So I think I am a fan…


I’ll be 31 in few days.

Guess what I got for my birthday? 

Yup. You’re eyes are not deceiving you. I got a bike. The biker, the one sitting on the bike, I’ve had for nearly 5 years. I got it after I realized I am old enough not to ask my parent’s permission if I want something out of the ordinary. So this guy ended up in my shelf and in the most weirdest way has made his way into my travel bag, coming with me everywhere.

His name is Throttle. He is a a biker mouse from Mars. The original 1993 version. Yeah, I always like to make sure people know there are two versions of them and I am not very into the 2000 version. Throttle was my hero, like Superman is to others. He is like symbol of a good leader. I don’t really analyze it, I just like him around, in my writing corner so I can click his antennas like a pen if my brain stops working.

Well, the long story short, since my young cousin, after seeing my mouse, put me on an idea that it would be awesomely cool if  I got his bike too, I’ve been searching for one. There aren’t surprisingly many around that don’t come in mint condition and ask between 50 to 120 dollars plus the 50 for sending. I figured I wasn’t in such hurry with it, so I waited until one showed up that was sold just because one wanted space on their shelf, so to say. And one showed up with guy who didn’t have problem sending it here. It does need a bit fixing in the color on the back, but I have the colors, so no problem there.


So I cheered about it to a friend of mine. And she went ahead and gave me a tracking number for my “birthday gift from her *chuckle*chuckle*chuckle*”. Indeed. When it arrived, day before the bike, it sure caused my family laugh to tears. Another biker. With a helmet. They now have strong six-pack, because next day the bike arrived and I hadn’t quite told them, what  I got…

I am very happy. I know one ought to be like a grownup at my age already, ask for grownup gifts, but hey, life is so much funnier when one thinks out of the box.



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