Murphy law? No, University!

Wanna know something “funny”?

Or, this post should be called “I can’t believe this is happening”.

After I ended the contract at the dorm, because we were told by the office that the place will go under renovation starting from August, after having to pack up my entire 16 years of dorm life in one week-end, order and pay for moving truck, then going back and cleaning and helping sis to pack her life up and finding money for her move as well and all the other stuff that goes with the “fantastic” thing called “moving”, because they needed to start the preps (clearing the electrical things, removing the left furniture, etc) for the renovations in autumn… Oh and after I had no proper time to find home to my two good tables, which I loved and cost me quite a bit, not to mention the chairs, the cupboard, my beloved sofa, because I have no place for them and which I pretty much lost…

Guess what?

The university let the office know that they will not do the renovation in those rooms this year…


I’m not even blaming the office, for I know how things are with them and I am convinced they would have not forced us out had there not been certainty of the need, for heck I know how hard it has been in that house the entire year. But I am blaming university. For fucking up 16 years of my life in close range and in long range.

For finding that little JOKE out, I started thinking – each time I’ve felt like screwup in my life, each time I had to do a 180 turn in my life, thinking I made a bad decision or wrong decision, guess whose decisions were the cause? UNIVERSITY!

When we had to deal with students that should have been removed from the dorm – university. When I had to quit on my last year, because they changed my contract and I lost the base to get student loan – university! When I was told that i had to take the last year in day study, when the clear reason I went in week-end study was because the daily study does not suit with my work life – university! When I was told I couldn’t change my major, because I was 2 points over the limit – university! THAT, by the way, they changed after I had talked with the supervisor, who told me I can do it, because I qualify… U.N.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y!

But this time… I don’t know. I laughed like an idiot, when I heard this one. I just spent 150 euros on moving, which I need for other areas of my life! I lost all the furniture I invested in, because I didn’t have sufficient time to search place for them! I feel like… like… God, this feeling doesn’t even have a name.



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