Social bulling – die out!


I skipped Facebook again. I only check mail there every now and then, but I keep away from news feed.  At least until US has chosen their president. Oh my, I just checked that’s on 8th of November. I guess I’ll be back sooner.

It’s just so irritating. I kinda see what they mean by Facebook changes your character and makes you feel like you don’t belong and makes it all too personal to deal with. I have friends from very opposing walks of life and I’m yet again amazed ho similar they are when they try to show the other side as meek and weird, or stupid or ignorant. And it pisses me off so much! It also makes me sad, because what I see right now is how the “bullied” are “bullying” the “ignorant and stupid”.

407832I have spoken about this before – the attitude that one can be turned into object of mockery for having an opinion that clashes with general society should not be encouraged. Rather, it’s pathetic and sad.

Such behavior does not show your support on minority, it shows that you are same as them – you punish and humiliate to show a point. That’s not a point. That’s you being sadist towards your fellow human being. It also shows that you “must howl with the wolves” unless you wish to become the next object of their social righteousness should your opinion be different.

Plus you do nothing more than assure them that they work for the right thing – how can they not if they get so much feedback from the society by fighting for their cause? If you want them to stop, don’t give them support, but don’t give them free publicity either, for even negative response is a response and that’s exactly what they want, to keep you talking about them. Instead of sending them stuff “to prove your point by humiliating”, do spend that money on something you want to help instead. That’s the only way you can make them stop – no funds, no big projects. See how sending dildos just gave them a new reason for a video?

EUGsdY4I don’t quite see how being upset for being ridiculed, even if you did deserve it, can be brushed off as having a tantrum. We are trying to give on the message that THEY should stop humiliating others based on their values – why do you do it then? Why do you, the fighter for your “better” cause go out such length to give them their own medicine? Didn’t you just pick up their behaviorism? Newsflash – that means they won, because you changed, not them!

Yeah, and to see how many supporters such hate campaigns carry while I’m like screaming from the edge of a bog really makes me want to turn around and go back to that bog and never show my face to the human kind again.

Mostly because I know how it feels to be in the receiving end. I know what it feels like to be targeted and made fun of half of your day every week-day and I have never forgotten. Thus I may not agree with what they do, but I don’t pick up stones to throw, for that would make me same with them. And god be my witness, I don’t want to be same with them.  It doesn’t make me weak person – it shows that I know what I don’t like.

And it shows that I refuse to carry on their way of life by taking it over and doing it for them. But as long as you don’t see it, I will keep away from Facebook, for at this point I’m after blood, and I am ashamed for having friends like that. Strange is, I like those friends and I love them outside Facebook, but knowing them inside Facebook makes me really feel like it really brings out the worst in people.

stitchWant me to pro-something? Stop comparing yourself to what you want to be different from! Show me how you are different! Feminist? Stop trashing men – that’s not what feminism is about, but it sure feels like it seeing the photo show. Oh, and, uh, that girl in dreadlocks? She’s actually a guy. Plus, despite the “freedom of speech”, I don’t think your menstrual cycle is not something you post in public for view. Doesn’t mean it’s offensive, for hey, we’re all women, but what goes on in your panties should be private.

Racist problems – you do know there are other races besides African too, right? And they get offended too. If you can’t answer the question, “would I say this to my fellow black without it offending them?” then don’t assume it won’t offend others. And I hear one more “they deserve this”, then here’s a newsflash for you – 2/3 of the world had no connection to what went on in US and thus “they=other races” is going overboard. I’m so tired of it! When was the last time you said see- there are decent people among other races too! I keep seeing those posts that give you “oh, look, white trash, or white idiot” and really feel irked, because I’m white too. Why does it come as a surprise that after you treat us like that we want to have anything to do with you? It has nothing to do with race, it’s basic human emotion – I want nothing to do with people, who humiliate others. Unless you’re sadist in sexual play, in which case… see, even there I have exceptions. But outside that – no. Period.

407832Which brings me to religious freedom speakers. At least change the pictures you use to trash the other party? The week I decided I had enough of it all I got 4 posts carrying the same image and different message. SAME IMAGE! And what was the message?

Just for the off note. I found myself testing out an alto recorder! That was awesome! I’ve been doing some fingering here and there again, with results that on some instruments my fingers STILL don’t reach the C hole and ain’t that grand? My old nemesis of short fingers are back.

14fc58c8857f5cb039e94ef5df489b3fSo I’ll see you when this irking irritation irrupts and erodes somebody else’s’ mind. Until then, enjoy Stitch, for that’s what I’m gonna go and watch to make my mood better and my trust to humanity seem less shaken again. I mind you, I could have filled this with zombies as well ;).




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