I have written about 8 starts and workups of stories – wonderful feeling, right?

Worked yesterday on one. Got from 3 pages to 11, saved it on OneDrive, came back around 3 in the morning to add one more paragraph that I wasn’t quite ok with and… I don’t know what did the program eat, because I remember saving it 3 times (talk about writer’s OCD) and I am sure I did, because I wanted so surely to have it, for I really liked the couple’s scene I had written down… and for some flicker of a program twitch (as brother woke up and explained after going over the program’s technical part) had replaced my 11 pages with the 3 page file i had online, when it updated itself…

I ended up trying to salvage the scene from memory 4 in the morning, but as I got down to 5 in the morning, it wasn’t even close to what I had.


So I’ll put here something more inspirational than my thunderstorm that ended in a drizzle instead of Boston river. Yeah.



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