“That paper thingy you write in”

Just wanted to show off an interesting, yet old, thing that I found for myself.

You know writers are all about notebooks, right? We have so many requirements on them that one would think we’d gone nuts and gone to heaven, when we finally find one that we like and can’t shut up about it.

In my case, it’s weird love-and-hate story. There are stories that I do research on for a year before I even begin writing and for those I manage to get a thick notebook filled with tiny cutouts and dialogs and everything else that seems to connect with it. Then again I write stories without using much anything else but a first page of the file that has correct name forms and maybe few notes extra and that’s it. How long the end product will be has very little to do with it.

Hehee, which reminds me, I wanted to show you one of them at some point as response to some beginners, who spend painting each letter in their notebook and staring at them as if they have performed a masterpiece. Which is very nice, as they really looked neat, but does show that your goal is off the target – notebook is a messboard while your writing is, which you finally will hone to perfection.

So, as any “proper” writer, over a decade I have become a proper addict of notebooks and pens and am constant visitor to office supplies shops in search of that one and only. Weird is, I tend to buy it, leave it, give the notebooks away, go in the shop again, get the plainest school notebook, shove it into some leather binder and use that. Or take the writing base, set it on that and use that instead. Then I rip all the pages out, organize them according to stories and bind them into file folders. Yet I have no problem giving the notebooks away, provided, I get a piece of paper every time I demand one. Yeah, I’m weird.

Then again, every now and then I happen on a notebook that I do buy. And not give away. Like one I got last time I visited the town – it is nothing more really than a clear notebook bind into an old hard book cover. Not copy of an old book, but real upcycling. It is made by Studio Tartuensis and in over a long time I raise my hands high and say – the paper in it so good you feel like pressing your cheek into it and enjoy the touch of it on your skin! The booklets are all sewn together, the work is clean and correctly made and it really looks like an old book on your shelf. Plus the A5 size of them gives you enough space to scribble/draw on so you don’t feel like it fills up too fast.

Anybody, who has ever wanted to rewrite an old book they didn’t like or, then again, liked – here’s your chance! The links take you to their Etsy page.


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