My body confidence came from drag queens

There is a lot of talk about this toilet problem in US and what or what isn’t drag and who are drag queens and what danger they are, etc. I find the whole issue very stupid.

So I thought I’d ad something more positive in the punch.

You know all this talk about how the models in the magazines are bad role models for girls. I sure do. And in a way I agree – for despite knowing that they are also women, so thus I can’t say that they are bad examples of women, for they are just one type of women out of many, who are preferred for that type of magazines… In short, they aren’t making any fuller figure confident that they can be seen as pretty too, despite most being working moms and otherwise good women, who just do their jobs.

I was no different. I have had issues with it and still do every now and then. I can’t help it. But one thing is different. I don’t get sick over it like I used to. Instead, I remember a movie. And one particular character from there played by Terence Stamp – Bernadette Bassenger.


Bernadette is a lovely older drag queen from a movie called The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. What makes her so special to me, is that the way she carried herself made me realize that I can be whoever I wanted and that people might not like it, but there is always whiners and it does not involve me. She might not be perfect all the way, but I would still suggest every girl to watch that movie, for it shows none of us is perfect, but you can make it one way or the other.

Drag queens are good examples for girls. Not because they are the prettiest in the world, though some of them – oh wow!, but because they put up a lot of shit from both men and women and still they have the courage to be themselves. That takes guts. So each time I feel like I’m failing, because some pretty picture is sore to the eye, I think of her, where she traveled, how she kept herself going and how she held her head up high even in the most remote areas. She wasn’t overflowing with confidence, but she had mother-load of guts. And that’s what every girl needs.

There are tons of other women characters too, whom I look up to, like Delenn from Babylon 5, Jessica from Murder She Wrote, Barb Henrickson from Big Love,  Carol from Walking Dead, Dorothy from Dr. Quinn, Dowager Countess from Downton  Abby, Lagertha from Vikings, Stahma Tarr from Defiance, Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter, Helen Mirren, Judy Dench – there are so many good women and female characters to show to our girls. But when it comes to facing the society’s prejudices, for let’s face it – prejudice and scorn does not care about sex, age or who you are – then they have nothing to put up against drag queens.

So, chins up, spark in your walk and may those high heels never fail you!





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