**News from LC Aisling** 24/11/2016

Hi readers!

I have decided that for the time being,  I will no longer publish novels on Kindle. Those, who bought the books – thank you! I am very grateful for your patronage. I am not completely abandoning the publishing idea, but for time being, I am concentrating more on creating.

However, I have added both Gargoyle and Neitsipärg  on the homepage so who are interested can still come and read. Also, as the story Giant found it’s end yesterday, I am starting a new weekly story – Third Law, which will become available starting next Wednesday. Although I had planned to publish it as e-book, I am making it available for free on the homepage.

As you also noticed, a new title has appeared in the Hatangy section Rare Pearl. This story will be continued on each Sunday, replacing the Sunday Journal and is the sequel for Gargoyle novel.

third-law-cover-small  gargoyle-thumb  Neitsiparg eesti k WB  rare pearl cover

Thank you for visiting and have fun reading!

L.C. Aisling


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