Archery mumble

I was planning on writing something important today. Can’t really define, what that important thing is.

Maybe the plan of ordering my very own bow? That’s kinda important. Falco Storm. I’ve even figured out all the details – 30# at 28″, exotic wood handle and limbs made of Palisander with pretty thick curly birch (or walnut, for that looked fantastic combo on their homepage) curved stripe running through it, with Diamond Carbon on front. Plus if I’m at it, I’m also adding half a dozen similar styled arrows in the punch. Maybe not.

I fear my first buy from them will be bullet head arrow heads to replace the trio I shot in the stone last morning. Who would have thought that moving the target can be such a nuisance if you still sport the habit of shooting the grass 50:50? Trouble, like the stone under the grass that has blunted 3 out of 10 of the arrows. Should stop aiming the mud then :D?

Actually, I’m making progress. I’m still waiting for the book to arrive I ordered some time back, so I have actually not much clue on what I’m doing. First surprise was the test I found online to define which I is your leading eye. According to that it ought to be my left eye, so I’ve been trying to aim with that and got frustrated, for all the arrows kept going left past the target. Today it seemed all going to the left again, so I changed the eye and voila! Suddenly all but one go in! With only one miss of the target, plus one bulseye!

My current aim is to shoot at least twice all the arrows ON the target without miss. Sounds too small of a task? If you are a beginner – I dare you! I set that as my first marker for I’m currently aiming to shoot from about 20-30 m(?) from the target and it isn’t so easy at all. When I did it from 10, even then it was  quite hard. Well, now that the eye thing is sorted out it suddenly got so much easier.

But I still have to replace the heads.I’ll keep eyeshopping though, for now I have other things that demand money. But I will get that bow, an adorable Falco Storm, maybe with some pretty arrows to go with it.



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4 responses to “Archery mumble

  1. How far are you from your target? Try shooting a wee bit up from your present sighting. I took a year and a half of archery in college.

    My problem was whacking the inside of my left arm when I first started, that and the boobage. Ow!

    • LC Aisling

      Would love if they had anything like that here! I’m about 90-100 feet from the target right now. Brother’s been trying to teach me the cannon shooting trajectory in hope to improve the shots. I’m guessing in general you’re talking about the same thing?
      And those whoopees – oh yes! I consider the first one I get on the elbow as a reminder of bad hand hold, but the thick leather cuff has nicely kept the others at bay.

      • Yes, your brother and I are talking about the same thing. The farther away the higher you aim.
        Most of my classes had guys and the first time I ripped one across my chest I just wanted to cry but all the guys were watching so there was no way I was going to show how much it hurt.

  2. Taking up a new sport. Congratulations. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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