(If you are following the homepage, I’m sorry, this sort of repeats the news section sometimes)

With a new year come new challenges and hopes and dreams!

As you can see my homepage (<<- Follow the link here) has taken a month worth pause on updates. Mostly duo my daily job. However, the pause is over now and starting with the first Sunday of this year, the updates should become regular once more. So who hasn’t visited yet or would like to join – now’s the time!

I hoped by now to have good news on upcoming publications, but editors are humans too and they too have had their daily life to struggle with, so unfortunately we are still waiting updates on anthologies.

As of a complete book of my own – the editing of Huntsman’s Daughter  is 2/3rd done and I am planning on getting it out there on 29th of February. Yes, folks, I’m giving you a real deadline for an unpublished book! Still so much to do yet, but no point of waiting forever.

Here’s the pitching for the Huntsman’s Daughter.

Huntsman’s Daughter tells a mystery story with romantic and paranormal elements of Evelyn Helder, who has a mission – stop her father. Easier said than done, when her plans are neatly crushed by Saul-Erik Reigner, a man, whose only mission is to protect his people and doing so, he sees no place for a chemist, who has invaded his territory with a secret that puts them all in danger.

What else? I’ve been in writing mood lately too. I am still reading the 9 Day Novel book – still getting pissed over the personal input, but like the method. So yeah, I hope to keep this working schedule as long as possible before the rest of my life goes boom boom again. Which it most likely will do. So yeah, working mood! Woohoo!


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