No exit strategy

Ok, so, uh, um… I was doing a  research on a random idea that ran through my head this morning…

This should seriously go in line of “things you were not told, when you decided you want to be a writer”.

Being a grownup means you do write about sex. That not just sometimes, but quite often, and to do it so it doesn’t look awkward you do need to research stuff that you don’t know. Especially in times when there are so many experts commenting on erotica how “it is nothing like that in real life”.

This random idea I had pretty much boiled down to one thing – addiction to endorphins. The situation starts out innocent, but nothing’s simple in this life, so yes, this will be a grownup novella. Frankly, it’s about a sex addiction gone horribly wrong and an attempt to bring that person out of it. Although the story revolves around sex, it’s not for erotica fans nor is it gonna be porn.

I got about six pages in, when I realized I need to put some search in and get some info on injuries one can obtain during intercourse. Radioapedia is a very good place to search from if you have at least rudimentary knowledge of human body and some insight how to read the x-ray images. Plus, you need to be able to stomach what you see, like with everything else related to human body.  So I hopped there and learned two things. That things can indeed go horribly wrong and boy, isn’t regular sex wonderful! Safe sex life, people, even if you do it unconventionally!

Internet is rather horrid though when you need information that mostly only lures in those, who want to see the porn version of it. You can’t really find good source, where they seriously discuss the problems and it made me question the entire situation. If there is so many sites that “teach” you the different sides of sex and relationships, then why isn’t there any that would tell you what to expect when you do this or that or when you do end up in the ER room. It’s really not something you ought to find out through practice, is it? Or have some sarcastic person respond to your “serious” question. You would not believe how much chunk came up when trying to understand even the basic of what I wanted to express and I wasn’t even searching sex! Then again, Google did give us Giza pyramids, when we searched “dog house with extra big slide”.

Ok, let’s forget that now and concentrate on the fact that you can also buy those images from Google search- you can buy them extra large to hang on your home wall for 500 bucks. And that was, what completely ended my search, for that knowledge that… you can… uh… buy… uh… foreign body in rectum image to put up in your home…



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