New homepage and Buzzer Chick Rifle

blogy back originalYeah, another one. Hopefully one that remains and finally sticks.  This, up there, is what the main theme is.

I have actually been thinking about it for a long time now, to get one that is permanent in a sense that I don’t rename it, readdress it, redo it, abandon it altogether. So far, shame to admit, I’ve done just that – filled in half, got discouraged and abandoned it. I don’t think it’s because I didn’t want a homepage. It’s just I don’t think I had anything to put in there. Well,  I have the stories and I do post them every now and then, but besides that…

With this one, I started completely from the other end. Made sure I knew my options, at the moment free versions, but hey that’s an option too, made sure I knew what I wanted it to look like, reread some basic CSS and HTML not to run into mud pool again and made sure I have minimal amount of graphics that can feed off the entire page without running off in despair, because I simply  don’t have that much time to spend on it.

Time is the main factor really. Also the reason, why I felt it was utmost time I got myself a base in space, so to say. Now that I’ve taken more determined approach on actually getting my first standalone novel published and get the first series off on a good start, and testing myself on anthologies, I’ve come to realize that I don’t really have a good place to show my works off, a place I can link to for times to come. So far it’s been this blog, my wattpad account, fictionpress… all very nice, but not really if you’re starting to get more serious.

I’m not showing it until I have most of it together, which should happen in the next few days as for after that you’ll probably hear a lot about Nano again, for, guess the season!

I received my bow the weekend before last. I read that their current waiting time is 20 weeks! Weak folk – I waited not more or less than half a year prompt! Palisander with curly birch stripe, accompanied by black stripes, ebony limbs and diamond carbon layer on face! The photo is bad, for my camera isn’t good anymore, but it is so freekin’ cute!  Brother saw it and immediately renamed it the Buzzer Chick Rifle (regarding that the maker of the bow is Falcon). I actually like that name, I think I’ll keep it :).


It has been a whole new experience in shooting for me. Remember, I told you I ordered it slightly smaller than what they usually do, because I have short enough hands to affect my shooting with normal bows. It fits like a glove! I can actually feel my hands trembling (it’s 32lb Storm instead of 28 lb Spirit we had at home – beginner’s problem) when I pull it to max and it feels wonderful! With the Spirit, I felt as if I was only softly pulling the string, ’cause my hands just wouldn’t reach and it was frustrating the life out of me.

The first shoot was completely off target though. It is so different from the Spirit that I kept shooting all the arrows over – lost 3 arrows in the process. Didn’t know I had stones behind the target board as I’d already come to a point, where I was actually hitting the board. Guess again! Took me 3 days to get to a point that I’m actually hitting the board again. 😀 But now I can concentrate on practicing my aiming again and yesterday I got to the point where I’m back at hitting blue and red and even got one in the center. I love it!

It’s not for competitions though, but for that I can still use Falco Spirit for and, let’s be honest, with how much time I can spare on shooting per day, it’s not something to worry about for another year or two.


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