LGBT and work (little rant)

As Nano came back roaring in my life, it has been a bit cramped with everything else going on. Yet I still manage somehow consume books and find things that stand out.

Things like… work.

First thing that caught my attention and left me fuming for few days was a simple work interview in a LGBT book. Although I could fathom, why the author had put it the way it was, it still somehow managed to either bring back some old feelings or create new connections which just blew my mind.

The situation was this: company’s boss personally hires a man, whom they have checked thoroughly. Seems it’s a closing deal, just talking with someone they’ve already decided on. So. Everything’s super. Then the interviewee suddenly states: “I am gay. If this company is homophobic or has problems with gay, I’m not working for you.” and I keep staring at those lines with gaping mouth. I quickly turned the page to read what the boss answered. Why would you say that? How should somebody react to something like that? Because it seems to me that was… it was… Honestly…

What answer would you give if you were employer and the person you interview gives you this kind of ultimatum in the end. First thing that came in my mind was “I’m hetero, do you have problem with that? Do you need special care that you feel you have to point that out?”. Yup, sarcastic, but would give the point I would be aiming – why differentiate yourself like that in the first place? The other reaction I had was to ask without thinking “Did you get your qualifications through bedroom action? For I see no other reason why that is relevant otherwise.” It just struck me as really odd thing to do. It felt like an attack, a promise of a future with someone, who will use their sex life as an excuse should other problems arise.

Yet the rest of the book went nice and smoothly and left me saying aww many, many times and in the end  I understood why that was put the way it had. Sure thing, it irritated, but now that I think of it – quite for the right way. For I did think how I would react in the place of the employer. Truthfully, I would rather not be in such situation, because my sarcastic tone would run wild.



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