Official CampNanowrimo 2015 April post

Indeed! I’m actually doing it. Well, “a bit” behind yet, but I’m getting there. Just for the kick.


Dakota Warren is a cross-dresser/ teacher, who has just been declared illegal to work with kids because of who he is. He has no choice but to dress up as a woman and hide on space station ECNN-10, where she gets a chance to change the mind of the person, who stands behind the law and she takes it. For her own sake and for others. As noble as it sounds, plans like that have flaws…

For the local Chief of Security things do not add up and he does not take strange equations lightly. To him, the humans still pose a threat that still needs to be studied and not trusted. And that mute little woman is just the sort of puzzle he does not like.

I can honestly say that choosing to write about cross-dressing teacher has been personal hell. Not because it suddenly got so hot in the newspaper thanks to Indiana, for  the idea is actually predating that and not unfamiliar to me. But it’s a close to heart topic  to me, too. Not for being cross-dresser myself, but in truth it cuts home duo the problems the character faces. I didn’t think about them before this and well, it is hard to write about things that you have gone through yourself if you rather not talk about them yourself.

Also hard because apparently there is a whole part of pronouns in English grammar that I haven’t looked at. And they are hard!

AND out of the blue announcement – today is a month from dad bringing a longbow home and that also signs the day I’ve been shooting outside every morning for two weeks in a row! Plus I made myself a proper handcuff for protection. Got a bit tired counting down the whoopees I got on the hand.   And this is what the gorgeous bow looks like! Up there. I’m not showing the handcuff for it is as simple as it gets – fake khaki leather glued together, sewn through, added holes for the rubber band and that was pretty much it.

I must have driven everybody crazy with it by now, but I don’t care – been thinking about taking up archery for years, finally decided to get a Falco Storm this new year and do it, and then dad came home with Falco Legend and well, don’t have to mumble on my own anymore if you can go shooting openly and without questions like “where do you take the time?” Plus it gives me some sore time for getting the money together to get a proper, specially made Falco Storm and those bows are just gorgeous! Heh, yeah – and everybody else can gift me arrows instead of flowers :D.


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