A week of rest

Or, more like a life story going “how the wind played ping bong with electricity and I got a stomach flue.”

The last part was a mystery to me – I haven’t gone out from the house besides the few hours for the shopping, but oddly I’d spent two days with serious headache. Then a very bad day spent curved over the sink and sleeping and then it was gone leaving a mild headache… Never seen a stomach bug like this before.

However, if the first part of the week I ignored the pc because it was safer not to turn it on, and my laptop is apparently only a vessel of good will, then the second part was duo the headache turning seeing anything bright into hell on earth. So despite my enthusiasm to spend the last three weeks before publishing (the last week I was hoping to let it rest a bit) doing the last edit, I’ve already lost 4 days. No biggy, I still have time.

I have finally got so far that the homepage gets updates almost daily, which is nice. Including the Friday Flash Fiction! I admit it gave me a good headache of its own earlier – seemed like a fun idea, until I realized I just went for it without any prep and now pretty much wrote myself in a corner. So, I cropped out two chapters and wrote them again and now it ran in a completely different direction making me a very happy little camper.

I’m thinking… future plans… I think I want to publish the Gargoyle story next… Like, before April CampNaNoWriMo arrives… Too soon? I don’t know… I just feel suddenly that I want to do that one too so it would start coming out sooner and then I could come out with the second book by Oktober or so… I’m still thinking, ok?

Might just be that i might wanna write something completely different for April Nano. Nothing’s decided yet.

But that’s it for now. Just wanted to share that I’m still here, still working and still writing. Gotta keep writing. Keeps lots of doctors away. At least that’s what brother suggests.


Oh, and if you ever think of going to see “The Good Dinosaur” – think twice, for it was a shock bolt out of the blue to my niece. She very much wanted to see it, so I took her, and after the movie she held a long pause, then turned to me and said: “This was a very sad movie.”

It sure is sad – it was like overdoing dramatic situations. You know how writers like to do those lists of “choose what can mess up your character’s life”? You wouldn’t think to find that entire list in a kid’s cartoon, which by the trailer and techs you would never guess would be far more dramatic than many grownup movies! Weird is, I don’t mind such drama in children’s books, for there you get time to explain to them if they ask or the kid has time to come in terms with reading what they read and take it in their own stride, but on screen…

THE GOOD DINOSAURAlthough, I must admit, the little girl repeating the triceratops (birch bark like!) on the screen saying “Hemorrhoids” did make the mothers laugh next to me until one of their kids went so into the movie that each time the dog-human howled on the screen, he answered, which humored the rest of the theater a lot the entire movie. But in general, I’d seriously consider twice showing it to any kid under age of 13 for it was way too dramatic for a kid’s show.

And now is time for bed, for I have to get up early again tomorrow and then, after the work is done, I have days of editing to make up to.




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