I guess we have a cat

About a week and half ago we heard our dogs go nuts over something on top of the tree. Had it been just the dogs, we would have guessed it was nothing more than a neighbor’s big white cat or Siamese cat. Constant “friends”, who have no understanding of boundaries, but who are not as liked by our dogs as they like to think.

Only this time it seemed odd that all the birds had gone nuts too – the jackdaws, sparrows, finches and tits were like nuts and all around the old apple tree. So we went to look and found a complete stranger stuck on top between birds and the dog. Superb site, I had to admit, for birds and Madli tend to get along rather well (counting there are currently 8 nests in our property alone and one is inside the other old apple tree just a nudge over Madli’s head and surprise! They are still there!) and to see them team up against someone is definitely attention worthy.

The little character was a young black cat. This spring’s, seeing it has still got some baby fur left as if it was wearing a vest, and it is rather elongated. You know, the stage when all the animal babies go from cute to spooky. And it has the most gorgeous green eyes! So we picked up Madli and scared off the birds and left it there to go home.

Only, it didn’t go home. We had a band of men remodeling our front yard (had to order in the job for we were swamped with work) and a day after we found the fellow, we discovered that it had taken a habit of sleeping on the old red chair in the garage. Right next to all the fuss and commotion. None of us was happy about that at first – we’ve lost so many cats on the road that we simply don’t want that any more.

But as the fellow kept around and turned out not to belong to anyone, well, we sort of started leaving food for it in the garage. The bugger is about the age where they have to eat twice a day, and if there is anything our conscious agrees on, is that no animal should be left alone and starving if we can do something about it. For about a week and a half now. It still sleeps in the garage, doesn’t come near us, but isn’t always running away either and I already can go in the garage and talk to it. Doesn’t have a name, doesn’t sleep inside (for that, as brother put it, it has to talk to Madli), we don’t even know what gender it is. But it doesn’t go away.

So, yup, I guess we now have a cat. A black cat. Just before the Midsummer’s Eve. My common sense is tingling.


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