When you wonder why …

Atticus said once: “You can choose your friends but you sho’ can’t choose your family.”

Well, how about this bucket?

Went for grandpa’s birthday. This morning, at breakfast my cousin began snorting, telling laughingly how he read from Facebook about his friend buying this ridiculously expensive special made bow for her daughter, special made and all and why buy something so pointlessly…

Something fucking snapped in me. “Yeah, mine arrived last week!”

Mom didn’t even understand we were talking about the same bow, going on how the big longow was too big for me, but my cousin’s and his woman’s face said we were talking about the same thing.

So I have nothing more to say aside this:

FUCK YOU! It is my fucking birthday gift, you brick! My fucking 30th birthday gift! The one neither of you bothered to acknowledge! FUCK YOU!


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