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Army and Arnica

I saw another weird dream.

There were American soldiers on Estonian soil and we had to accommodate them for a while. I was a teacher in a local school, not far from my home. I was living in countryside and my small farm was used for nature studies, like open air class room. It was early summer, but very warm. We were teaching a small 5th grade how to plant simple things – some grass and green onion with multiple bulbs grown together like huge bulb.

Because the army soldiers were there, all neatly dressed for fieldwork, I put them at work, showing kids how to shovel manure from its holding place, help dig out the roots, etc. They were housed at homes and I had punch of higher rank ones, all dressed in desert suits. I felt like they were there for over a year and by now they had stayed the first month.

One, who looked like Jeremy Renner (‘cause the man looks good, when suited up? Interesting choice for a dream) had different sort of stripes – blue drop in the bottom and three as triangle on top. He was joking around until one of the students found his notebook of a sort. It was like a normal tiny books with electronic pages in between.  The boy opened it up and got very excited for one page of map and many little dots on it. “It’s a game!” he shouted quickly, cleaned his hands from dirt he was distributing from the repository and ran to the small boy to take it back. “It’s more advanced.” He gave him one of his by now signature smiles and took it from him. I thought it was odd, but I was busy helping one girl put grass seeds in the flowerbed and another sergeant was helping little girl with the bulbs. We were busy.

Next scene was inside the house. Because those guys needed desks and I didn’t have many, but I had a old type built-in-bookshelves sort of school desk, he was sitting behind that one, small lamp lightning his works in dark room. Another one’s desk was against the other wall. Somehow they even managed to put beds back in that room so both of them could sleep there.

I was cleaning the place up, gathering what was left over from the kids in the kitchen and came upon the same notebook. I was sleeping in another room, but I guess I was taking it back to their room, because I sat down on his bed and curiously opened it up. He was so occupied with his work on the other side of the bookshelf that he hadn’t even noticed.

I happened on the same page, it sort of opened up, when you opened the book, too heavy compared with others I guess. It opened up and I was presented with the same game-thing. “Ha! So that was the game? Advanced? Hardly! (You must forgive me, I am superb at screwing brother’s games by going over his keyboard should he ever not pay attention if called)” I thought and slammed my fingers on it. First, one small button at a time in some The Dead Sea region. I saw, as if shown on video, how bombs landed there, but I didn’t know it at time. Then I moved to Europe and landed punch of fingers there, playing some dramatic Mozart on them, when suddenly whole hell broke loose. The earth shook, the sound was horridly wrong and ear breaking.

I think it had to be few months later, because it was late summer and I saw in quick look how the bulbs grew and blossomed like normal onions and the grass grew. Suddenly there was a lot of commotion and I was called to director’s office. Some of the children had got poisoned and the doctors said it was Arnica. I said I wasn’t growing any in my garden, but we went to check anyway. We took out all the bulbs and saw small rhizome going around them and realized that when the guys had cleaned it, their clothes had carried seeds from their previous  place and those gut planted with them. I was really angry, shocked and crying, because out of all the stretch of nerves, that was last I expected – to unwittingly be poisoning the children, because I insisted those guys make themselves useful around here. They even sent some higher ranking officer to me to convince me that it is vital that I let them stay until end of their “visit”.

Next I saw both of the men take cover lower under the table and slamming all sorts of exploitative themselves. I was really surprised, still going on with the fingers. I feared nothing in this house – those monastery thick walls had survived two World Wars, I had no doubt they would survive this one, if not hit directly. But it was intriguing to watch two grownup men fear it. But the racking outside continued.

“Who the hell would attack us here?” the other guy shouted. He counted several bombs by names, calling one Big 16.

Renner-guy said there should come MA 20 next. “We have bigger problems! Someone just brought half our staff down on Europe!”

I was still holding the notebook, eyes big, when I quietly climbed under the table next to them and handed him back his notebook. He took it, shocked, realizing it might have been me, quickly checking the notebook, but there were no lights shining there and he breathed easier. But the wrecking outside continued, but suddenly, it not being presented to me anymore like bombs, I recognized the sound.

I quickly climbed back up and pulled out of their reach, laughing.

“What the hell?” he demanded.

I pulled the curtain away, presenting them with the huge green truck emptying our garbage pin.

“You deserved it!” I announced and walked out of the two huge eyed soldiers. Leaving his notebook to lay around like that! What was he thinking?!

Woke up to garbage truck emptying our pins :D. But it still makes me laugh, the faces they regarded me back. Honestly!

Oh, and if that gives you ideas for a notebook, soldiers – think again. It terrified me that something like that even existed, because it was too easy to lose it or it to happen on some child’s hand.


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Off your head

I saw a dream I wish to write down.

It began with a scene, where I was near to a small river and trying desperately to help a mid-thirty man climb up a very steep shore. He had chestnut curls, trimmed nicely so most of the curls was on top of his head, green sweater hiding office shirt with tie, slightly round face with thick brows and big eyes, which looked as if he’d just spent sleepless night. It was middle of a night and there were tons of lights flashing around like somebody was searching us.  It was stormy and the water foamed. I kept yelling him to grab my arm, until suddenly a huge branch flew past and cut his head straight off. Smaller twig from it lashed red mark on my cheek, but I didn’t care, staring breathlessly at his body slowly slipping in the river until the waves washed it away.

I woke up in my dream and found it very disturbing. I went to the bathroom, which looked like something of a hotel room – very sterile and nothing personal in it -, and washed my face. When I looked up in the image in the mirror, I was surprised to see that the slash I’d seen receiving on my right cheek in my dream was still there, running from my ear to the corner of my mouth. Not as deep, but it looked like I was whipped.

The next scene I saw that man again. It was again insanely stormy night, but this time the river we were standing near, was much wider. He was pointing at the large boat, or a small ship (completely black – like looking at negative of reality) and yelling to me and the others (I knew there to be three more people, one boy, whom I could see). He was yelling, because otherwise we wouldn’t heard him. I saw the tree fly past us and could swear it was the same that cut off his head in the last dream. But in this one, we were hit by monster waves that broke off several boats from the shore, even when they were taken out of the water, and carried them off the river and floated them away. He was still yelling at us, looking at us if we understood, when the next wave ran into the shore, suddenly broke off that negative of a ship and pushed it right up, breaking all the planks before screeching horribly and rising out of the water in all its mightiness and falling straight at him. I don’t know why I was sure it won’t hit us, but I didn’t move, knowing it will only kill him.

I don’t remember waking from that dream. Next I knew I was in a small salmon pink office room with light grey over-floor carpet and small whiteboard. It was some cult meeting I recalled. I was offered to participate as observer and I remember being invited there by some girl. I had just moved in the town and she was living next to me. I had been bored and I knew, where I was going, though I don’t recall feeling like joining. There were about six of the members there besides us.

I felt like I had to sit down, when he suddenly walked in, in the same sweater and office shirt underneath, setting his notepad and pencil on the table and starting the meeting in absolute oblivious manner. He smiled, greeting everyone and then turned to the whiteboard.

I rose up, pushed my chair under the table and turned to look right at him.

“I don’t think you should call out that demon,” I said out of the blue.

He looked at me blankly, but then something in his posture changed and he pushed his chest up. “How do you know we’re about to call one out?”

“I saw in two dreams how your head gets separated from your body if you call it out. You can’t control it.”

Next scene I saw we were running upstairs and we were followed by a pixie. It was dressed red, it was tiny, and it had black hair with two long red bangs on the sides and the rest cut in geometrical shape. She reminded me of Lolitas with her over-romantic dress.  We were running upstairs and I knew the man was afraid. I knew they hadn’t listened me, when I told them not to call it out, and now he was trying to do anything in his power to change his future. So somehow he had managed to contact a race of pixies (and it seemed odd to me even in that dream as before that I was absolutely convinced that they were Disney’s invention), but the pixie somehow had been turned too small by her own race as a punishment for something she did. So now we were searching some book from the library on the fourth floor in a huge wooden house that served as the headquarters of that cult.

We were already up there, when all lights went out and it turned black outside. The pixie was terrified and started to panic, telling us how we must find that book and how we must say the words from that book. Nothing seemed to work, no light no anything. His mind seemed to numb as well, for he was getting lost, whispering that he didn’t like this at all and how he’d like to keep his head on his shoulders.

“That’s it!” I shouted suddenly, raised my hands up, called– it turned to thundering show outside – lightning to show me space, called out who ever mighty would possess the power to forgive that pixie its deeds and declared the deed nil-void if I didn’t receive any help right this instant. The man found the book and read from it immediatly Poof! The pixie was suddenly in normal size of one foot, with much more modern set of clothes.

Then I woke up, thinking how on earth can I dream while being in sleep? But there it was – twice. Interesting experience.

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Surviving zombie attack

Two days ago I saw in my dreams that the country I was in fell under zombie attack. It wasn’t like in the movies. Those zombies didn’t run faster than wind nor did they attack randomly. Their eyes were faded and they could feel the light and their hearing remained good. They couldn’t see in dark.

I was one in the group of survivors. None of us knew each other before the attack. Nobody cared of what had happened to their relatives. Not because we didn’t cared, but it was painful to think about it. I think there was about 10 or 12 of us.

We were living in a train of two wagons. It was in constant movement from one end station to another and back. We never stopped unless we had to take fuel. It made us predictable on our path, yes, but we quickly realized that the zombies were easier to kill with something big and massive that would run over them. Zombies were actually our smallest problem, it was the other survivors, who caused us headache. Besides, if you traveled on that thing most of the week, we soon didn’t notice the noise or shaking.

In both wagons stationed 5 or 6 people. Ours had small coupes, so we nested there, covering half of the floor with matrices and piling everything else with food or other things we had. Most of the action went in scenes.

Scene nr 1:

We had stopped at station. It was rule never to leave the door open. Another rule was not to yell or scream or do anything else that would bring attention to us. No yelling and leaving light on in the nighttime was another rule to follow. We had one girl, who started to feel very safe and started to forget to keep her voice down.

One evening I opened my coupe’s door and saw that the “front door” was open. I saw a man leave. Right at that time the girl came again, shouting something to the back of the wagon. She went straight to the toilet to wash her hands and put the light on, too.

Moment later I saw the man return, backing away from the door and flatting himself behind the bar table next to the door. He moved quickly and did it quietly. Second later I saw the reason. A zombie came in. It didn’t look either way, went straight to the toilet and next what we heard was death screams.

Nobody went to help her. Instead I pulled immediately back in my compartment and hid myself in the nearest shadow. I could see from where I was laying how more of them came on the train. They went past the man behind the counter and they came in my room too. One of them punched itself against me. But I kept my breathing shallow. They couldn’t hear quiet tones. Nobody tried to kill them. It was easier to let them roam around a bit and then leave than waist ammo on them.

Then they left and after shutting the door, we let the operator know and left the station. We couldn’t clean unless we were moving. They could smell the blood. But we had to clean it up.

Scene nr 2:

I could use my cards to see what went on around us. One day we got a new member to our team, who looked exactly like blond Clea DuVall. She had landed on my bed and was in the middle of emptying her bag to show what she had, or she was searching for something. I don’t remember. We had stopped in a station. She had been running from someone.

Suddenly we heard a chainsaw right next to us. Someone was coming through the train wall. There was loud laughing on the other side. In my room were one more woman and two men. Though they all were armed, they couldn’t do anything. There was a lot of screaming and yelling, when I suddenly felt like we were being watched. So I stood up and saw two ghostly faces on the window. I showed the woman, who I had seen before somewhere, the middle finger. The ghostly faces evaporated and screaming started from the other side. “I told you she was looking right at me! Didn’t I?!”

I don’t know how it ended, the entire thing was interrupted by my alarm clock. There were other scenes and the story went on long, but I can only see images of it.

There was one thing though, which caught my eye and which I will definitely keep in mind for future. The new girl’s pencil case. Her bag didn’t have much in it to help her survive for long, but her pencil case made me take one look at her and include her forever further in my wagon. She had tools there! Simple tools! In it were sets of knitting needles for socks and mittens, one with tube for jumpers, sewing needles and thread, basic tools to work with leather, tatting shuttle, magnifying glass, inkless pen, pencils, pencil sharpener and eraser, pencil compass and superglue, wool working tools, measuring tape, quill nibs and brushes, hook knife and Swiss knife together with small pocket sharpening stone, felting needles and crochet hooks, nailbinding needle and manicure scissors together with normal size scissors, small hammer and two screwdrivers! Basically all that one would need to craft themselves stuff for upcoming winter! Those tools meant she survived and all she had to find some raw material and she had the tools to work with them.

Though zombies are the most improbable, I think I will still put that small bag together. All those things she had in her bag were small and light, yet if you keep them close, then they are they are your pass to live longer than two years and build yourself a livable life.

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Mikey Mouse comic books

I had very stressful week-end and this is what I saw thanks to it:

There are several foreign students that have come downstairs to argue over something. Someone had big tower of old Mikey Mouse comic books with him. They were not happy with anything – no solution, no real laws. I could explain them that we can’t do what they wanted, because the law doesn’t allow it and they didn’t understand. Bend the law! That was their attitude.


I took his tower of comic books, set it behind me and told them to come back tomorrow! Sleep, think over “bend the law” attitude and then come back tomorrow and we’ll discuss it again. And the comic books will stay with me for the night!

On the next day we discussed their issues again. And I gladly returned the comic books. But not before I had ripped out every second page from all the comic books first. The moment he headed upstairs I gave in my resignation letter and said that it is for no bad feelings amongst the working staff, but for what I just did, I would have to reasign anyway.

An hour later the storm hit the managment and after they had dealt with them for an hour and sent them off, they laughed so hard they were all curled up.

I’m not planning this in real life, but it was rather sadisfactory to do it at least in my dreams. 🙂

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Two slices of dreams

In my dream I saw  Wind in the Willows character Mr. Toad tell to Ratty: “I have the utmost craving for rat meat!” Then he looked at the shocked Ratty and shrugged “Don’t worry, flying rats are off my menu!”
Ratty nodded, shook his plastic wings and took off from the red tiled roof they were sitting.

Another thing I saw was that I was in a Hanseatic fair and I approached to a young woman, who was baking a cake in a small, very low oven. She just took one out and I asked if I could taste it. “No,” she said, “it’s for the children in the play tent.” So instead I asked for the recipe, because it was smelling so good and she agreed. I sat down next to her and searched for a pen and paper. At the same time some children came and she cut them the cake. I was woken up before she could get back to me, but I did pick the cake up and counted 7 layers of thin chocolate sponge cake with custard cream in between and covered with the same sponge cake powder on top of the last custard cream layer. The cake itself was cooked in a low cake pan. Or warmed up?

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Weapon lift-me-up-and-destroy-above

I saw these dreams yesterday and today. I thought I forgot the first one, but seeing the second one brought it back.

First dream – I was in a forest village, in a small farm. My grandparents were there and some very young, children I would presume. It was nighttime. We were sitting in a small tent that didn’t have walls. We were chatting there, laying on pillows when suddenly grandmother pointed up in the sky. We watched the sky go red-orange and black several times.

„We need to go to bunkers.“ Grandmother said like it was daily thing.

„I don’t think it will reach here,“ said Grandpa.

But answer to that rose above the fir trees just then – three big shots up in the sky, like fireworks going up, and landed in big arc behind the forest again.

We ran, urging children to go faster, and went in a low bunkers made of brick in the backyard. They were individual, made of brick and very low. You could lay down there, not sit and there were hooks to hook yourself against the floor plus handles to hold on to. They had sharp roofs that led far on the sides, so everything that fell on it could be guided away.

The lights went brighter and we heard them suddenly land right behind our house.

Then the first bomb hit.

„Hold on!“ yelled grandfather and we all grabbed the handles and held as close to the ground as we could manage. We didn’t feel scared up to this point.

I watched the bomb from the net built in the brickwork. I watched it sit there for what felt like a minute and then it blew up, released such energy flow that it raised everything solid up from the ground. It did same to us, but granny yelled us to pull ourselves back down and we did. I recalled then two children and a younger man.

The second I got myself back under the flow (it seemed to hover over us about half a meter above the land), everything blew. Everything that was solid blew up – the house next to us was rocked off its foundation, the trees lost part of the trunk. Then the energy flow moved upwards dismantling everything above about 5 meters. Our house was two floors plus the rooms under the roof. It reached up to the roof and then everything went silent and it all fell grumbling down. Oddly so did our bunkers, but there the flow like went through it, raising the stoned up, but because it didn’t have much power to push the entire brick wall, they pretty much fell back on each other. The roof was raised, but energy flew following it’s curves and thus that too fell back on us, sending only few bricks off that fell on our sides.

The middle is missing. I remember waiting until daylight. Nobody came through there in the night, only the bombs fell. We listened the bombs land further away, leaving empty land with tree tops. I saw spots, witch means the bombs couldn’t have very large impact area.

When early morning arrived, it had to be late summer, because it was chilly, but the landscape was in those colors, we began estimate our losses. No one was really worried of things, we were alive. All of us.

We started walking down the sand road.

The young man was holding one of the kids, I was holding hand with another. They were really young. I don’t remember grandparents coming with us. I didn’t worry about them either.

We walked for some time, when the man said quietly that there comes four villages. We reached around the corner and I found myself on top of a hill. The road went through the valley’s edge. There were groups of houses, four like he said. They were different, but they were all built similar – in a very tight group.

„No,“ I said, „they are farms.“

He seemed at odds, but he didn’t say anything. We walked on.

Then I woke up.


Second dream – I was in Tartu. With that man again. People were dressed casually, like ready for camping, though we all were in the town, near Jakobi hill. Under it is small parking lot. It was filled with gym benches. We were not “fine”, but we felt relaxed, like nothing had happened in long time. The right side of the hill was in ruins. There were lots of people and we could feel the tension, all ready for something.

To have some laughs, somebody decided to have beauty contest. The man I was with sat next to me on the bench I was eating bread. He was dressed in joggers and guys were behind him, patting him for a good idea. I looked at him puzzled and then down at his white jogging shoes. They were painted yellow with text lighter. I laughed and suggested him to join the beauty contest.

“I can’t!” he laughed, but his buddies assured him he can, and we all began mooching him to go and preparing him. I never saw his face. I looked down and noticed that the light marker started to fade off and laid down on my feet to repaint it. He looked at me and his laughter fade away. My heart jumped, but I concentrated on his shoes. It was a nice feeling moment.

Suddenly all hell broke loose up on the hill, where people were gathering to make a beauty line. They ran down the hill and any direction possible. We watched them being shot, and horror crept back in our souls. He grabbed my hand, the two kids sitting behind me and we ran to closest old house we had in the cellar.

The house had already been bombed, so half of the cellar was revealed and showed through light. We managed to get in right before the first bomb went off. It was the same as in previous dream – first it lifted everybody up, except those who managed to hide against the wall next to stairs with ground behind it and was far lower than the impulse managed, then it blew everything upwards. I watched the bodies only feet from us been stretched to pieces.

He had pushed us down the stairs to our hiding place. I watched a shadow on the wall going through the same – stretched and turned into mush. There was so much screaming, we had to cover our ears. I was in shock, I thought I had lost him. Children were crying, but I told them to stay as quiet as possible. But I myself left them there and went searching for him.

The entire place was blown up except the older brickwork on lower part of the house. Suddenly someone grabbed me. I turned around and saw him, horrified, pulling me back inside and on the other side. Just in time to watch the second row of bombs landing.

Then it went quiet again and we immediately seek out to children. They were ok.

I watched out from the holes and saw that people, who had managed to grab hold of stairs of the houses, or got caught under them, were fine. But it was horrible. Everything was gone.

I saw people coming over the hill from Tallinn side and I immediately pulled back behind our cellar. The man I was with grabbed a gun from the floor and while we pulled ourselves close against the wall, hiding, he pushed the gun mouth out from the window. I noticed then that there were others too, who did the same. We were on the house that’s on the lowest of Jakobi hill, in the blue house.

They pushed the guns out and ordered our people to lay down on fours, leave their guns and this way walk past them. Many did it. Even people, who came from the hill did the same. I think it was a way to recognize ours.

When they passed the test, they would stand up, go back and take their gun. If not, they were shot in their head.

One, who walked past us like that, I managed to see his face. He was calm looking until he reached man’s side window. Then it changed into grimace of hatred and he shot him. I really felt scared of that hating man that moment.

That woke me up.

Though they didn’t make me wake up in horror, I woke up being wildly awake. Usually I need time to get myself going, but with this one, I needed no such time. And that scares me.

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Camp near the forest lake

The dream started on a sunny summer day. It looked like a camp raised on the edge of a small lake in the middle of a forest – because the bushes came all close to the tents and there were visible cutting done around the camp. The camp consisted 3-5 tents, some car houses and something else I don’t know the word for. The lake itself was muddy and people went snorkeling in it, searching something from the bottom. I got the impression of scientists, who had taken about 8 children with them to give them scientific experience.  The only built house was an outhouse and showers that were bit further off the camp.

It started very scientifically.  Someone had just got back from the lake and children were swarming around him when some woman with dark hair and simple linen jacket, told them to write an essay. They had just argued between each other on what the underwater cables look like and how they work and about the mystery that surrounded the object that had cut through this cable here. I had this image in my head as if looking on a trailer end and then huge cable that was running next to it. The essay was to write about what we know on those cables. I was a small boy and eager to show my knowledge, so I shouted out “I know they are covered with protective coating!”

“What about the missing battery pack?” the woman asked.

Indeed, what about it? I stopped, wondering. I had no clue what she was talking about. I did remember that moment a small cubic thing on top of the trailer where you could push one battery in.

Next thing I saw happened in the evening twilight – everything was still visible, but darkened. There were two more boys and a girl with me and we had gone to toilets and shower. I recall seeing something move in the forest, but after first surprise, I simply continued, I didn’t put more attention to it. It was usual that there were animals near. The showers were placed so that you could see from a small window above the showers what went on in the camp and in the middle of the toilets and showers was a small corridor (they were in the same room, closed off as small cabins) that ended with big window that had been covered with metal mesh.

Girl and the boy went to the toilet, me and and another boy headed for the showers. We were still chatting in the middle of the room, when screaming started from the camp. The boys wanted to go back, but the girl said we should stay there. The screaming grew, joined by another and another, grownups and children alike and we felt like freezing. We decided to stay, gathered quickly chairs in the shower room under that window and looked out.

What we saw drew blood out from our faces and we felt so sick we couldn’t even cry. There were animals – deers mostly, boars, anything with hooves – stamping all over the camp, biting everybody from the neck and turning their heads around on the necks. Then they just danced on top of them with such fury that horrified us deeply. Everybody were pulled out from the tents, the equipment destroyed and them killed.

Suddenly we heard crashing from where the middle window was.  Then a moose stepping over the crashed glass, pushing open anything that it could. We didn’t scream and didn’t breath, terrified it might look in our cabin and find us. It did nose under the door, but the entire place reeked of dirt and soap and it went pas.

We pulled away from the window. I heard my friends panting, our mouths were dry, but we didn’t dare to go and look. The water kept dripping from the shower heads and we heard rain outside. It turned quiet soon after, but those five minutes were more than enough for us. Rain. They couldn’t smell us in the rain as well as on windy day! I don’t know if its true in real life or not, but at that point it was enough. I didn’t dare to tell my friends that we should move. I didn’t want to go, but we knew we couldn’t stay there either. We weren’t expected to return in weeks and there was no connection with outside world. That was one of our goals here.

After a  while it turned entirely dark and soon after we realized the sun had raised again. Dawn was week yet, but at some point we couldn’t take it anymore and we knew we had to go. Tallest boy pushed himself up and looked over the window edge. So did I, unable to bear the secrecy. It was quiet in the camp. Some animals were still there. They pulled bodies around, digging holes in the gobbled sand with their hooves and pushing the bodies in them with their enthrall.  In light we could see that those animals didn’t look normal. On physics they were normal, but they were all burned one way or the other – they had red warps and missing fur. I recall seeing such burns in horror movies before, they were chemical burns. Some had burns over half of their bodies, but they were all alive!

We decided to wait more. Sometime near lunch we looked out again and didn’t see anything. The camp was empty. Our stomachs hurt, but we decided to go. We carefully went back to the camp side, minding every movement around, but there were none. We gathered our basics – mostly pocket lights, few ration packages,  a water bottle – and headed straight back to wherever the city was. The road was old, half covered with grass, but it was well notable and we decided to follow it.

For most of the time we walked. We walked in silence, listening the forest around us. We didn’t want to make sound, because we knew instinctively that human voice stood out from  birds and last we wanted was to get their attention. It wasn’t before twilight, when we realized that after passing several crossroads we were still in the middle of forests. We grew restless, because we knew that we could be easily found by those creatures and we knew we had to find shelter and fast.

Then we noticed lights on on the road. It was small cottage, punched together from god knows what, but we were glad. We saw a man sitting on the porch, but gave him little attention as he was sleeping. But we did see an older woman inside and after sneaking pass the man, we went inside and asked if we could stay there for the night, because we were lost. We mentioned nothing of what happened. The woman was friendly and nodded, offering us some bread for dinner and tea. She showed us a small place under the roof we could use for sleeping and gave us some carpets to roll into. We ate and went there, placing ourselves so that if someone raised the hatch and looked around without light, they would only see sacks of carpets in the corner behind the hatch. As unnoticeable as possible.

Then the image changed and I saw the man on the porch. He looked close to blue, but he had the same kind of chemical burns as the animals on the field. His were much deeper, covering his entire body. He was asleep, but woke up and stretched. Then he moaned, happy, and pulled back, sat there for a second and then with simple stretch unattached his head from the body – or it was done for him by his wife – and the head went inside while the body stayed outside. But it was still alive, talked and ate and all.

All of a sudden we heard hooves rattling on the road and stones around the house. Our hosts also heard it and the man’s head got seriously agitated.

“You lead them here! You lead them to me!” He screamed, but it was too late for them to hide. We saw from upstairs a horse, also covered all in the burns without anything left except nose and mouth, crashing through the door. That was the last we saw, because we pulled ourselves as deep inside the thick carpets as we could, patting our hair down so they wouldn’t reach out and forgot how to breathe. The carpets reeked, but we didn’t care. It would cover our own scent, we hoped.

Next I saw two stories at once. One was images of animals attacking people downstairs and killing them and firing up the house. The fire died soon – surprisingly.

The other story was of a young man – which I knew was the man on the porch. He was very arrogant and proud and decided to win horse orientation by going straight through the thick forest. He ended on the same beach we had settled up our camp. Animals there hadn’t seen humans much, because they would keep drinking on. There were many of them, it was hot day. There he saw something in the lake and decided to look it up. He forced his horse to swim with him to the middle and dived to the trailer there. He saw the battery and pulled it out, releasing with it the acid button that was placed under it. It mixed with the water and before they could get out, the entire lake was turned into pool of acid. It didn’t seem to hold enough acid when we were there later, so I got the feeling like this happened nearly 20 years before. His horse and him got most of the burns, but the panic that rose, the animals all got burned someway with the hitting splashes. Some fell in half way, some entirely. When the man saw this, he ran, ignoring his horse and animals, who were begging his help with their screams and with their eyes.

The moment the man died, his skull crashed by his own horse, and the story ended, I woke up with no intentions of going back to sleep.

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