Make me pretty for the holly

I might be not thinking of publishing at the moment, but that does not mean my eyes are closed on the ways of the world. Or, rather, how it somehow is not working…

Now that I have only one chapter left to look over in preparations for December publishings, I am currently focusing more on the design part of the books on the homepage. It won’t be anything major aside that they look a bit all over the place to me and I would like to try assigning certain themes for them based on what world the stories take place and, well, in lack of better term – give them neater exterior.

Also, I’m thinking of trying to add back and forth buttons on the bottoms of the long story to make them easier to read between the chapters. Slapping myself,  I should have thought about that long time ago, and at the point I did,  I was told it would be just another little link to remember. I can’t say the new WP New Post window is much help with that. At least it wasn’t, when they switched the looks and it kept crashing on me. So, now, some time later, I think I’ll give it another go and see if I can finally do it. Which means a lot of re-checking of the old things and adding them… will take… time…

I was waiting for December to get myself Photoshop. It was fine plan, especially when I looked up at the prices and realized I actually could afford it on per month plan if I don’t buy paper books of the same amount which I usually do. No harm done, I thought. And then I looked at the prices based on the region I live in and, whoops!, the prices doubled, and I’m sorry, I am not that rich to spend that much right now. However, I have an alternative in mind, which is probably not that fully integrated for designing, but would cover my needs nevertheless and comes about… let’s see… about  5 times cheaper! Guess which one I’d choose. And it’s not Gimp, I somehow do not work well with that interface.




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