Any idea will do

With April Nano only weeks away and still having a big portion for editing on Third Law book, I’ve been thinking on new ideas and about the book ideas that have yet to realize themselves for me. Like the next Gargoyle book – with last Nano I got the words, but I managed to get stuck too, for there is just so much of sitting one gargoyle can tolerate.

But as I am constantly searching something new now, and my own life doesn’t support much writing, although Friday Flash Fiction is something I want to do anyway, just to see that I am capable of doing something periodic (just added new chapter!), so I’ve been doing a lot of short story reading and behold, they are full of surprises.

I know there is a lot of arguments over trash literature still, most likely endless topic, but I don’t really care any more. Classic and serious is good and classic for a reason, but it doesn’t always give me that simple funny attitude or break your heart in one quick slash. And lately especially I have been reading a lot from Japanese authors, and Chinese and Korea and Thai. It’s like a drug, an undiscovered world of wonders.

A friend of mine is contemplating on making a comic book. So cheering for her! It is a serious distraction. 😛  Just wanted this out and about, because I’m so happy for it!

One thing that they have taught me, despite being mostly fancy superficial literature, is that they have far less fear over ideas that might not work than we do. Because i often do random reading in that field, I read both mangas and short stories and so this was my pick of things that made me laugh only this last week:

  • All boys school bus ends up in an accident that hurts a local fertility shrine. So in revenge, spirits (?) make parts of their souls switch bodies in the form of switching their genitalia.
  • A super hero story, where from another realm come over huge blushy toys that can’t speak. The story description goes: it is black and white, huge, has red horns, and I keep thinking – oh, nice! A cow! Did you guessed it? No, it was a penguin with red horns. In the end it humored me more than anything in a while and I read the story through.
  • An underwear seller tries to sell his products by demonstrating it on himself in a high class business office. You wouldn’t believe, but that was very innocent story.
  • A younger brother sends two packages to folks back home – small girl clothes to his sister and automatic gun replicas to his friend. Packages get switched around.
  • Janitor cleaning space shift in space after space battle.

The point is, I’ve been often looking at my own ideas and discarding them for being too silly or perhaps not developed enough. Reading them, watching my own reaction on how they make me laugh or surprise me despite the silliness or stupidly repetitive pattern, I realized that one can indeed write anything they like. That not everything has to be dead serious or tragic. It does give you confidence to test out even the worst ideas, because the truth is – there are readers for it even when you don’t think there will be. And maybe some are like me – they gladly read tearjerkers, and then pick up something like penguins with horns.


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