Beginning of Idiocracy or Purge?

“I’m afraid that time has come and gone, my friend.” as Terry Rapson says in the movie Day After Tomorrow. “Save as many as you can.”

Since I woke to watch the train go off the trails in the news I have been fighting my urge to both shoot arrows in the TV and keeping that blabber box on all the time, because I can’t decide if I’m still asleep or awake and this is the new reality. I keep seeing titles of alternative history in my head, Idiocracy and Purge being the most dominant.

More with the second movie choice, because it hit me yesterday around lunch that “Oh my god, they have president, who is capable of that!” And the world, in honest truth, fell away in the realization that US now has president on the same level of Kim Jong-un! Their emotional tolerance towards anything different is the same, yet the difference is if that guy doesn’t have the means to start anything,  then Trump has the means!  And, oh my god, Trump has the means. And god forbid should anybody get in the nose of that bully, or he will do what he always does and the consequences for that…

It is very hard to watch Trump win, because not only did America just plumaged back socially for a 100 years, it means all bets are off. You set a loose cannon on the seat of who should be a peace maker, who should have the mental state of iron.

You think I’m joking when I say I’m worried? I live 1 hour away from Russian border, we still dig out remains of WW II and  bomb squad has been in our place more than I’d like to count.  And now we have two military powers in the world, who LOVE to play out their idiotic power games in other country’s territories  with bullies in front with both using propaganda to create unrealistic world for their own chosen elite, are emphatically on level of a child and prove a point by using guns!  When so far I could accept that I’m overreacting when Russia makes idle threats, because we all know that Russia loves playing mind games to puff up the few feathers they have, then now the threat became real.

I have friends, who are dead scared to go outside, because they live in a state, where Trump won. Half of the nation is dead afraid of their neighbor and their “freedom of speech” that is enforced by guns. Can you imagine your child watching out the window and say they will never go outside again, because they are terrified? Or your mother coming home with ripped clothes, but refuses to tell what happened, because the insulter was some guy, who thought she wasn’t following the bible truths because she had floral patterns on? Or women being allowed to vote only the way their husbands want? I could go on for hours and it would not help one bit to explain what you just managed to achieve with your freedom of speech. 50 percent didn’t even vote!

And after reading all the news again, and seeing how people are posting now “it doesn’t matter what happened on elections”, I would like to go back to ask – what do you do with a president, that made half the WORLD go silent for a while when it became clear US has Trump for president?  You can’t imagine it, because you are still busy fighting with each other, now spurting articles that declare it was the blacks versus whites or Christians versus nonbelievers. But what you just did… The rest of the world has no words for what you just did.






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