Gargoyles, gargoyles, gargoyles!

So, since I decided to write about gargoyles during the last year’s NaNoWriMo, and fixing up the book for contest, I’m back at them and thinking of another story to write during this Nano. I did try to write a short story to send in for FM Anthology, but as they wanted PG13, and, well, the gargoyles are hardly your typical boy scouts, so the story was left on the shelf. However, I am revoking it soon, for the characters there grew in a perfect pre-story for the next Nano.

As it seems I’m dealing with gargoyles more, I have a plan for this month – properly work out that fantasy world of theirs. Well, and perhaps build up some story base with it. One way or the other, get to know my little monsters is a good plan as it goes. Where to start? How about soil colors… Yup, that’s where I stuck my nose in first.

Other news? Well, competition, where the Gargoyles went wasn’t success. Learned a lesson there, but not related with the story. I still am obsessed with it and want to continue. At this point I have 3 storylines to obsess about and I’m a bit overwhelmed :D. or perhaps just soooo exited!

Oh, on the other note – I bought another doll. Well, it was for pretty much a dollar and from second hand shop, but it was intriguing. I’ve been eying it for close to a month now. First time I saw her, she had this horrible updo that made me think she’s got somewhat medium length hair. Brother later said he saw that doll a month ago together with a bucket full of other Barbie like dolls. All the other dolls got bought, which is a miracle, for they really had permanent ink painted masks, feet broken off, hair half cut away, piercings in weird places… That horrible updo seemed like the best doll compared to others, but for some reason I discarded her still. For that updo really looked doubtful.

Yeah, but then I visited dorm and saw that I had a hank of doll hair still in the closet (from time when I redid my Barbie) and figured that hey, if I can’t get that hair in order, I can just use her as another experiment for green hair. :P. Took me about an hour, but she was cleaned and ready. I didn’t have to cut her hair – turns out she has long hair, all the way to her buttocks and in two colors – creamy blond and white. Ok, so this was already something to go by, so I searched her out – Steffi Love? Oh, and her knee joints – seems that this particular doll is from around 2012?

Anyway, she’s all fixed up and I’m rather happy that she was left behind for she cleaned up good. 🙂 Next stop – a dress. And then another one for the Barbie, for the time she spent with my niece, she got some markings on it that won’t come out. No biggie – i can always make new ones 😛 :D.

It’s gonna be long night too – super moon and eclipse with it. FUN!


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