I saw something. I just want to mark it down. So I just want to remember that I saw it.

A pair of see-through boots walking through past the gap between two tables. Lasted few seconds. Then I turned around and saw brother walk in. Scared me half to death.

It’s not a fist time I’ve seen something in this house. It’s more of a feeling and it is weird. Just like the house.

Why I want to mark it down, is because the last two things I remember also happened around the end of November.

First appearance was few years back. We have a window door we use for summer for better airing. It was still on the door, because the November was rather warm. I went into the hall, which is just through the small entry hall in front, when something caught my eye in the garden. Something that looked like a fog figure, standing on the spot where we had to take an old plum tree down. I watched it few seconds, then it turned and walked away, vanishing almost instantly.

The other case was inside the house last year. We have a small room that has 5 doors. It’s an old entry where goods were downloaded and later it was entry to a small village shop and post office. Yeah, the house has some history, but important part is that this little, 7 by 7 feet large room has 5 doors. I had just closed all the doors, because it is important to our work not to keep them open and I went to fetch something. Suddenly I felt like somebody went past me  behind my back. This seriously horrid feeling and goosebumps, but when I flew around, of course nothing was there. Can’t explain it, but it was weird, because despite the 5 doors, you don’t get breeze there and so far I hadn’t felt anything unpleasant either.

So, those boots are a third thing. Sounds mysterious? Well, if you solve this…


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