CampNaNoWriMo 2015 July

As you can see –  I did it! Set the stage for 50 000 words this time and did it! The story, however, did not get to the complete end, but with 55 372 words, I now know that I have only… 16 chapters that are half-done or need to be written in order to complete the story.

That’s mostly duo adding a side story in it, because the main story ran out of steam in about 35k and as that’s more than half, I went through the character list and seek out the secondary characters and gave them a bit more story.

However I am very, very happy that I did manage it and even few days early, because starting tomorrow we begin with the berry harvest and well, be a writer if you want, but berries don’t wait. so there wouldn’t be even a moment left of the day next to work.

Well, now that I have written the story, I can finally tell you what it was about.

Because I have been worried recently that my writing has become on a standstill, because I was, sort of, afraid of adding sex scenes in my writing – I don’t know, that’s how it’s been so far that my experience in writing one has been a bit to the sad side – so I decided to try it out. No biggy if it doesn’t work, I just wanted to test my abilities. Hihii. Well, I guess I did it :D.

Then again, I didn’t think it would happen quite so, but I ended up writing gay love story… Like, um, double gay love story… Because in April, I had Dakota in the story, who was supposed to find her love in Tyton, but the story didn’t set sail, I ended up bringing it over to July’s story. But as she wasn’t working at all with the other main character, I added a different main character, Kyle, who was not supposed to have any love interest, and turned her into secondary character. Well, turned out the new duo, Kyle and Tyton, clicked and the wind favored the sailors. However, as Dakota still had her mission, but needed an opponent, I tossed in another character, Tige and the duo kind of became close, too. So I did get to write the sex in. Not quite how I expected, but well, I guess that’s for the readers to decide when I get it so far that I can search for someone to read it for me.

The second thing  i wanted to try out, is indeed adding, consciously, secondary story. Stay simple if you are not good at it, as the smart books say. Until now I have, for it is rather hard to add side story if you have first person point of view. As this time I had third person point of view, I thought it would be easy enough and did it. Yeaaah, that’s what I’m working on still, as the second story now has to be added so that it would make other story look normal too.

To test this out, I brought back the old mission from April – Dakota going after the guy, who is responsible for her being fired from teacher’s place. Her plan was to seduce him and get him admit his moral wrong, but, well, things don’t go quite as she planned. Especially, when you get a tale in form of Tyton, who becomes interested in her, because he believes she might be his next partner (aliens do things differently) and Tige, who believes you are lier and must be stopped and sent back and isn’t stopping to anything in order to stop you.

So yeah, I think this experiment was success, even if the story is now waiting for its holes to be filled. It also brought out a new weakness to work on – turns out I have no clue how to write a hands-on combat. I did pull through the scene, but I don’t think it was as good as I would like.

I will finish this novel. I’m not sure if it will happen this week, but I think I want to write it to the finish. Mostly because I think it might have shown me a whole new world that I’m interested in exploring in writing sense. 🙂


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