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So, the hurried May has passed and I’m now capable of assessing of all the things that went on there. It wasn’t me forgetting this place existed, but I literally didn’t have time for it. And I had all these wonderful things planned for A to Z Challenge…

First, and the greatest news right now is that I left the dormitory work. No longer an administrator. Yeah, the news I wasn’t able to talk about back then, but now I can. After all the hell we went through the last year, I was quite surprised to wake up today and realize, with the Full Moon outside the window that I think I made the right call. I thought I will be all over missing the interaction and to tell you the truth – I haven’t. I do miss meeting up some of the people and heaven knows I miss the Laughing Wrinkles and his daily smile and hello, but otherwise it didn’t cut me down as bad as I thought it would.

It wasn’t as if I had much time for it. The first two weeks we spent working pretty much without brother – oh, the second great news! I now only have ONE job! Which is first time in my life. I am now officially part of brother’s firm, a small concrete item’s maker. I don’t even know how to begin to describe the job I’ve done for so long and yet is now my daily life.

Back to the timeline. No more nightshifts. Right? Guess if I’ve had even one night since leaving the admin work when I didn’t took to bed before 3 in the night. When brother was away, the day started at 9 and ended 4 in the morning. For two weeks in a row. Well, at least it was only one workplace and I didn’t have to deal with leaving home and travelling to work and back. Which, in a job like this, is a real blessing.

It wasn’t all because of the job. Our normal schedule is about 12 hour work day between 10 and 10 and I have no problem with that. To the contrary. I kinda like it. But one reason was that Pontsu, our older dog, got mauled by the younger one. And no, I am not considering putting the younger one down because of that nor giving her away. We have our rules and usually they work. Sometimes they don’t. And then we deal with the consequences. This time however it really went bad. She didn’t get mauled much, but the punctual wounds she got went bad and,well, long story short I discovered I am capable of sitting up all nights for a week and watch the dog breathing and cleaning wounds that others would vomit if they smelt it. And I know they would because that’s what dad did. Got her to the vet and now she’s doing much better and with that so am I.

But the sleeping schedule for some reason has not changed at all.

However, the best part so far! When I came to work here, of course I negotiated over the job, because, being a grown up, we all have things we have to pay from our check and things we want in our life besides work.

I have been playing with Madli every day. Twice a day. She’s much happier over that, especially now that Pontsu is taking it easier and she is back in my attention.

I have been practicing archery almost every day. Except few very nasty stormy days. At least one round. That’s the idea. Now I have hurt my wrist and I gotta say that’s annoying like hell as both writing and archery are a bit on hold. The fact that I’m writing this right now is to painkillers.  Nothing serious, but enough that few days I’m completely on reading schedule. But I reached my goal! The first one at least! To shoot all the arrows in the board in one go without missing the board! YAY!!!! I know it seems like a lousy goal, but honestly, witch how small I can put daily into practice, taking it easy as I have no rush with it, that was surprisingly hard to accomplish. But I did it! About a week ago and after I got the notch, the amount of arrows passing the board has gone steadily down. And my love for the sport has gone up. Now it’s the sweet aching flutter by the heart each time i realize I only have a month and a half until Falco has my bow ready for shipment.

OH, the bow! I ordered myself Falco Storm with main wood of Palisander, thick stripe of Curly Birch and Ebony Limbs together with Diamond Carbon on front. The choice of Ebony choice on the limb is dictated by the Diamond Carbon, because it would paint the limbs black anyway, so not to turn it into a rainbow, I decided to go with something rhythmical with color code. Palisander with Curly Birch seems an odd combo, but I’ve seen something similar before and I fell in love. You know, like you look at something and in the bottom of your heart you know – this belongs with me. I ended up ordering it #30@27, because after careful measuring – I do have shorter hands and then I don’t have to arch myself into oblivion. And although #30 doesn’t seem much, it is a step forward from what we have now and I would rather have something slightly lighter category and learn to use it well than something heavy and break it out of frustration. The Diamond Carbon is supposed to add speed to the arrows. Can’t vouch on that, but I did want carbon one way or the other to add endurance to the bow as I’m not planning getting any other in the next century or so. Seriously.

I have been writing. Minimum of 4 pages a day, plus small additions here and there and organizing notes and researching stories. It’s not all one story, several different ones, but I like them. They are different from what I would have written a year ago, so I’m interested in continuing them too. At first I thought I won’t have any time at all, but now that brother is back, I always seem to get a moment to snug in a paragraph. Which, compared with previous, is a nice steady rhythm for me.

And I have been reading! Listening audiobooks (would they count as reading?) and reading fiction like crazy. At first horror stories on youtube, then I happened on J.R. Ward. I know she’s not everybody’s cup of tea nad I have started reading her series in countless times and put it down, because I couldn’t get through it at all. And then I heard it on youtube as audiobook! Suddenly it sounded good and now I’ve listened 6 of the books from the series and reading 7th I didn’t have audio on. Despite the topics and I’m being no fan of vampires, I fell in love with it. Not so much of the characters (I’m finding them a bit annoying), but her choice of words, the expressiveness, the symbolic language, the descriptions, the how she’s put the series together. Yes, it’s erotic literature, but leave that label aside and you have got one seriously good writing style. After I got to the end of the first book, I was near choking, trying to get in my head that those males in that book were work of a woman! Hats down it was beautiful! And now, about 7 books later – seriously beautiful. If not for the stories, I’ll be going back for the expressions and search for nerdgasm for a long time.

Also been reading short stories and especially asian literature lately, Modern things, silly things, seriously strange things. Brother is constantly amused by me going past him in the evening, muttering something in the line “I have read things today….”. And I have. The things I’ve explored this past month – like something exploded. And I can only hope it will get into my own writing too.

Yeah, my life right now isn’t perfect at all with all the daily problems, but it’s strange to say that I’m actually almost doing good.


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