Snippets in paganism

I am revoking my altar.

I woke up last week knowing I want my altar space back. That I was missing a large part of my life and I wanted it back. So. I am reorganizing my workspace so to get the free open shelf top where I can burn  candles and put some spells in action. I already got my altar stuff brought over and spent the evening besides celebrating Fastelavn (that’s the term the Wiki is giving me, but in basic it’s Shrove Tuesday) cleaning my goddess figure and candle holders. That’s her on the picture. 😀 I still love it so much!


What happened with it was that I moved back home, but I don’t have so much space here to erect a full altar and with everything taking place at that time, it sort of left my mind. I did perform rituals to Freya in open air, but I didn’t have any permanent altar. And now I do want it back again.

With this I took time to think how long I’ve actually worked with her. Takes some counting really. I know that at some point, I was heavily influenced by Hestia, and still am, but her… I think I had my first inkling that I’m interested in her when I was in 10th grade.  And that’s close to 15 years ago. I guess I’ve found whom I belong to :).


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