Comparing books

Yesterday, I read two books – Tough Love (Special Delivery 3) by Heidi Cullinan and For Real by Alexis Hall.

Both books are about BDSM relationships, both have older guy with younger guy and the relationship isn’t purebred dandelions. I didn’t know they were on the same thing before I read them, because  the first I had since 2014 and it was just waiting around while Hall’s book I got only recently. Despite sharing the same topic, the books however are very different from each other, and that’s why I’m currently sitting here.

It wasn’t the general storylines that struck me, but the fact how easily you could tell which one was written in England and which one in US. I read and listen in big variety, from Australia to US and back and it has never come out so clearly to me before. Not just the expressions they use, for that is obvious, but the entire writing styles were completely home groomed it brought chills to my back. And in a good way. At some point I had to go back to let the brain absorb the story as well, because I was too taken checking the expressions out like free women on an bar isle.

Cullinan’s book has some seriously chilling scenes and isn’t for lighthearted read. You think you read a BDSM romance in style of 50 Shades of Gray and it was something, then you have nothing to compare it with this one. I really liked how it opened up with the story – nice conflict and so many ways to go with. Plus, I liked the characters. The sidekicks there for example, when they change their tone (move from the drag act to reality) is fantastic and now I really want to hear it happen in real life. I just hope I won’t grin like nutcase if it happens. The scenes though – wow.  I now know what they mean with watersports… And there was one guy, Mitch Tedsoe – who is he? I so wanted him to be more.

Which  I didn’t like about this book though was how it solved the problems way too easily and from there on it was suddenly a smooth ride to the sunset. it might not look so for other readers, and I still read it through, for I liked the writer’s style, but a bit more turmoil would be good. Not in bedroom – outside. Maybe it’s just that gang wars don’t really count as conflicts to me anymore since that’s more like background music by now.

Hall’s book, however had just that – no outside turmoil and the way the younger guy talks, drove me NUTS! In half of the times, I felt it wasn’t a young man, but a teenage girl! The expressions, the body language – all told me I was reading a young girl instead of a boy, who was thinking of wooing an older guy. And that mulling one thing to death is horrid, yet so utterly English thing to do I was swoon to the floor and just marbled the beauty of a pure bread English talk, and thus several pages got turned without reading them at all. Before I went back and read them separately. I’m sick that way.

Yet there is something in that combo and their relationship that made me turn the page and keep reading and I don’t regret it one bit. The inner conflicts are built up perfectly in this book, together with promise for something on the next page, so I really liked it and I woke up in the morning still thinking about the two books.

Both are fabulous reads and worth taking your time. But if you are not into BDSM – don’t read them! No need to get agitated over them, because despite your preferences, they are still good.


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