Neighbor from Hell

It seems that all I write about lately are bad books. Time to change the spell. Campnano is starting tomorrow, again, planning to take part, and I found myself in a strange predicament – I was suddenly in a hurry to finish reading a book! There have been so many that I’ve left aside in the past few weeks because they didn’t appeal or pull me in the right direction and I was getting frustrated, because I felt I was stuck with short stories for a while.

Then I made a book buy on spur of a moment – Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson . If you are interested, for now, the Kindle version is for free and I sincerely wave to you to go and pick it up if you’re into light romance with kindness and good sense of humor. It’s a full book, by the way – not just a starter.

I didn’t plan to read it. Was about to leave it on the shelf for the future, but decided to read the first page and by the end of the first chapter, I found myself laughing. How long has it been since a romance novel has made you laugh? Definitely new for me, because usually the writers like to root for their characters by playing out the hardships of their lives. Oh yes, it sure has that too, but the hardship starts with a neighbor from hell and every other turn makes you giggle and not because the situation is making you feel uncomfortable. Well, the start was good and so I decided I wanna go on the ride.

It was worth it. The only downside side for me – and I do stress the me here – was that it felt a bit too idealistic. Hailey had some roundness, but the way the others saw her was only in good tones, which left me scratching my head. She sounded too much like a saint and the way his change happened, which was nice road, was a bit too without bumps on the road.

However, I just happen to like books with slightly darker conflicts and I am not holding that idealistic way against her at all. In the contrary – I loved it! When I thought about it last night, after finishing the book, I would say the darker themes wouldn’t have worked at all, perhaps even hindered the performance. I wasn’t left wondering over any serious topics, but felt happy enough to go dancing under the Moon and isn’t that quite what we want from a book? A satisfying ending.

I’d like to especially thank the author for providing short, but oh so filling ending for Mitch as well! By half way through the book I was already anxious to pause and go search her homepage for chance that there is a book about him too. I was feeling even worse, when I realized I rather spend time reading this book so I could get to the end before Nano started and that I don’t have time to reach Mitch’s story. So I am very, very happy for the addition and receiving the answer to that nagger as well.

I just wanted to talk about it. It has been a while since I’ve taken up a book that keeps me giggling and turning pages not because of hotness, but with humor. And you never expect what comes on the next page. Seriously – you won’t! And that makes me giggle even now that I’m writing this.

I told you before – if that first free book is worth it, you go back for more. Yeaaah, I did. Went and purchased the rest of the series too, ‘cause I want to laugh a bit more.

SO, yes, if you’re tired from all the dark desires and deep problems and heaven what not, and searching for humor – pick up R.L. Mathewson Neighbor from Hell series.



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2 responses to “Neighbor from Hell

  1. Sounds really good! You’ve nailed the reason why I like romance in general – the hot scenes are great, but actually, I like reading something light and fun when everything else gets a bit heavy.

    • LC Aisling

      Thank you! True, life is not all about the sex, it’s a spice – spiced right and everything goes well. Some dishes just don’t need that much spicing. 🙂

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