Ok, so the reason why I’ve been behind with my homepage posts is down to the fact that I’m currently helping a friend set up his new page in WP and helping my sister to get her own project take off the ground and both are demanding tasks. Not really an excuse of not prepping the posts, but it has been a long week in any sort of work related tasks, so.

Not really complaining, as it has been very eye opening experience, because:
a) I discovered I can make a homepage dummy in less than 5 hours.Which is so heartwarming considering how much time I spend here :D. Plus I always love solving such puzzles and my brain has been a bit idle lately.
b) I discovered that there have been a lot of changes during the last 2 years in blogging world.

And that change is also what took me close to screaming and tossing dishes. Because since I started my homepage two years ago, they have made a new version of the theme I use on it. And all that system that I have been trying to keep working manually, using back alleys and whatnot – the new theme has it all offered on a plate! Well, then!

Of course I am planning to go over to the new theme! But, and that isn’t such a small but, I need to change my category system first in order for the system to work like I need it to work. And that isn’t a small task as only a month ago I hit the magical 500 post mark. Can you imagine re-systematizing 500 posts in order to go over to new system? I guess I can, because if I did this, this would reduse my workload by third in the future. Not to mention, opens up close to 30 pages I can use for main pages of stories instead. Currently I have 50 of them in use out of about 80 allowed for free users. Can you imagine the change it would make?

Can you imagine the frustration hitting me tenfold, when I realized I just did a system to my sister in 5 hours that could have spared me about a year’s worth extra work on my own page? I so want to cry right now…


And the answer is YES, I WILL TAKE THAT WEEK! I WILL REDO THAT DAMN SYSTEM! I WILL SPARE MYSELF FOR THE REST OF THAT SYSTEMATIZING JOB! For I so deserve more time to spend on my stories than maintaining a system that has such a lovely alternative now, in the future of two years. God, thank you, whoever you made that theme! I love you right now so much. Or, rather, I will love you after I have gotten myself into that theme.




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