Rainbow world!

I tested St. Petersburg’ watercolors today! More like, I got to the point that my 36 piece set is completed with 36 pans of paints. I have been using them for years, since I got my first set when I was… 16?

I finished that first set in a year. The second set of 16 colors unfortunately went off. They are natural paints, so it isn’t uncommon to see your paints mold away if left untouched and undried for few years. Most people I know then scrape off the mold and use them up. But sometimes the mold ruins the paint.

Anyway, long history short – last year I decided that it is utmost time to dig those babies up and give them another chance. Little thing grow, you know, and somehow it has gone from 16 I had previously to 36 I have now. All different, all vivid, and all so pretty that the picture below does them no honors. I seriously need a scanner again. Don’t know what happened to the last one, got lost while moving?

This guy exists, by the way. It’s a test I did from a real model, BlooDoveStock. Was fun, made me realize that I’m missing few tones from the set and that I still remember some things from those years. I guess I now need practice :).

But not tonight. I’m too tired.


tribal man.png


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