No silverware anywhere

Let’s talk about cleaning. I was thinking of writing about how I’ve found myself a new writer, whose character building  I seriously love, but I think I’m leaving this for another day, because, hello, I found something else to fume about.

Let us talk about cleaning. Yup. You know, that mundane thing that should be part of every grownup’s daily life. I should be editing, by the way, but I think I have to leave it aside for a bit, for I can’t stand this any longer.

Have you ever felt like disowning someone, because they can’t keep a clean house? I’m not talking about kids-just-played-so-their-stuff-is-around or just-finished-cooking-so-the-kitchen’s-a-mess situation. I’m talking about called-you-in-to-cook-but-the-pan-is-rendered-useless and no-silverware-anywhere.  I actually the last callout, so I’m using it for the title too.

I have seen messy rooms. Like, really horridly messy rooms, because I worked as the administrator. But it never chesses to amaze me how there is one person closer to home, who has the same serious problem, and it always ends up in an argument that often ends with two sentences: “Stop butting in my personal life” and “I am too busy, I can’t deal with this now.” Yeah. Nice. But the big problem that I see in it, is that the mess is in the room I rent and I can’t even stay over, because my bed is covered foot high pile of stuff, on top of which is a chair with its legs facing the ceiling!

I was flabbergast. Still am. It’s my place that I pay for, to start with, but I left it in condition that was clean and fresh, needed little maintenance and was meant as a nice room, where niece could  sit behind the table to draw or use the sofa (which is my favorite with brown golden glow – fantastic piece of furniture!) for reading while she was working on something else in the kitchen.

But what I found just took my breath away, because not only has she turned it into a horror show, she is putting up a bad example for my niece. And those two combined makes me feel like kicking her. Especially in the light of the current news that we may have to move out this summer due construction plans and this means I need to repack everything in there in order to move my stuff back home. Which, in long term might have way different results, but I’m not going into detail on that yet. I couldn’t even find a spoon… And all that because she is too busy to deal with cleaning her apartment! Out of which half is on my name…

You could say I am pissed off. Enough to go there tomorrow and sort it out myself, because having a messy house is one thing, having to keep your windows covered so others wouldn’t see it is a totally different story. And it seriously makes my skin crawl that my niece sees this as example for living style.

So. Ladies. After this 500 words of burst of anger, here’s a little old fashioned reminder – your house is your castle. YOUR CASTLE. It is your domain witch you have to learn to run like a small business in order it to thrive and bring fruit!  It might seem like old fashioned view on life, but your house should be clean. You are example to your kids – there are messes you can tolerate and then there are things you should never be caught with. “Are you making anthrax?” can be funny quote from Stepford Wives, but it takes a whole new meaning if it is the first thing you can think about, when seeing your home being turned into messy storage room for Lost Things.

The key to it is never let it get so bad! You think it’s hard? No, it’s not! So you’re not Martha Stewart – who of us is? Even she has house full of people, whose full job is keeping her looking as pristine as she is! I don’t have that time either and yet our house doesn’t have hidden rooms or cupboards that are flowing over! Why? Because I can’t stand the mess around me! And I probably never will understand those, who do.

Yes, I was messy kid when I was growing up too. It’s no excuse! You never get on track with your life if you keep blaming the bad health (I was born with arthritis and depending on the season I can’t even bend over), inability to concentrate (I have a focus of a gold fish – look! The sun looks funny!), no time (I have full time job, plus my hobbies include animals and writing, plus anything else I feel like doing at that time), no interest (no excuse there) or god knows what else. Starting is the hardest, isn’t it?

Ok, so there is this huge feminist “idea” going around how doing housework is pressured on us by men. Here’s the little truth on that light – doing your part in the house, or keeping your house clean has fucking nothing to do with feminism. It has to do with the fact that you own a space that you use as your personal threshold for this world and you are grown up, responsible enough and respect YOURSELF enough to keep it clean!

You think we were born with this ability? No, we were not. But I respect myself too much to live in a hellhole. I take pride in my life and pride in my surroundings and despite all the modern talk about being prisoner of your house or “tossing the glove back at men” (VERY rich coming from queen of rubbish mountain) I do believe that it is not in our character to be messy – it is thinking this through to yourself and understanding that you are person worthy more than a big mess in your home.

I don’t think I ever understood clearly what it meant to keep a house before I truly embraced paganism in my life. Yeah, I know, it’s religious, but before your rebel against it – pagans treat their home as their temples. You don’t want deities to come in a dirty place, so you keep it clean. Never messed my home up again. Plus watching punch of 1940s educational videos made me realize that they did have a point in one thing – our grandmothers learned it in school. Maybe we should too, and so I ‘m ending this from one lady’s speech from that era ED movie, which made most sense:

“Poor people can’t afford mess – accidents can happen and diseases will spread that you can’t afford paying for. Keeping your household clean, maintaining your family’s health and money frugally, being prepared for unexpected is your best bet not having to pay extra on things you could avoid.”


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