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A week of rest

Or, more like a life story going “how the wind played ping bong with electricity and I got a stomach flue.”

The last part was a mystery to me – I haven’t gone out from the house besides the few hours for the shopping, but oddly I’d spent two days with serious headache. Then a very bad day spent curved over the sink and sleeping and then it was gone leaving a mild headache… Never seen a stomach bug like this before.

However, if the first part of the week I ignored the pc because it was safer not to turn it on, and my laptop is apparently only a vessel of good will, then the second part was duo the headache turning seeing anything bright into hell on earth. So despite my enthusiasm to spend the last three weeks before publishing (the last week I was hoping to let it rest a bit) doing the last edit, I’ve already lost 4 days. No biggy, I still have time.

I have finally got so far that the homepage gets updates almost daily, which is nice. Including the Friday Flash Fiction! I admit it gave me a good headache of its own earlier – seemed like a fun idea, until I realized I just went for it without any prep and now pretty much wrote myself in a corner. So, I cropped out two chapters and wrote them again and now it ran in a completely different direction making me a very happy little camper.

I’m thinking… future plans… I think I want to publish the Gargoyle story next… Like, before April CampNaNoWriMo arrives… Too soon? I don’t know… I just feel suddenly that I want to do that one too so it would start coming out sooner and then I could come out with the second book by Oktober or so… I’m still thinking, ok?

Might just be that i might wanna write something completely different for April Nano. Nothing’s decided yet.

But that’s it for now. Just wanted to share that I’m still here, still working and still writing. Gotta keep writing. Keeps lots of doctors away. At least that’s what brother suggests.


Oh, and if you ever think of going to see “The Good Dinosaur” – think twice, for it was a shock bolt out of the blue to my niece. She very much wanted to see it, so I took her, and after the movie she held a long pause, then turned to me and said: “This was a very sad movie.”

It sure is sad – it was like overdoing dramatic situations. You know how writers like to do those lists of “choose what can mess up your character’s life”? You wouldn’t think to find that entire list in a kid’s cartoon, which by the trailer and techs you would never guess would be far more dramatic than many grownup movies! Weird is, I don’t mind such drama in children’s books, for there you get time to explain to them if they ask or the kid has time to come in terms with reading what they read and take it in their own stride, but on screen…

THE GOOD DINOSAURAlthough, I must admit, the little girl repeating the triceratops (birch bark like!) on the screen saying “Hemorrhoids” did make the mothers laugh next to me until one of their kids went so into the movie that each time the dog-human howled on the screen, he answered, which humored the rest of the theater a lot the entire movie. But in general, I’d seriously consider twice showing it to any kid under age of 13 for it was way too dramatic for a kid’s show.

And now is time for bed, for I have to get up early again tomorrow and then, after the work is done, I have days of editing to make up to.




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Reading news

I’d like to remind you that my writing blog is closed. Those, who sign up for it – you will never see any updates.

I reached 43 4 34  words yesterday, so I’m writing this a bit ahead so I can deal with reaching the 46 666 tomorrow in order to have the week-end for finishing the entire Nano event.

The last few days is like reading parody news. Or having a parody life.

For example I got a book, The 90-Day Novel yesterday. After I’ve been waiting for it over four months! I was hoping to use it/test it somewhat with Nano, but as it didn’t come in time, I concentrated testing out the other method, which, by the way, I like very much. However, I am still happy that it finally came and even though right now I’m concentrating on finishing the story as I am going right now, without changing the method in the middle (especially right now when  I think I might have chosen the bad POV and should rewrite the whole thing in another POV) and taking/testing the other method later on. Brother finds it hilarious.

It’s not that the firm had hard time delivering it or something. It seems that I got a new version of it, not the version I originally ordered. I know it was out of print at some point and I was prepared to ask a whole new offer on used copy of it, but then the lady in the office said the new firm they asked to send it has actually sent it out and they are expecting it to arrive in few days. Which was great news! However, it seems that the reason I was waiting for it so long is that between my order and the arrival, they have actually put it into a reprint and now I have a second, expanded edition of it. Not disappointed at all.

I am a bit hyper, so bare with the long sentences, please.

And then I read the news.

Sometimes you just shouldn’t, but lately, it’s like comedy show. Few headlines for you:

  • British are helping Russia to identify their own tanks in Kiev.
  • Tiny Baltic prepares to take on Russia
  • Italian police filmed mobsters secret oath ceremony
  • Piece of space trash or destroyer of the satellites?
  • Russian police demands reindeer for service to stop Nenets.
  • Duma is discussing if to send Putin’s sperm to single women so they can be fertilized by Putin.
  • Estonia sent Estonia white piano to Ukrain as humanitarian aid (this just – HOW?! WHY?!)

To say this is not like bad joke, is understatement.  I understand that the problem is serious – considering where I live, it would be hard not to take it more serious than the rest of the world. I’m just… impressed would be the softest way to put it. It’s just  the news. When Russia opens the Estonian propaganda channel – imagine what all new we learn from there! Maybe we have hidden nuclear base in Haanja or perhaps a nice radioactive lake called Võrtsjärv? Or maybe we eat children?

God knows, but this – this is just beyond words what’s going on in the news. And it isn’t getting any better.

So I’m back at writing about gargoyles in the silly story and feeling good that they are fictional characters who have fictional problems.

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Fan theory of folk patterns

I saw this in my dream and woke up, it clearly in my mind, and although it is not true – and that’s based on my knowledge and history studies, so yes, I know it is wrong theory – I found it very interesting and amusing at the same time.

Coptic sockThe theory I saw in my head was in the form of a map and several images that kept flying together like a slide show. The theory was this: If you look at the folk patterns of the world, you notice an interesting trend: they begin in early history in Egypt (Coptic sock on the left) and from there time to time it travels all the way up to North (the mitten pattern sheet on the right).

1161584447234Similar? Of course they are, and very well explainable by anthropology and human psychology and even by looking at the patterns in the nature and how they develop. That’s in real life. Ok.

But according to that theory, throughout the early middle ages the patterns spread like wildfire all over Europe with human communication. However, while in the origin places, the patterns evolved further, the farther away to north, the patterns evolved with the same speed, creating soon a situation, where you have different development stages of the patterns and cultures.

Thus, if you look at it this way, the Mediterranean lands might have the oldest cultures in the world, but we experience the more original, closer to the origin patterns/ culture than they do, because we still have this culture left! We still have the patterns that they have already dismissed.

End of the little dream theory. But I just wanted to write it down, because in my dream it sounded really solid (despite knowing immediately it is not) and cool and I wanted to remember that.

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That’s me!

Typical me – crocheting bright yellow circles (for blanket) while surfing for military equipment and strategical sheltering while Disney Tangled OST goes for soundtrack and musing on latest story idea.

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World War Z


I went to see World War Z yesterday. My friend warned me about it that it has rather weak plot. I agree. It wasn’t the strongest plot story. But it was one very strong zombie horror story. And I did want to see the world end.

!Spoilers alert!

Well, that said, …

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Cigarette Butts

OK! Old issue out, new issue in!

 Here’s the deal – I was caught up in an argument over cigarette butts being tossed on the street.

I said I have an old grudge with that, because when I was about eight, we had huge wildfire in Northern Estonia and three guys were killed while fighting with it. I have the issue with it, because my father was called in as well and I don’t wish anyone the terror, when you realize you might never see your dad again.  So, yes, I’m harsh on the matter.

Few sentences later, however, I was told that this is an issue a smoker can never make nonsmoker to understand. I asked, how? She said, because I toss it on ground, when I can’t find a garbage can.

In Tartu, most public places have garbage cans outside – it’s not an excuse around here.  I know others do that, but, well, jumping off the cliff joke comes to mind…

Ahaa! But there’s the old issue that if you walk from one nightclub to one shopping centre 1,2 km away, there are no garbage cans!

That’s 15 minutes on foot! Your argument is that if you can’t find a garbage can in 15 minutes, then you have the right to toss your cigarette butt down! Or off the bridge, considering most of that walk is over a large bridge. That in minus 30 degrees you can’t hold a smoke butt in your hand that 15 minutes to toss it away in a garbage can! How can you even put on a smoke in such temperature? If you are willing to hold that smoke in such cold for 5 minutes it takes to end it, then what sort of argument is that? Google maps, two minutes on street view and the argument is invalid. Besides every public house, bus stops have garbage cans, too…

Hold on a second – what?

It went on few more sentences, when I realized that she was pinning down a length of a street space, that if there are no garbage cans in that space, she has the right to toss her cigarette butt down!

How old are you?!?

There is not even a question if to toss your cigarette butt down, because the entire world is your home – you don’t toss the trash on your bedroom floor, why would you do it in town?

Then came “what do you mean, you don’t toss trash down in your home?”

I should have ended the argument right there. If you haven’t been taught to clean after yourself at home, then what are we talking about? Clean, like toss the garbage right in the can, not take a road tour over your floor.

I said that it shouldn’t matter how far one trash pin is from another. And it doesn’t have to be announced to be illegal. You just don’t do that. Caring about your enviourment, anyone?

No, she needed a specific space on the land.

I don’t think we should add more pins in city space on the argument by smokers that “if you don’t, I’ll toss it down.” Smoking, after all, is addiction and I do not think we should support it by creating more comforts for smokers. It’s narcotic! We don’t create space for cocaine addicts to get their shots, why do we do it for smokers? It’s not nesessity for survival. It is a matter of choice.

“Why are you comparing it with narcotics?”

Another punch line, where it is obvious you don’t even understand the basics of a smoke. Why are smokers so proud for their addiction? Like it makes you better from nonsmokers. I like my smelling and taste buds and the fact that I don’t grave for something every five minutes of my day. I made the choice not to smoke. So yes, I am living proof  that it is not nesessity for life. Oh, but that’s not an argument.  I’m not a smoker, so I don’t understand the problems smokers have! I have a father, who is non-stop smoker for longer than I’ve been in this world!

How about this then? Sign of a healthy mental thinking is that you can put yourself in other’s shoes and think two steps ahead. This is not an argument that you can’t discuss with nonsmoker! It is plain simple caring for your surroundings!

Cigarette butt -> fire -> wildfire -> death

Cigarette butt -> animal mistakes it for food -> sickness -> death

Until you yourself clean the butts up in the morning after a wild night – you, who you whine that even holding the butt for 5 minutes longer makes your fingers reek – you can’t say you have the right to toss it down!

Until you yourself don’t collect the dead carcasses of animals from the street, who have died for eating that shit – you have NO RIGHT to say you have the right to toss it down!

Yes they reek, but after holding it on your lips for five minutes – how come it suddenly is so disgusting to hold on to it for five minutes longer? But animals die out of quick move of your hand. Wildfires are started out of your negligence! And you never clean the butts yourselves!

The length between one pin to another is NOT an argument putting other at risk for your choice of life and your inability to control your adiction!

So give me ONE GOOD REASON, why you can’t do even so much as to hold on to that butt until you see a garbage can to toss it away!


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Artistic mind versus perverted world

I was planning to be very productive today, and I will in a bit.

But first I wanted to read the newspapers through. I should really give up news, they are obnoxiously irritating. This time I happened on Graham Ovenden case, where the world of art collides with oh-hide-away-your-nakedness world.

Where runs the line between pornography and a nude? How long does it take for it to hit literature? Because, behold, us commoners,  we are unable to decide ourselves what is proper and what is not! Thus, we must be protected.

!Mature context!

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