With the new homepage, although I doubt I can call it new as I’ve had it over half a year already, I realized that I haven’t had much time to actually write here. However, I have learned tons about managing my own page, making e-books and editing. And how to plan my time.

When I started the whole homepage thing, I confess, I thought I will run into error pretty much after I have started it, making it into another dead end project.  I am very pleased that somehow I have managed to work out a schedule and it is working nicely so it won’t be a dead end project. I know I still have a lot to fix there, and I am working on it, but in general it has become pretty much what I was hoping for. Maybe tweaking the design later a bit.

Another good thing to announce, although  a bit late duo all the work we’ve been doing in my day job, for something has to pay rent too 😀 , I have a book out! My very first one. If you click the image, it will open the window to my Amazon page – I still can’t believe I have that! – and you can buy it from there.


gargoyle amazon finished

Selene Ferguson is falling off the wagon. Her life has taken step for the worst and now she shares her living space with rats, cockroaches and a singing neighbor, who wakes up at three. Not to mention the odd pair two doors left, whose colorful arguments rock the small community every passing hour for the past two days.

Enter – a goblin! With simple enough task for the lady – open a box and get paid for it. Selene is no simpleton to forget the mistakes of Pandora, but with money running out faster than sand through the fingers, she decides to close her eyes and just do it. She doesn’t know what this little box is for and little does she care.

Until the distraction that box was suppose to create in the hall is suddenly hunted down by a gargoyle…

I know the first book was supposed to be Third Law. I haven’t set it aside yet. Only, this book’s editing ended before that and I decided not to wait. In truth, I have one book more that is edited to its last form, so I am planning to let it out before Midsummer’s Eve, as the book itself is about Midsummer. Sad news to my English readers though – that book is in Estonian. I do have English version too, but as that is only the first draft, then this will stay as free read on the homepage. Or, let me rephrase it – it will come there as free reading instead of Estonian, which will be published soon.

Another news, I am adding this blog into the schedule list. I was thinking… Sundays are still free? 😀 I am learning how to use the Tasks in Google Calendar. The last week has been under the star of removing and learning how to use the new writing systems next to Scrivener. I like that program, but it has become clear that if I want to be productive, then I need to arrange myself somewhat more relyable system than my hardware is at the moment. Too many blue screens and other problems, which both send my brother into laughing fits. So to make up to it, I am moving my writing around, organizing my writing and how I write, schedule the homepage things and see that I have few off days there too.


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