Oishi! Or, rather…

We’ve been without internet for a week. The stormy week has been nasty, but as expected for autumn storm. Maybe slightly over the usual though, but still tolerable. However, it took the internet away, so I’ve spent my time doing all sorts of weird stuff.

Like finally getting around and testing out anko from azuki beans and mochi.

Actually, for anko it’s second time. First time I tried somebody’s “easy” way and, well, blew it, because it turned out horrible – the taste was there, but the texture was not. So this time I searched out my only Japanese food book I have and painstakingly translated the German into Estonian and did it again. That book is give out in 80s and although I keep it more like a totem item, as it isn’t really that good, the second patch came out just as they described in the text! I think I could let the beans boil a little longer next time and still try out mashing them up better, but the taste is totally there and I’m super happy about it.

Even niece liked it after I convinced her that the weird scent of it can be ignored and she tasted it. But as she’s still not home with the taste of it (can’t say I’m 100 percent there either as beans in sweet form is quite unknown around here), I made two extra small patches where I added gingerbread spice mix and another with cocoa. The last one was rather nice though.

But the mochi went down the drain. Or, more like it’s in the first stage of anko – something went wrong and I’m not sure exactly what.

To start with, I should seriously stop looking at any recipe that starts with word “easy”. It’s like asking advice from a devil! Not one of those “easy” recipes have worked for me and I always end up searching the hard way, the classical way, and then it works. No shortcuts in cooking! Yeah, as if I don’t know that nothing is there without a reason.

I took the “easy mochi” recipe for testing – followed the recipe to the letter and at first it looked as if it worked. And then we tasted it and well, thank god I don’t do big patches when I’m in testing stage. The hardest part will probably be convincing my niece to give it a second chance. I know something went wrong, because the taste wasn’t even close to what I had years ago.

So, some time in the near future, after I’ve done my homework again, I’ll give it another try and sincerely hope it gives me better results and finally something good. Or rather, I wonder if there is anyone in Tartu right now, who could actually teach me if I showed up on their doorstep?


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