Memorable authors of 2016

I am currently sneezing my brains out and aside being completely obsessed of a bakery under a monster tree with demon as the clerk, I am pretty much dead to the world. At least for couple of more days. So I apologize for weird type-o-s.

The year has come and gone again and it is time to look back at my reading list, so here is my top 2 authors of the year:

  1. R. Cooper –  I started off with a Christmas story last year, Casper Gets His Wish, and I loved the story so much I read it about six more times. Given it is such a short story, it is a miracle, but I am known for re-reading what I liked. I skipped her other books for a long time, because there was something odd about reading a werewolf loving a fairy or wolves of Wolf’s Paw and I was weary of it.

    Now that I think of it, I can’t pinpoint down, why, considering her somehow heartwarming way of digging deep into her characters is amazing enough that after reading the first book, I went and got the rest in a lightning speed. Being(s) in Love series would be one to forever find its place in my bookshelf should I ever consider buying them on paper. Worth reading for anyone, who is looking for a good example how to build your characters. Seriously. Good. My absolute favorite at this point is the Imp and Mr. Sunshine story which is part of her short story collection. Next to Casper story.

  2. Andrew Grey –  I love him. I hate him. I adore his characters, I hate his characters. I can’t make up my mind. On one side he writes about acceptance, while his own characters act more like hate preachers, on another they are made into bad monsters and act like angels. All-in-all I can’t make up my mind. His writing has been a complete surprise egg hunt so far and I keep going back each time a new installation comes out. His character building  is amazing and I love most of his series. I can still remember them, despite there being several months since I read the last one.

    Worth digging out. If you can look past some of the clean-cut-fobic characters, who somehow miss the whole point of “accept me means I accept you as well”. Can’t have it all I guess. But he is good and I’ll keep checking his stories out and can’t wait for new stories.

    I thought I’d have more authors this year, but it seems while I enjoy one story, I haven’t found many, who capture my heart as they two have. Let’s hope year 2017 brings more of them around :).


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