Sick leave

I was sick. Not like “it’s gonna go away in few days” cold, but “gotta stay in bed for those few days” kind of cold. And this is the first time over the pass of a week that I actually opened my PC.

It was the weirdest flue I’ve had in years. The entire family got it after mom got sick few days earlier. Even I spent several days in bed with 38 C pretty much sleeping the days off. Very unfriendly in light that we still had ton of work to do, not to mention the berries are still not picked. But despite feeling better enough that not every move makes me sweat, I am still surprisingly tired. Which can be expected with this, but in truth, it is astonishingly annoying. I feel like I’m way behind with everything, including the Friday Flash Fiction, which I skipped, because my brain pretty much had one way mind – water, water, water, water, water… I am putting it up together with the next one this Friday, because I like how I can count the parts and weeks as the same, but of course, officially it won’t count. As of daily work, that came back with a vengeance and all the days I spent “almost” laying around, I pay by having to double the efforts to get it all done in the next few days. Which isn’t helping with the recovery as I still feel tired every single day.

So while I was at it, brainless and feeling one with the zombies, I listened an audiobook written by K.C. Burn and read by Tristan James. If James reads it – I’m buying it and he can recite me how intestines work if he so chooses. Actually, I’ve been doing just that – searched audiobooks based on the readers and that guy has somehow managed to read them all so the readers is good and also the way he reads the sentences – all the pauses are where they are suppose to be! God! I never thought it to be the thing that marks my reading, but yup, I choose books based on where you pause your tongue. 

The book itself, Cover Up by Burn was a nice one. I couldn’t get myself into the first one of the series, because Burnes loves descriptions and I think it was a bit overkill there, but the second book – very lovely. I kept pausing and writing out expressions. Which is just as great, because listening it during work made me feel accomplished despite the missing brain.

I also managed to watch an anime somehow. I am testing Netflix again, so brother lent me his tablet. It was called Kuromukuro. It has been a while since I had time to watch any series thing, so I was like obsessed. I can’t remember everything though, but I do remember that I liked the main character, the samurai guy. Might be my flue talking, but he did little things, not big deeds, but little ones that really made you sigh happily.

He has this nice drawing app on it! As a random fact – it seems that because I had a habit of pushing the paint around on the canvas with my fingers, and I changed the fingers after getting them dirty one by one (much easier to wash them together than after each use), I tend to do the same thing on tablet – after one color “smears” the finger, I automatically change finger before continuing the drawing. Interesting needless habit. That’s the thing I tried.







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