Too difficult?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640Ok, so I decided that sitting here moping over a question of “to do or not to do” is a lot of o-s in one sentence, so I sent 5 artists a requests on making one group of the cover art for me. Stated how I need it, how I can pay (no feebies, it’s a business and doing art myself I know how misunderstood the pricing is in this world) and I…

Well, what I got so far is, like nothing.

Because I need the characteristic aliens of one species for the covers, portraits that include face and upper body, dressed, then so far, after asking for descriptions, out of five four have already refused. Based it on that it will be very detail oriented and they don’t want to argue over the tiny details. After I specifically said that there are no fixed details aside few guidelines how the species look and I’m ok with whatever solution they come up with as long as they keep to the same character upbuild while they do the other 4 images as well. Two said it was time consuming, which kinda surprised me, because I can see from their galleries that they make poster size paintings and I also said I don’t have fixed deadline, so I can wait until the art is finished before doing the final design. And the fourth guy just sent me a scramble of words that I could make out of that he does not work for beginning writers… Which was also a wow moment, because, well, I wasn’t asking him to do freebies and I offered him a job, not ask him do mine.
I didn’t think it would be this hard. So, should I not mention that yes, those books have not been given out yet and no, I’m not expecting, like, mountain size income from them. What I do want though, is to have covers that say “put some effort in” and “suitable today and 20 years from now”.

Yeah, I said four out of five. I’m still waiting answer from the fifth. Fingers crossed.
Anyway, it’s just… I guess I really have to pick up my paints and try do it myself. Which I’m not at all thrilled with, because I don’t draw sci-fi at all.




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2 responses to “Too difficult?

  1. Wow. You acted like a professional, you’d expect the same in return. 😩

    • Unfortunately expectations are not always met. Still, I’m sure it wasn’t much of a loss if the business would start off like that. Let’s just hope there will be better results in the future.

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