Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, who is a catch!

Or, my little adventure in the world of Amazon book covers!

After realizing the little fact that I’m serious about getting some stories out there on Amazon, I realized with the same breath that I have no knowhow those book get their covers!

Lately I’ve been an avid reader in shifter books! Still not much of a fan, but I guess I needed to challenge my senses and needed some love, so I just picked them up randomly and started going through them. I think I had some alter motivation too, like how different authors deal with changes when creatures shift, despite the fact that I’ve got no story to set that in. No matter – it just interest me.

But as I’m currently interested on what and how the covers are made,  half of my brain is munching through them with keen interest on positions, propositions, styles, how letters are set, if the backcovers are there, the sides… And models!

It is one thing to see one model on cover of all the books in one series – even better when the image alters a bit and looks as if, for example, the guy or girl is taking their clothes off or when basically the entire series keeps to a certain style. However, when you read all those keen little promises those folks give, who make you the cover, like how you get all rights to use it as you want and get the rights on the images used on the picture… I’m not so sure about that… Maybe the world has changed since I read the copyright law on images and such a thing like “full rights on the images used” isn’t the same any more… Or my eyes are just playing me tricks, for despite not minding staring at some of the fine models they use, but there are rather many, who have the exact image of that model on as well…

So, as I’m 17k into my Nano right now, my brain is not working with me on that level and feeding me ideas on all the wrong stories, I found myself scanning through Amazon again for already familiar model with his jacket on in wonder if I can puzzle together that line of photos and maybe, just maybe I can see the whole series of him taking it off… 😀 😀

While I’m working on that, here’s another curio in the game of covers. A lovely model that keeps popping up! Well done, who ever you are! I’ll just call you Mr. Cross, duo the nice tattoo you carry. But hey, if you’ve got a winning image, you gotta show it and well, that image is indeed a winner 🙂 .

I’m not making any book review, mind me, so how good or bad one or other is plays no difference – I just wanted to see how many same image covers can I find! 😀 I will, however, make links through images on their Amazon book page so if you find it interesting, you can follow and see what the books are about. 😀

Ok, I’m off to snicker myself to sleep now, for even I didn’t expect such a catch in an hour long hunt 😀 . Amazon, you amaze me again and taught me a valuable lesson on both how important it is to choose the right guy for your cover and how important it is to choose someone to make your cover who doesn’t only own one image… Or, on a second thought, how little daylight is given to a novel’s cover that is meant to entertain not more than few hours of your life.

Oh, and a sidenote on that – did you know that humans are wired to recognize others by bodies? Thus, even if you don’t have any ink or mark on you, but you have muscles that stand out, then you can bet that cutting off the head does nothing – you can still be recognized in all adorable positions the cutter-paster has put you in. Which is pretty much note to myself for the future: rule 1 – one man can’t cover all the books on the series.

But enough – have fun and enjoy the gorgeous model doing his job well 🙂 .







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