Movies and short story

I read a short story Bianca’s Plan by B.G.Thomas. Didn’t plan to, but I had downloaded it a while back when I was still testing out the Amazon Prime thing, and forgotten it. Until few days ago I felt like I needed a Christmas cheer (in the middle of summer – yay, me!) and read it.

Ok, so I know that because it is Christmas story, it was clear from the start that it was gonna be sweet and cute story and that’s exactly what it was, so if you are not into that, skip it. But if you want to read something really nice with lovable characters, who make you grin, then it’s a book for you. And the little twist in the end – just right cherry on the cake!

The only thing I’d note would be the fact that Gavin, Curtis and the other guy, Gerry?, sound too similar and made me go back several times to check if I was reading the right guy’s inner monologue or not. For 65 pages, it wasn’t that bad, it just irked a bit.

I’m remembering the author though – to check out other stuff, because the characters were really, really nicely written.

As of my own writing – it has been waiting in the corner until now. The moving, ending the contract at the dorm, took a bit more of my time than I expected, as usually such things do, and now we are moving mountains with my brother to make room for the furniture I brought over.  I just realized it’s already 8th.  We still have things to do, but if all goes well, perhaps I’ll start getting some time off starting Monday and can get back to my schedules. I did manage to get the Friday Flash Fiction up, which made me feel a bit better.

Also, when I was moving last week-end, I went to see two movies. Purge III and Independence Day II.

I must admit, I’m torn, when I think about the Purge – in general I really like the idea – horrific and makes you really think of the value of life and social statuses. But with this last one… It went too much into the clean cut movie script. And it screwed up.  With one character especially. You know those characters that are put into the movie to create emotional impact on the watcher? This movie had one – Joe Dixon. With his overly racist view (and I’m not exaggerating), the entire attitude he carried and the way the writer raised this particular character’s stakes – you could so do without it. It was embarrassing to watch and half of the movie I kept looking in other characters if this character could have been easily melted into them, for the truth is – the movie would have won from it. It was just so… so… stereotypical. Yes, that’s the word for it. There were other characters around him, like Marcos, Laney, Mrs Sabian, the old guy playing cards – all people with ethnic background and they were fine and then there was Joe and he did not work. I kept mulling over the reasons, why he didn’t work, for few days after seeing it, because I find it to be a very interesting case.

Then I went to see the Independence Day: Resurgence. I didn’t plan it, I just had few hours to kill. With the Purge still fresh in my head, I guess I kept my eye on characters that were put in for emotional impact with this movie. Most of them worked for me, especially the doctor duo, which was so freaking adorable it broke my heart, when one of them died. The scarf thing – oh how painful to the heart. I didn’t like though how they brought in all the kid characters from the previous movie and used them in all. It came off as fabricated and moldy a bit. Julius Levinson though – like meeting an old friend :).

I thought I would be more annoyed with the fact that it was clearly built scenario rather than being organic like Purge felt. Yet it was the opposite – the Independence Day movie script, for me, worked while Purge fell flat, yet they used the same techniques and they even had same type of jokes in them. Weird, huh? Well, I’m waiting for DVD now to watch them both again and to compare them again, for I have been meaning to make a movie study and at this point, I think I want to do it on Independence Day.





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