Half books

I did it. Two half-books to add in the series I’m working on.

I actually had it all planned out, the book I started with. However, about half way through I found my characters sitting by coffee cups, neatly sipping their drinks and having an info dump. Took a refreshed look on that story, what was to follow that conversation with a tea cup, and realized that about two scenes further they are yet again back in that kitchen and having coffee!

So it dulled my mind with puzzlement for a while until I left it to sit  and picked up another book idea from the same series and worked on that one instead. Why not? The series is the same and if it goes right, it will have at least 6 full separate standing romantic stories to boast with. I know what has to go in which book – wow, that much I actually know! – and thus I see no problem skipping the second book for now and giving it another try in April Nano. Or in spring anyway. Currently, even getting the 50k together has been a struggle of its own duo suddenly piled up work.

Which means that I’ve still a promise to fulfill. It’s on my desk, printed out, large red words saying “I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU” written on top. Because after I gave a promise of taking a look at it inside a week, behold, several of them have suddenly passed and I am yet to do so. Well, now that Nano is done, I am doing it. I’m sorry about that.

But as it is with the gargoyle series – it’s thrilling to work with and despite the odd revelations like “family member can’t wake them up if they have exchange program for their youth” it has been most interesting project I’ve dealt with in a while.

We’ll see how this week goes. Despite the workload I made sure to get as many words as possible in order to finish it today, because my entire family has got some kind of cold and it’s catchy. I’ll probably be sick in just a day or two. So, having sniffles while you need words down – not a workable combo. I seriously want to return to editing my important stand alone story so I can feel good enough to start offering it out, or publish myself if need would rise. I have 2 volumes out of three re-written.

I also got an exiting idea about a short series, because I’m searching ideas for an anthology that is accepting submissions soon and saw that aside with my gargoyles and few other general ideas, I happen to have one more that would be rather cute thing to explore. So I spent jotting that one down today as well. Yeah, talk about giving up writing. You’ll see me doing that my share, but in reality, I don’t think I’ll be able to. Too damn entwined with the heart.

Plus, now that Nano is done, I am turning back to adding new stuff on the homepage, because thanks to going deeper in the Hatangy world, I have character profiles to add and new info on the continent and stories.


Here’s the proof. Finished. Done. Enough. I’m off to bed.




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