls and hawks… Yeah, one can dream, but for now I want a black one with blink to make magpie proud.

Week after that it will be house cleaning. It will be the time, when in dorms all the rooms must be presented to the house lady clean or face 30 days notice to leave. It’s not as harsh as it sounds, but with some guys this happens to be the only time they actually clean their rooms and also, time to get all the bills sorted out. It will be rough, but fair and in all fairness, I fall under the same rules. Though I only have small kitchen room, it will take entire day and includes everything – from going through the drawers (which I’ve managed to keep in order thanks to some thorough spring cleaning) to washing windows to replanting few plants.

After that it will be until 23rd to finish the afghan and after that it is pure school. I don’t like to think about it right now, but I want to get it sorted out completely. And this time I don’t want to get scared. It will be rough and probably I’ll have to be rough on myself and put writing on background. I won’t be able to skip writing, that much is clear, but it can’t be my main focus in the next year. I want to finish school. Then at least that part in my life will be sorted out.

Until then I have afghan to keep me busy. I’m already up to 115th hexagon and people around me are finally have starting to understand the concept of the multicolor thing. I have surprisingly mild background, which consists a lot of pale yellows and beiges and greens. I like it that way. I know it is not recommended to have lot of yellow, but I love the color, though I do try to keep it broken tones so it doesn’t overwhelming. So me suddenly making an absolutely multicolored afghan blew quite few heads around here.

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Celebrating harvest festivals

This post is response to Ayslyn’s post on How Should Witches Feel About Halloween? The question is intriguing, especially as we are also the nation on the verge of invading Halloween being celebrated more and more each year, replacing local holidays of the similar manner.

To begin with, I’d like to answer her last question in the post, if the costumes and the concept of “trick or treat” society’s way of dealing with social deviance associated with Wicca? Certainly not. The tradition of Halloween (though under different name) goes back way before anyone even dreamt of such commercialized holiday to take it simply as something society uses to deal with pagan remnant.

Harvest festivals are deep traditional way to simply let loose from usual strict boundaries and finish hard working period with a bang. I can’t think of any society that doesn’t have any sort of harvest festivals, Halloween was just one of them. Understanding that this is also the richest time for farmers, it is obvious that it was good time to celebrate with power. Religion played big part in here, but for most it was simply a reason to party after long hard autumn. I can only tell about the religious behavior here, but what I can tell, it was mostly aimed to continue and increase the harvest for the next year. Yes, there was church in later centuries, but even they (unless in big cities) had to concede to local traditions one way or the other – you blessed the wheat brought to you for good harvest you liked it or not. You didn’t like it, you could be sure they would go somewhere else.

We don’t have Halloween here. Yet. What Halloween is to the rest of the world, has traditionally here been divided between two holidays – St. Martin’s Day and St. Catherin’s Day. Respectfully, they had absolutely no connections to church besides some eager priest renaming the holidays. The similarities to Halloween is that on both days, men on St. Martin’s Day and women on St. Catherin’s Day would go for trick or treating in other villages. In later years it didn’t matter so much what genre you were in, but that Martins were dressed in dark, Catherine were dressed in light colors. And, of course, Martins ran on the eve of the day and Catherine on the right day (which seems to be so “insignificant” fact these days that no one cares to remember – sad punch of city folk!).

St. Martin’s Day (10th of November, so runners go out on 9th) itself has mostly been male oriented holiday. It’s odd to see it still alive, considering that it was mostly about fertility of wheat and initiating young men into manhood. There was certain dressing code that is followed, if you knew it, even today – you had to be dressed like male, covered with fur if possible (if you had furry Martin in your house, you could expect good crop from the sheep) and had to have ugly dark mask. Of course, the rest had to be dark too and you had to have a rod from some tree (which I can’t remember right now) so you could chasten the family and bad kids so they would be vigorous throughout the coming year. It wasn’t any beating, simply few hops on the backside – it was a game.

Game was also the trick and treating part. It wasn’t just cadging for candy, but firsthand you learn proper songs to be let in, you learn to dance or and to ask riddles, then a song to ask for tributes. This was followed by blessing the family and crops and then they would finish it all with proper ending song and left for the next family, where they would repeat the entire show. Yeaah, to get something, you need to do something. Tributes in the turn of 19th century were sausages, cakes, candy, apples, in the end of 20th century it has reduced to candy. But the rest of the tradition is held high by schools. Even if they don’t do the going from family to family thing, in some schools you still do it from class to class, including big parties in the evenings everywhere. Even though the fertility reasons are slowly disappearing, most of the tradition and songs remain. In my family, we always try to have pig’s head or feet for dinner and we bake certain bread and get groatsausages. Some things never change.

St. Catherine’s Day is held on 25th of November. The two holidays are closely related with each other and can’t be separated by traditions, so keep with me. There are many divinations about weather (because old versus new forecasts tends to end with old forecasting methods winning), mostly that on Catherine’s Day the Father Weather would toss cold stone in the sea and warm stone in bonds. In simple explanation the water in the bottom of the sea is colder than the water in the bottom of the bonds. Also things like if it melts on this day, St. Andrew’s Day (30th of November) will freeze, the sort of day you have on Catherine’s Day will also be on Candle’s Day (2nd of February) and so on.

St. Catherine’s Day was women’s holiday. Like Martins, Catherine had their specific songs they used to go through the traditional game. Different was that if Martin brought luck and fertility for crops and outside works, then Catherine brought fertility for household and animals, especially for sheep. For tribute with the usual food you also had to give something wooly or anything related with needle work, weaving or knitting-crocheting. If you had nothing else, you had to give at least one needle. St. Catherine’s Day has always represented the time, when the ancestor spirits come back and it is used often to explain why Catherine are dressed in white. Because they often had traditional spinning wheels with them, they also represented the eternal journey of the Sun and gave promise of the Sun’s return.

It stays true to this day that you had to let the runners in, go through the game and then give them something in return. I don’t think it is so much considered as unlucky, but more like something you do just in case – no one wanted bad luck for the crops, animals or family. Plus if you didn’t let them in, they were full of surprises. It wasn’t uncommon to find wood pile carried in front of your main door or bricks stacked on your driveway. You know the joke, where students carry a car on the roof? In 19th century it was one common joke around Southern region. So it was safer to let them in, clap with them and laugh with them and pay them tribute for the show. One of the tributes was special beer.

Where Halloween is concerned, I think it is gathering popularity in club scene. They have Halloween parties, but they don’t carry the same message as when treated like Sabbath. Here it is viewed still as commercial holiday, but even in that light they resign from buying the stuff sold in the shops during this time, because it simply doesn’t resonate with anyone, who isn’t planning a “social party with a twist”. Personally, I have begun viewing it differently, now that I know the other side’s story as well. I like what it represents in religious sense, the traditional view of it and take time to add some nifty recipe in for the day if I find something interesting. But as far as celebrating or getting hooked up in fight against it being commercialized like it is, I don’t think I care enough. It isn’t local holiday and hasn’t grown out from need. Things that are needed will survive or change according to the time. Halloween around here just doesn’t have such base.

I do mind, however, that it is pushed on us through media as something we ought to do to be more open-minded to other cultures. I’ve realized over the years that even though I love learning about new holidays, as a pagan I think it is important to relate yourself more with the local rhythm than take over from other all the time. I know I’m lucky, because our traditions have survived and are actively celebrated on national level. But I would encourage Wiccans and pagans to search more for what you already have rather than just taking over holidays only because “I initiated myself in this and thus I now MUST follow the wheel!” No you don’t. If you live in Ukraine and you have local pagan holidays – look what you have and compare them with the Sabbaths. You’ll be nicely surprised that you have similar holidays that are celebrated during similar time and for same reasons (Moon calendar ticking through the year, farmer’s calendar). Dig them up and brush the dust off.

There is said nowhere that you must celebrate exactly those holidays given in the Wiccan books. I don’t celebrate Halloween – it doesn’t resonate with me. But I do celebrate the full moon close to Halloween and both St. Martin’s Day and St. Catherine’s Day. Same goes with Mabon, because instead I keep close to heart St. Michael’s Day (29nth of September) from which we traditionally count the winter holidays from and I celebrate the full moon close to Mabon. Also, traditionally this is the date for one of the most important farmers markets, which pretty much has taken over celebrating harvest. For magical work, yes, I keep the middle days in mind, but for holiday’s sake, I don’t follow them. It isn’t nature that needs the celebrations – nature rolls it wheel of the year on just like before nicely without taking second look. Holidays are for humans and we needed them to keep time, to have points in the year that we could follow and know exactly where we are and what should come next.

Thus instead of feeling awkward for not following one holiday by the same name or by the same reasons it would be better to follow the one you feel is necessary for you or works best with your year. They are turning every holiday into media and profit circus. We can’t do much about it. But we can leave it aside and not take part of it by celebrating the holidays by their true value – for the place they hold in the year and the reasons they have found their place there and if possible and asked, explain those reasons to others and follow traditions.

So, trick or treat?

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Equality of religion

I went to the Sunday service today. I have been in contact with this congregation for quite some time now. They are wonderful people and I’m honored to know them. But. And this is a big but. Last time I went to their meeting years back, they were searching a leader. They didn’t have any, so they just met up and one led. Now they have one and I didn’t like it one bit.

First thing he began with me was how wonderful it is that student are coming back and how great it is to begin spreading the Message with them – especially in dorms. I flatly said that it is not allowed. They looked shocked, why? Too many different religions and cultures under one roof, I explained, it creates conflicts. They seemed to understand it (to some level).

Then he began his preaching. He told how we should try to reach out to our fellow students and tell them the good news and how wonderful it would be if they went to the world to create their own congregations. I sat there, astonished, my lips sealed and in shock. Is he serious? Tartu is full of congregations students can contact with if they feel the need, several youth organizations for Christians, pray meetings, fraternities – where on earth does he take that Tartu citizens are without religion!? Had he even looked around here first? The way some nodded with him – had THEY looked around in Tartu? The place is full of religions!

That continued with hopes of baptizing all nations. How wonderful would that be? I wanted to jump up and run. But I sat on, history echoing through my head – where have you heard this before? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the nations were Christians/ Communists / Nazis/ Muslim? Take your pick, but that is beginning to a disaster. It would be terrible! When I think of all the knowledge lost because of this! Of all the cultures gone forever, languages that died, because “Christians” forced Latin on them! Medieval history, anyone? What happened? Most countries were Christians and what did they do? First they destroyed anyone different and then? Fight with each other! And those wars are the worst the world has ever encountered!

No. I will go hell for this, no matter if I believe in this or not or they will. If I stand on the judgment day court and must answer for my loyalty, then they can send me hell for this. The world is full of wonders – how can one sentence in one book determine if you allow yourself to learn and be open for this wonder or close your eyes? If God created all this, then why does man put himself on the position of the judge and destroy it?

One of the things he also pointed out, was that traditions are outdated and pointless.  Coming from the mouth of a man, who holds dear Bible, I am not quite buying it. Bible is not outdated, but traditions are? Isn’t Bible also a tradition? Traditions are the roots of the Tree of Religion that Christians are so often trying to cut them off. Have they ever thought that without those tiniest of roots, tree would die? I’m yet to meet religion that doesn’t create its own traditions they like it or not. People love stability. Traditions that repeat itself throughout the year give that stability. Like knowledge that after hot day, thunder clouds will gather and it will rain. If you take away this stability and give nothing to replace it, the religion dies. Harsh truth of religion.

There was one positive thing about it all though. The man, whom I spoke about Quran, actually searched it out and looked it up. I rechecked it myself, too and we both came to conclusion that we both agreed on. For this I’m glad. I like Christians, who are open to check outside their religion too, even if they don’t add it to theirs. No one is asking them to, but that’s how you get confirmed in your own religion better.  Unfortunately, so did I.

If so far I was willing to give benefit of doubt, then this speech destroyed everything. I have talked about religious tolerance for years and for a good reason – it is the base of co-existence. I pull the line here. Nothing says „religious tolerance” better than “wouldn’t it be wonderful if all nations in the world are Christians?” Nothing tells me “get the hell out of there” more than that sentence. To destroy what is dear to another man is against everything I have been taught. Against everything I hold dear. I will not make this sacrifice. I have met too many people from too many religions to ever understand why somebody would want to destroy their worlds, because their lifestyle does not mix with theirs. This is not message of love, this is about cold-blooded calculations of quantity, not quality.

Next time we meet, I’ll be breaking few hearts. I don’t want to, but I will not sacrifice the right for others to choose and practice their own beliefs without fear of someone. It means loosing the right to evolve, to change, to keep your traditions, your roots. Do to others as you want them to do to you. Destroy what they love and they will destroy you. And I don’t need my crystal ball to know this.

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Coming out of the broom closet

This article was first published September 18th, 2011, but it seems to have come up again.

As this seems to be the topic of the week, I would like to add to what I’ve watched in the channels in youtube. Some personal thoughts on the matter.

I agree with Annie on PaganPerspecti, who spoke about your privacy and how it is really up to you to whom you tell. That you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t go on your roof top and scream to the world “I’m pagan/wicca/witch!”.

In general I have been lucky. I grew up in environment where personal religion was what it was – personal. You didn’t discriminate people on this and it didn’t define you fully. It was part of you, but you didn’t get fired if anyone found out nor were you looked at any different if you walked around in your street. Rumors perhaps, but in general it didn’t matter. Also we have many natural witches around, thanks to whom nobody even winked if you told them you are “towards the woods” as we say (meaning you were nutty in a good way).

Still, this didn’t meant I would go around expressing my beliefs out and pressing them to be the best and the only way. With our openness on religion, there are still things we do not tolerate – pressure of any kind to start with. I’ve come to understand that this principle is pretty much universal.

I don’t usually bring up the subject in personal conversations unless people ask. I remember though how I thought about it years ago, when I started on the path. Then my mom solved my problem. In one word – respect.

1. No religion is better than other. I follow this rule firmly as even the though on religious intolerance makes me angry – there is no religion better than other. Study them and you’ll know what I mean. Rather find the common traits than differences. My father is Buddhist and Christian. My mother has same traits and my siblings have their own worlds. We are one odd bundle, but we never attack each other based on religion. It’s just one thing out of many and there are too many other factors that actually do keep you together.

2. Do not act provocatively. You do not erect altar in the living room and use this as your “coming out”. And you do not walk in the family meeting and land the bomb. That’s the worst one can do. I’ve seen my sister use this tactics and it always ends with fights and eating nerves. Your nerves. Rather do it gradually – read, do small things, act out the philosophy. No need to pick a fight.

3. Be honest and respect YOUR OWN privacy. You don’t often realize, but your liberty is in your privacy. If you put an add in your newspaper that you are a witch, there are always people, who feel they MUST turn you from the wrong path. Your privacy on the other hand gives you the liberty to do be free in your path without having to constantly protect yourself. You don’t need acceptance from every stranger out there, but you need it from your family. If you do trick like that you are not only risking with your own privacy, but also with theirs and it will put all of you in threat.

4. Practice. No point to go around saying you belong to some religion without going through the pits and bolts.

Celebrate their holidays with them – you will miss it later if you block it. And if you can’t make a bigger holiday out of your holidays, you can always celebrate it anyway. Bake a cake! No one minds a cake 😉 and you can still celebrate with your family. Or if it seems offensive, don’t tell, but still bake a cake! Clean the house before your holidays the day before your holiday. You still don’t need to spill the beans, but the house will be neat and everybody feel better. Doesn’t take them long to understand that there’s a reason behind it, but by that time it seems natural for both your family and to you.

At some point I started leaving my decks on the window for moonlight. I was fretting it would insult my father. He laughed the first time, joking on how stupid it was. But I did it next time and the next and now he doesn’t even rise a brow, just marks that it must be full Moon again. Same went with spells. I started with small things in secret, but now they have nothing against something boiling on the stove or anything else I take up. Because they know I don’t do something that would harm them.

Show that your religion is not threatening to their way of life. Show that your way of life is just as warmhearted and open as are theirs. Don’t press it to go faster than it goes. Show respect towards others and they do give you the same courtesy.Show your religion through your actions, but don’t use it as excuse to live out your anger.

Won’t keep the fights away, but it will make your life much easier and coming out wouldn’t be a problem. Because if the signs are there and it doesn’t threat them, they will take it as something normal. You learn over time how to deal with it all without having to come out with the answers within 5 minutes they will usually give you to explain yourself.

That’s how I got accepted by both my family, my friends and strangers, who happen to see my pentagram. I learned over time that my privacy is my freedom and this gives me confidence. I don’t have to feel threatened and act upon it. I didn’t walk out in the war without first learning what I’m fighting for. Don’t make the mistake – it’s better to know beforehand than to be put in stupid situation, because you were too eager to expose yourself.

Your mightiest tool is your brain – think and ask guidance from your gods/goddesses. If there is a need, you’ll find the way. The nice way, not the in-your-face! way. It’s a path that will last your entire life, you DO have the time.


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Altar starting from Beltane?

Happy Easter everyone!

 Now that all the holiday decorating thing is done, fresh flowers are shining on my table and I’m watching another MoonMother video, I had a little wow moment.

As I said before, if someone asked, I never hid, what my religious standing is. Same today. What was different- as I realized it just now – is that I didn’t try to make excuses to it like I’ve done before, sort of to soften the punch. That’s when I’m with folks, who are Christians or Muslims or Hindus… this time I didn’t do it and for the first time over the years I actually explained it as it is, not what’s it not and that amazed me.

It’s strange really, this change. On one side I left the Wiccan’ Year and a Day program aside in most parts, because I simply don’t have time for it. On the other side I have become far more confident with my own religion than I have ever been before. It bothered me, for example, that my dad felt bothered a bit by the fact that I’ve fixed my mind on this root. He has never been against it, but snarling remarks isn’t really accepting the matter, now is it?

Now it seems that the remarks have almost ceased to exist and he has fully accepted the fact that I’ve set my eyes on this root. So has my other family members and with them, so have I. Mom even asked if I’m planning to put my cards out on the window sill during this Full Moon, which was nice. As I’m traveling this week-end, I don’t get to do it, but still, it was nice of her to offer.

I keep getting the emotional push that I should check the items over to make god and goddess statues for my altar. Since I got that scare with God, I’ve been in-between everything all the time, unable to concentrate. Today I noticed that with that I have collected my altar together, too and the candles have burned up. Today was the first time that I actually looked at the items over months and felt that I would like to fit the altar back together again. It’s just so strange.

One reason that might have had this feeling, is that one of my long term spells is coming to an end. Actually, it was ended rather abruptly when the bowl was launched on a small air trip that ended with seeds all over my table, floor and cupboards. It wasn’t intentional and I was planning to renew the spell on Beltane, but it gave me odd sense like something had been released and now I’m thinking on pinks and greens and how to mingle them into altar decorations!

The more I think of this, the more I’m coming to understanding that I actually want a permanent altar.  I’ve had one in Yoville (it’s a interior decorating game in FB) since 2010 autumn and though I’ve countless times taken it down, I’ve pretty much built it up again on the next day. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have it for real now?

Oh, wait, then there’s this issue called niece, who has this time going on that everything has to be tossed, cried over or pushed off the table should she not like it. Can’t have burning candle tossed around like that. That big iffy is sad, but true. The other iffy is the fact that I’m still traveling between two places and I would like to start with one altar.

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