Chinese culture peculiarities

It all started from an artist, Ibuki Satsuki. An old favorite of mine that has gone from my mind with everything else that has taken up my life. Oddly, in the end of last week, I happened on one of the paintings again and dug it up. The fact that I know even less about Satsuki (not even if it’s a she or he – I only know that Ibuki means breath), makes Satsuki’s art even more compelling.

Especially that it brought me back to one particular painting that has a man in purple on it together with a young girl, who is begging him for something.


No idea what it’s about, I keep reading it’s about some game, but in truth I can’t find it unless someone is willing to translate me some Chinese. But it turned a switch in my brain. Have written 10k in 3 days because of this picture and the story isn’t even half way done. In that story, the people on this image aren’t even lovers. I tried to return to nano – isn’t helping at all. My Nano story needs to cook a bit before I’m taking it up again. But this one – it goes! And I love it!

Then, after a while everything China related started to bump up. I’m not talking about the research only. Not really writing about Chinese culture per say, but a lot of inspiration comes from there, so I go through weirdest things I can think of for info. Plus testing out Chinese home cooked meals and trying to figure out the most trivia facts.

But then I happened on a manhuas. As I haven’t read them for more than few years, I figured that I might have some fun and picked up one called Feng Yu Jiu Tian (yaoi, for the warning). Read the first chapter online and fell for it. So I went on a hunt. I liked the drawing style, the fact it’s “historical fantasy” has appeal to me and the quirks and turns hit just the right place in the heart, so why not?

Why not indeed? How about it has freekin’ zero ways to get it? Not in Russian or in English and even Chinese – freeking ZERO! I know the thing exists, because there are scans, there is artist, there is online first chapter for sale, it has alternative publishing names and… nothing else available besides story itself translated into text (no images) on blogs. So I read the blogs. And got seriously angry for the ending and then half an hour later felt that it’s adorable as hell.  So I’m keeping the name in my list to seek out again if the mood hits. But I’m sorely disappointed in the modern world thanks to this.

After justmanga closed its doors it’s been very hard to find a good site to see the story together with art examples. For right now I know what I want, but making the research is a pain.

Oh! Got green light on ordering the Falco Storm! YAY! Will do it a bit later though. Need to finish a scene first.


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