Canceling Christmas

I really feel like Christmas has been canceled this year. Like no feeling of excitement, no expectations, no hopes and no guests. All have canceled their visits. So guess what? This year we got a classic food on the table, an actual fir tree, work is finished except packing duty tomorrow and then…

I don’t know. At this point I feel more like continuing my daily life and wondering if perhaps indeed is time to pack up all those traditions filled Wheel of the Year calendar books I used to study and face the facts – there is no place for traditions in modern world. Especially in speed of news this week announcing how one or another country has declared celebrating Christmas a crime punishable up to 5 years in prison and how every other profound spiritual or non-spiritual person in my FB list is trying to raise awareness how “Jesus was not white” and “We wouldn’t have Jesus Christ if Joseph and Mary were refused the entry” or “I wish Happy Holidays because there are 23 holidays held during December.”

Really an end of an era. I celebrated Yule, so I want to tell others that I’m celebrating Yule, but people stare holes in you if you say out of tradition “Merry Christmas” and remind you with irony that “you forgot to say Happy Holidays, or if you happen to be not among so polite folks, they tell you upfront that me celebrating Yule is an insult to them, because they are not celebrating it.

How is my celebration insulting to you if I know full well you don’t celebrate it, but as it is my happy day I wish to share it with you too?  I am happy if you have a holiday – you are having a joyful day. Can’t you just acknowledge that I have a holiday? Even if it doesn’t mean much to you? The fact that I can’t share it anymore, have to hide what holiday I am celebrating so it wouldn’t wound somebody else is really sucking the joy out of it. Why must we put on a mask as if we are all celebrating the same holiday when we all know we are not? What’s the issue? We each have our own ways and it is absolutely normal. So wish me Happy Hanukkah, Happy Emperor’s Birthday, Happy Mouloud,  Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Merry Yule, Blessed Be the Day, Quaid-e-Azam Day – you name it, I don’t mind! Share your culture with me, you don’t have to hide your holiday, because somebody thinks of it insulting. I don’t want featureless Holidays.

Traditions are being swept under the carpet, hidden underground, because they are treated like enemies, rudiments of the past that are nothing but insults to modern man. Make it all by one form so we can all be happy? Does that make us happy?

Sure doesn’t make me happy. And I really want to box up my Wheel of the Year and calendar books on traditions now. Maybe some day our great grandchildren find them and realize that before the mundane “we all should follow one thing” we had bunglingly rich world of traditions, scents, recipes, meanings that are forever lost, because we fear to insult somebody else by being who we are. But by then it will be too late.




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