Memorable authors of 2015

It’s the time of the year, when you get a lot of those little elections going on, so I thought about it long and hard as well. In a sense of not of the best book that came out of this year, but the best book amongst those that I have read. My Goodreads account doesn’t really mirror any more of what I read, for it has become more like making lists that don’t hold enough reasoning for existing for me. Plus I can always think-do something else on the time I’d otherwise spend on making lists.

But I like lists.

So here are my favorites of 2015. As I was writing LGBT story this year, I read a lot from their bookshelf. That’s all the explanation for you. Also, I’m giving you authors, not their exact work, because if I found one I liked I pretty much rampaged through their lists. It’s more of a list of those, who managed to surprise me somehow.

1) Artemis Wolffe and Mercy May– This duo is a weird punch as far as it goes with my regular reading. First of all, I never thought I’d pick up a book about tigers seducing bears, whom them fall pregnant. All males. This is probably, why I put them first, for not only did I read through the one I bought, I went and got and read more. And now I’m happily waiting for the next installment of the series…

If that doesn’t say times change, then I don’t know what does. Because I don’t like shifter stories and the male pregnancy is horrid idea, and… and now I’m reading it and don’t mind it at all. Go figure! But they truly make you part of their characters and I like how they have written the books – not overbearing, not in-your-face, the characters don’t jump out of their characters… mostly. Even the tiny mistakes don’t bother me. So yeah, I’m setting them here as first for that.

2) R.L. Mathewson – Neighbors From Hell series. I once already wrote about her works some time back, but, well, she is one of my picks of the year. Her books are one of those that you’d love to toss aside because they don’t seem very deep at first site. And, well, I can agree with that.

But that doesn’t stop you from reading on, because what she lacks (for me) in the debts of her heroines, she fully compensates with humor which does make you turn that page and which does make you laugh in the middle of the night. Because you were up again reading her book. I love her works because of that. Not tragic, but life full of laughter and relationships are as serious as ever.

3) Aiden Bates – Alphas and Omegas. Oh boy. I thought for a long time if to put him here or not. And here he is! To be honest, he is here not because I’m overly fond of his writing style. Or characters. Or story buildups. He writes about wolves. He is cocky and demanding attention in levels that irritate me. Plus the publishing propaganda he uses is not really my forte.

Yet I keep checking his lists if he has new releases and yet I read his books one after another. I read them through, hate them in the end, go back and the cycle starts again. I am guessing he is my this year’s guilty pleasure, for I don’t know what drives me to go back for his stories if I don’t like them and I can’t for the life of me figure out, why I keep coming back to this author. I guess he cracked something in me and now I’m just trying to figure him out. Which is fine by me – I hardly choose my reading list based on quality. It’s the feeling I get from them and, well, as much as I hate to admit it, he somehow delivers. So keep up your work! And I’ll keep loving-hating you with guts.

4) Edgar Allan Poe –  Classic. The year before it was Lovecraft, now it’s Poe. I don’t think he needs much explanation or reason to be in anybody’s list, but here he is  and I’m reading him, reading his follower’s works and enjoying them.  perhaps because I’ve been watching so many horror movies that they have become a bit boring. So back to classics I guess, because if you start reading them, oh my, do they surprise you. Mostly because their moral compass was in a whole different direction

5) John Truby – According to Amazon this guy has only 1 book out and that is The Anatomy of Story. That’s probably because his real work is not writing books. But I am dead thankful that he did write this one. I got the book several years ago, but it wasn’t until last year that it became a staple of my diet. I kept bringing it everywhere, and now it is sitting in front of me and I’m wondering if I need a new copy. Love it. Absolutely love it. It has changed a lot how I see stories and how I build them and for that he gets to sit in my writer’s list.

And that’s my list!


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